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Analysis of the development in the job market in region Tabor
The objects of my bachelor work were to analyse development at the job market in the chosen region, Táborsko, to specify the risk and problematical groups of people and to show their possibilities at this market. I used specific data and information from the Labour Office, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of The Czech Republic and the Czech Bureau of Statistics for preparing the practical part and making graph and the sheets. My bachelor work includes the characteristics of the region, analyses of unemployment and some further indexes of the Job Market, analyses the time rows and estimates the development of the job market from 2003 to 2008.One part of the work compares the situation of chosen region with the average figures in the South Bohemian Region and the Czech Republic as well. The important and essential using of the tools for active employment policy will open the new labour possibilities for unemployed people.I have a SWOT analyse in my last part {--} assessment of the strength and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, that involve the job market in the region Tábor now and in the future.

Hazard of medicinal plants use in period of pregnancy and breast feeding.
Holcová, Lenka ; Hronek, Miloslav (referee) ; Tůmová, Lenka (advisor)
Lenka Holcová 2010 Hazard of medicinal plants used in period of pregnancy and breast feeding Abstract: This thesis is a review of safety data of substances of natural origin used during pregnancy and lactation. Information was taken from sources published between 1970 - 2010, especially from the database PubMed,, and from publications in The Essential Guide To Herbal Safety and Léčiva v těhotenství - vliv léků a vitamínů na zdravý vývoj plodu. Absolutely contraindicated drugs found were Arnicae flos, Absinthii herba and Boldo folium. The paper also briefly discussed the inappropriateness of substance abuse during pregnancy and lactation. The issue of safety for pregnant women has not been clearly answered among other plants such as Rubi idei folium, Leonuri cardiacae herba, Ginkgo folium, Angelicae sinensis radix or Andrographis paniculatae herba. The work also included an overview of positive and harmful effects of vitamins and minerals in pregnancy. Keywords: pregnancy, medicinal plants, drug, contraindications

Isolation and characterisation of biologically active substances
Kettnerová, Eliška ; Svobodová, Adéla (referee) ; Nesměrák, Karel (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis aims at isolation and partial identification of biologically active substances which are produced by actinomycetes and can be potentially applied in medicine. Cultivation broths of actinomycetes containing their metabolites were purified and pre-concentrated by solid phase extraction. Then, the bioassay of the extracts by Kirby-Bauer test using the sensitive strain Kocuria rhizophila was performed. Biologically active metabolites were analyzed and isolated by ultra- performance liquid chromatography with photo diode array detector. Isolated substances were assayed by mass spectrometry, which yielded relative molecular mass values of the unknown compounds. The values were compared with relative molecular masses of compounds listed in a chemical database, which involves natural products including antibiotics. We revealed that the unknown biologically active substances do not refer to any already discovered compound present in the database suggesting that the unknown compounds may be novel. More mass spectrometry and nuclear resonance experiments have to be carried out in order to elucidate their structure. Key words: actinomycetes, antibiotics, SPE, UPLC, HPLC Subject heading: analysis of secondary metabolites, bioassay test, isolation of biologically active compounds,...

The most frequent injuries in orienteering, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of them
Kovářová, Kristýna ; Stackeová, Daniela (referee) ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor)
Kovářová, K.: The most frequent injuries in orienteering, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of them. Background: One of the basic tasks for every athlete is preventing injuries and overuse, while achieving good results. However, there is no review paper, where injuries in orienteering are generally reviewed and widely discussed. Objectives: The aim of this work is to give a comprehensive overview of injuries in orienteering. At first, to compare the results obtained from the studies regarding injuries in orienteering and then to describe the injury patterns, diagnostic and therapeutic methods and procedures what can be used to prevent injuries described. Methods: Pedro databases, PubMed and the databases of the National Medical Library and Central Library FTVS UK were the sources of studies (in Czech and English language) on injuries in orienteering during the years 1980-2008 (keywords orienteering, injury). Ranking of the frequency of the injuries has been compiled. The injury patterns, basic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and methods which can be used to prevent these injuries are described in the following theoretical section . Results: In the overall rating (average percentages representation types of injuries from studies in which the type is directly described) ankle injury...

Alteration: diminutives and augmentatives in contemporary Italian
Neuwirth, František ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this paper is to offer a complete picture of alteration in Italian, of the suffixes used, their meaning, and the frequency of their use. Apart of the necessary technical literature, we have employed the following work tools: electronic dictionaries (Lo Zingarelli 2007, Sabatini Coletti 2006, Il Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca), corpora (CORlS, La Repubblica) and text databases (Letteratura italiana Zanichelli 4.0, Factiva). We have also made use of examples manually excerpted from literary texts. The paper is structured into two basic parts. The first part (chapters I to V) is rather theory-focused and its aim is to present the actual knowledge on alteration in Italian. In chapter I we describe basic proprieties of alteration and demonstrate them on examples. In chapters II and III we study the semantics of alteration, first in general, then with regard to the single alterative suffixes. We draw up a very complete list of alterative suffixes and provide their characteristics, we attempt to systemize the suffixes according to their meaning, and we investigate historical background of some suffixes. Chapter IV deals with suffix accumulation and with interfixes. In chapter V we investigate pragmatic meanings of alterative suffixes and also those of interfixes. The second part of the paper...

