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Evaluation of the Activities of Political Parties and Selected Institutions – June 2019
Hanzlová, Radka
In June survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre, citizens of the Czech Republic evaluated the activities of political parties and some institutions. Standard school classification was used for the evaluation, where the best performance is represented by number one and the worst performance by number five.
Citizens on Adoption of Euro and Impacts of EU Membership on the Czech Republic - April 2019
Červenka, Jan
According to the April survey of Public Opinion Research Centre, only 20% of Czech citizens approve the adoption of euro as legal tender in the Czech Republic, 75% oppose it. The most positively influenced area by EU membership of the Czech Republic according to Czech public appears to be the supply of goods and services, the most negative impact of EU membership Czech citizens see in case of Czech farmers.
Likely voter model in May 2019
Pilnáček, Matouš
In a survey conducted by Public Opinion Research Centre in May 2019, we investigated how people trust to political Parties and whether they are willing to take part in elections to the Chamber of Deputies. In the press release there are two different types of information: the likely voter model and the party preferences. The likely voter model indicates anticipated result of hypothetical elections to the Chamber of Deputies in the time of conducting the survey.The party preferences give us information about public sympathy for political parties in the group of citizens who have voting right and there is also included a part of citizens who will not take part in elections or they do not know who to vote for.
Opinions on European Integration – April 2019
Tuček, Milan
In the opinion poll carried out in April 2019 by the Public Opinion Research Centre, questions regarding attitudes of Czech citizens towards integration in the EU were included. More specifically, the questionnaire asked surveyors about their opinion on values of democracy, equality, collaboration, tolerance, fairness, and solidarity being successfully exercised in the EU. Furthermore, respondents were asked about their views on economic, political, cultural, defense and ecological integration in the European Union. Lastly, attention was given to the belief that the EU decisions are in the interest of the Czech Republic and of the people like themselves.
The Czech Public on the future of the EU and impact of the UK leaving the EU – April 2019
Hanzlová, Radka
In April 2019 Public Opinion Research Centre focused on opinion to the level of integration of EU a the role of Czech Republic in this process. We were also interested about Czech public's opinions to the future of the of the united Europe. The part of this survey was also question about the impact of the UK leaving the EU.
Romanies and Coexistence with Them in View of Czech Public – April 2019
Tuček, Milan
April survey of CVVM focused on public attitude and public relationships between Czech population and Romany minority. Survey showed that almost three quarters of Czech citizens (72%) see living together of Romany and non-Romany population as bad in Czech Republic generally.
Popularity of Party Representatives - April 2019
Červenka, Jan
In April 2019 CVVM SOÚ AV ČR investigated whether respondents trust to selected politicians. They were given a list with 18 names of top politicians who represent political parties present in the Chamber of Deputies.
Public Opinion on the Czech Republic’s Membership in the European Union – April 2019
Čadová, Naděžda
The press release presents some results of April 2019 survey, which focused on Czech public opinion on the EU membership. The topics presented here are the satisfaction with EU membership and evaluation of pros and cons of the EU membership. The report contains also comparison with previous surveys.
Trust in European and international institutions - April 2019
Medzihorská, Eva
In April 2019 Public Opinion Research Centre included a block of questions connected to confidence in European Union and international institutions. Questions focused mainly on trust in European Union in general and its concrete authorities. In connection to international institutions respondents evaluated their trust in United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
Importance of different kinds of elections in public view - April 2019
Spurný, Martin
As a part of April survey, CVVM examined views of Czechs on importance of different kind of elections. Citizens in the survey attributed the most importance to municipal elections, presidential elections and elections to the Chamber od Deputies. As the least important was seen Senate election and European Parliament election.

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