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Limnology of the Na Zeleném Brook in the Slavkov Forest
Krám, Pavel ; Senoo, T. ; Beneš, F. ; Čuřík, Jan ; Veselovský, F.
The contribution examined stream hydrochemistry and hydrobiology of the catchment occupied by spruce forest and underlain by amphibolite. The Na Zeleném catchment exhibited favourable hydrochemical conditions and high biodiversity of macroinvertebrates in contrast to another spruce catchments (Lysina and Pluhův Bor) situated nearby but underlain by geochemically different bedrocks (base-cation poor granite and Mg-rich serpentinite).
Flux Fluxes in the Amphibolite Basin On the Green at the Marianske Lazne Water Works
Krám, Pavel ; Veselovský, F. ; Čuřík, Jan ; Myška, Oldřich
The paper is about hydrology and hydrochemistry of the Na Zelenem catchment forested by spruce stands which growso n substrate formed by Cambisol on amphibolite. This catchment is characterized by fairly favorable hydrochemical conditions for terrestrial and aquatic biota. The catchment is able to effectivetely neutralize incoming acidic atmopheric deposition mainly due to chemical weathering reactions involving divalent base cations, calcium and magnesium. Mean average precipitation to the Na Zelenem catchment was 790 mm/yr based od 5 year studied period and mean surface runoff was 193 mm/yr in the last two years. Runoff was between 24 and 27% of annual precipitation input to the catchment in the last two years. The catchment accumulated less than 20% of total nitrogen input in bulk precipitation. About 36% of nitrogen left the catchment via surface runoff. About half of the nitrogen output was in the form of nitrate and about half in the form of dissolved organic nitrogen.
Hydrological regime of the Mladotice Lake
Čuřík, Jan ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Česák, Julius (referee)
diploma thesis called "Hydrological regime of Mladotice Lake" deals with the hydrological function of the lake in terms of flood waves transformation and retardation. The author focuses on the influence of causal rainfall on Mladotický Stream water level fluctuation as well as on the ability of the lake to retain or transform peak flows. Relationships between rainfall episodes and corresponding Mladotický Stream peak flows together with flood waves shape and delay presented on hydrograms represent main outcomes and results of this thesis. Furthermore, Mladotický Stream hydrological data, which are used for the purpose of runoff regime analysis, are extrapolated by means of calculated convertible index. Powered by TCPDF (
Comprehensive Strategy of the Czech Republic towards the MENA
Beránek, Ondřej ; Čejka, M. ; Čuřík, Jan ; Dittrych, O.
This report deals with the Middle-Eastern dimension of the Czech foreign policy. Besides several practical recommendations, the report focuses on several specific aspects: European dimension of the Czech foreing policy, possibilities within economic diplomacy, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the challenges posed by Islamism.
Arab Uprisings: Trasformation of Islamism, Economic Dimension, Geometry and Evaluation of EU Politics and Czech Foreign Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean
Beránek, Ondřej ; Čejka, M. ; Čuřík, Jan ; Dittrych, O.
This report summarizes the main events connected with the Arab uprisings. It specifically provides an analysis of selected subjects and trends which are deemed crucial for the development of the MENA region in 2013-2020.

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