The problems of the technical and tactical skills in a training of young football players
Fanta, Miroslav ; Buchtel, Jaroslav (referee) ; Buzek, Mario (advisor)
Name of the task: The problems of the technic and tactics skills in a training of young football player Object of this task: My aim in this work is to describe problems in a training football players at the age of 10 - 12 regarding technic and tactics skills in foreign football school and to compare its approaches with the football school in Czech Republic. I decide to use qualitative method for this research. In the conclusive part I deduce the results of the trainig process based on the developed facts and I propose the alternation to contemporary approach in the conception of the training young football players. Method: It is qualitative research which used datas collecting information from a special and professional literature, specialized and experts Czech and foreign books, scientific magazines which are avalaible in the UK FTVS Library and the databases like Medline, ERIC a Sport Diskus and public accessible internet documents. Findings: The description of the training technic and tactics skills (mainlypractices and improvement). The results of this work are useful as a base for a training the football players at this age category. Key words: technic and tactics skills, foreign academy, age category, trainig, coaching,

Mercury speciation determined by thermo-desorption analysis at two sites contaminated by mining
Hojdová, Maria ; Navrátil, Tomáš (advisor) ; Borůvka, Luboš (referee) ; Hruška, Jakub (referee)
Historic mercury mining represents an envinrnmental threat due to high llg concentration in waste materia|. Mercur1'ores \\'ere mined for more than l50 years at t\ťo siles in the centr.a| ('zech Republic, hut thc extent of Hg contamination in the vicinity of former l-lg mining sites has not been yet inr'stigatď. The objectives of the study weÍe to eva|uate thc Hg sorrrces in mine wastes. assess the extent of Hg contamination in historical ntining area ancl to cstimate potential mohility of Hg in the mine waste and soils. The method of thermal tlesorption in combination tvith Í(.P-oES (TDA-lCP.oEs) has been app|ie<l to dctermine llg speciation irr solid samples. Mine rvaste matďa| was samp|e<| at two mining sites. .|edová Hora and Svatá, in ccntral Bohemia. Three soi| profi|es were col|cclď to caphlre likely high and low impact sites rvithin the mining area at Jedová l{ora' Database of thcmto-<|esorption cun,cs o[ I{g chemica| conrpottnds ant| rcference materia|s was crcated for the TDÁ ftrr comparativc purposes. Both mine wastes and soils collected near the llg nines were highly elcvated in total l-lg corcentrations (up to 120 pg g-r and l0 pg g-', respectively). Soils exhibited the highest tlg concentrations mostly in subsurface Ah soil horizons. Higher lJg concentrations in Ah horizons relative...

Analysis of the commercial properties of an ostrich
KULÍK, Pavel
This thesis deals with the problem of commercial properties of an African ostrich collected on farms in the Czech Republic. Literature review focuses on the history, origin, economic benefits and also the breeding conditions. This work evaluates the utility of selected properties of ostrich farms in the Czech Republic. The values obtained were well described and evaluated by appropriate methods. Egg-laying farms was observed in the range from 15 to 50 pieces (mean 29.07 pieces), the weight of eggs ranged from 1.22 to 1.89 kg (mean 1.51 kg), fertilization of eggs were in the range from 54.55?86.00% (mean 76.36%) and a hatching rate was in the range of 31.82?52.77% (mean 44.61%). Weight of meat obtained from slaughter ostrich ranged from 30 to 50 kg (mean 39.74 kg), the skin area was in the range from 1.10 to 1.50 m2 (mean 1,34 m2) and the production of feathers was from 1.36 to 1.50 kg.

Speed Development Possibilities in Younger and Older School Age.
Štěchová, Andrea ; Perič, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
The possibilities of the speed development in younger and older school age. The development of the speed is influenced on some evolutionary reasons and the age. Sensitive period and genetic determiners are the other factors of the development. lťs important to put suitable rules of loads of a particular age. Our work describes possibilities of the speed development which depends on ages and genetics determiners and define problems for younger and older school age. lťs necessary to make up the group of exercises which influences on different types of speed abilities. This is a document in which are used all the scientic and professional articles, periodicals, monographs, textbooks and literatura, databases ant the internet. Our work might be by a handbook for coaches of various sports who are interested in physical activities of younger sportsmen. Clues: Speed, speed abilities, the development of speed, younger school age, older school age.

Prediction of crop yields using satellite remote sensing
Lukas, V. ; Trnka, Miroslav ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Rajdl, Kamil ; Balek, Jan ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Zahradníček, Pavel ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Žalud, Zdeněk
Knowledge of the crop yield with sufficient lead time prior to harvest is crucial for both the farm management and the agro-food sector policy. The aim of this study was to test feasibility of developing crop yield forecasting model in Czech Republic for winter wheat, spring barley and oilseed rape based on 2000-2014 database of vegetation indices Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI2) from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on Terra satellite in form of 16-days composites. An average yield data were collected for 14 selected districts in the Czech Republic that represent the regions with more intensive agricultural production among varying climate and topographic conditions. The viability of the concept was proven in years with significant yield decline i.e. 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2012, when yields of cereals were significantly affected by occurred drought periods. More stable regression results were achieved in the most productive areas such as Olomouc and Prerov, whilst models in highland regions were influenced by lower acreage of three modelled crops and higher prevalence of fodder crops. In most cases, EVI2 showed higher correlations to the crop yield together with using an average value of all composites during vegetation period.