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Level of food security of syrian refugees in Tukey
Dobiášová, Kristýna
The bachelor thesis deals with the proposal of change of policy of international actors in providing food security. In order to achieve it there is used the analysis of current level of food security and nutritional intake of Syrian refugees in Turkey since year 2011 when armed conflict in Syria has started. The bachelor thesis is divided into three parts. Theoretical part deals with theory of migration, legal definitions of status of refugees and demographic processes, analyzes a method of food consumption score on the background of the theory of nutritional intake. The second part focuses on the analysis of migration waves on Turkish territory including demographic situation, level of food security, role of active organizations and financing management. Finally, recommendations how to provide sufficient food security and improve the situation are proposed.
Reception and Czech translations Story of O, a novel by Pauline Réage
Dobiášová, Kristýna ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Belisová, Šárka (referee)
1 Abstract The thesis describes the reception and Czech translations of Story of O by Pauline Réage, an erotic novel which was considered scandalous in its time (1954) and became part of the canon of French contemporary prose. In the first part, the thesis characterizes the structure and style of Story of O. It then presents the specific context of its first publication and places the novel in the evolution of French literature. In this part, the thesis also attempts to describe the reception context in the fifties and compares the situation with how the novel is perceived by the current literary scene and cultural domain in general. In this part of the reception analysis, the thesis relies on critical reviews in French periodicals and reactions on the internet. It also mentions the perspective of literary theoreticians on similarly themed works. In the second part, the thesis introduces two Czech translations and attempts to recreate the reasons which led to the publication of the first translation Příběh O.: krásná z Roissy, Tabu, 1991 by Lucie Erbenová and the second translation Příběh O; Návrat do Roissy, Host, 2005 by Matěj Turek. Furthermore, it presents the reasons for the republication in Host in 2013. The analysis of the current reception in the target culture preceeds the focal part of this thesis...
Mapping and analysis of illegal poisoning of wildlife in the Czech Republic
Pesticides, rat control or targeted placed, poisoning bait by carbofuran. These and many other ways can cause the poisoning of a wild animal. Whether targeted poiso-ning of a particular animal poison or unintentional poisoning of a non-target individu-al occurs, this behavior has always fatal consequences. The persecution of nuisance animals, such as Foxes, Martens or other predators, has an influence on the whole of the population. Often poisoning bird of prey is a White-tailed Eagle, in which case every poisoned individual has an impact on the whole of the population. Unfortu-nately, this made bait is poisoning far more animals, especially for scavengers and carnivores. This paper explores the available data of poisoning animals and maps their occurrence. The data was obtained from the database the Animal Rescue Centre and the Free Wings in the period 2009-2016. Among the most commonly accepted ani-mals in the stations was the Roe Deer with poisoning caused by the Rape. Water-borne birds were Often bothered by botulism, followed by individual poisoning with poison on the rodent and poison on the Slugs. Carbofuran was most poisoned by the White-tailed Eagle, the Common Buzzard, and the Common Raven. Among the poi-sonous species are also the endangered the Red Kite, the Black Kite, and the Golden Eagle. Furthermore, it has been found that individual years have no effect on poison-ing. The difference in the number of birds and mammals poisoning was not detected. The influence of the month on the data obtained from stations was not found, the number of carbofuran poisoning is higher in March, and especially in April. In the analysis of spatial differences, there is also a balance between most regions. The Cen-tral Bohemian and the South Bohemian regions are markedly different. Above-average numbers of carbofuran poisoning originate in the regions of the South Bohe-mia, the Vysočina, the South Moravian and the Ústecký region.
Commented translation: Lidské pudy a emoce
Dobiášová, Kristýna ; Brunel, Aude (advisor) ; Belisová, Šárka (referee)
The bachelor thesis consists of two parts: the translation of 20 standardized pages of the chosen text Lidské pudy a emoce and its commentary. The part of the text that we decided to work on focuses on human emotions, their definition, typology and functions. The text also explains how to manipulate our emotions. Furthermore, the commentary consists of the translation analysis. We concentrate on lexical, syntactic, stylistic and textual characteristics of our source text. In addition to this, the commentary exposes the translation method. Finally the commentary concentrates on several specific translation problems encountered throughout the process. KEY WORDS emotion, emotional experience, individual, decision making, affect, humor, translation analysis, translation method, typology, adaptation, translation into French, source language, target language
Caring for the injured and otherwise handicapped Raptors (Falconiformes) and owls (Strigiformes) in rescue centers
At least half of our raptors and owls are classified into three categories the list of specially protected animals. Electricity poles, traffic and landscape changes have led to the disappearance many individuals of raptors and owls in the wild. This work evaluates range and success of the return raptors and owls into the wild. All information about adopted raptors and owls were compiled by selected rescue station for animals ČSOP Vlašim. Rescue station records served as basis in the range of years 2009 - 2013. Most of Falconiformes were admitted individuals of Buteo buteo and Falco tinnunculus. Most common causes of admit into the rescue station were injuries by transport facilities or burns due to electric current. From Strigiformes were most admitted individuals Asio otus and Strix aluco. The most frequently been admitted youngs fell out of the nest . The total number of predators during the reported period were release back into the wild less than half of the accepted ones. The total number of admitted owls were release into the wild only a quarter of individuals.

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