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The Controlling Study
Herda, Tomáš ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Herda, Zdeněk (referee)
The main goal of this Diploma´s Thesis is to make a model for calculation of water and sewer rates for the company Vodovody a kanalizace Náchod, a.s. when sticking to the set criteria both from the side of VaK Náchod, a.s. and law regulations. Based on the theoretical part an analysis of customer sensitivity to the price changes using the data for last 20 years follows. Findings from the first two parts are used in risk analysis in next part. The created model calculates the water and sewer rates based on the information from the company accounting system in the way to generate sufficient financial resources to fulfill the renovation plan of infrastructural property plant and equipment and to transfer given amount to the company funds. In addition, the model monitors whether the legal condition of maximal allowable increase of profit per m3 is met. In the customer sensitivity to the price changes part the price elasticity of demand for water and sewer rates is calculated based on the data from 1995 to 2015. The assumption of inelastic demand is confirmed. Risk analysis part is deals with potential risk regarding the demand and prices. Potential impacts for the most significant risk are quantified. The analysis uses knowledge gained in the first two parts. It was confirmed that potential risks are exiting but do not have any significant impact on the going concern of VaK Náchod, a.s. The created model has been already used for the calculation of prices for the year 2017. Customer sensitivity analysis to the price changes and link to the potential risks is an additional information for VaK Náchod, a.s. which validates that nowadays, there are no significant threats which could affect the demand and water and sewer rates significantly.

Products with Protected Designations of the European Union and Their Position in Regional Tourism
Licková, Kamila ; Kalábová, Markéta (advisor) ; Abrhám, Josef (referee)
The master thesis deals with products with protected designations of the European Union. The main objective of the master thesis is to evaluate the importance of the chosen product with protected designation of the EU in regional tourism and analyse the perception of the product by a producer and by tourists. The sub-objective is the description of the European system of food labelling. The thesis is divided into five main chapters. The first part explains basic concepts which are related to the thesis. The second chapter introduces the best known food quality labels. Greater attention is devoted to the description of the food protection system of the EU. The third chapter deals with the characteristics of the chosen region Beskydy-Wallachia. The second part of this chapter is focused on the chosen protected product Štramberské uši. The forth chapter includes a structured interview with the chosen producer of Štramberské uši and a survey research, which was conducted in two phases. The last chapter contains the evaluation of the implemented survey. The main finding of this thesis is the fact that a relatively high percentage of respondents know the product Štramberské uši. An interesting finding is the fact that only a small portion of them know that the product Štramberské uši is the holder of the protected designation of the European Union. The chosen producer of Štramberské uši sees the main benefit of the label in greater publicity. Among problems he ranks the enforceability of the label and lack of general promotion of Štramberské uši.

Internal equity principle in the context of company strategy
Kopecký, Martin ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Háša, Stanislav (referee) ; Blažek, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the scientific problem of the link between the strategic management and the compensation system using the principle of internal equity. The work is based on two pillars, namely the qualitative research and own proposed solution. The first part of the thesis describes the qualitative research and the possibilities and the synergistic effects of linking business strategy and compensation system. The qualitative research is performed as a multi-case study and investigates the phenomenon in the practice of three companies from various markets (the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bosnia and Hercegovina) and industries (finance, IT/Telco and FMCG). The research tries to find answers to the four research questions: How does business strategy influence compensation process? How can compensation support the realization of a business strategy? How can business strategy be linked with a compensation system within the principle of internal equity? How can compensation reinforce the strategic function of the human resources management? The research is based on the study of theoretical sources as well as on practical fieldwork. The qualitative research itself uses qualitative research methods for data collection, such as observations, questionnaires, and document analysis. The population questioned was top managers, line managers and representatives of HR department. In total, 142 interviews were performed by a single person. The collected data were analyzed and the triangulation was applied. The findings were summarized and generalized into a final report that brings answers to the research questions above. The research brings valuable findings used in the second, design part of the thesis. The own proposed solution consists of two main models. The first one is a simplified scheme of the compensation system and the second one is a model of strategic segmentation of jobs. The first model could be used successfully in the business practice as well as in education. The second model of the strategic job segmentation brings answer to the question of synergistic linking of business strategy and the compensation system within the principle of internal equity. The model brings valuable findings and a foundation for further theoretical research and its further development. The model also brings practical solution to the design of related policies and processes in the strategic management of human resources. By the design of both proposed models the main objectives of the thesis were achieved.

Business Plan for Establishment of Trade
Borkovec, Ondřej ; Trachta, Václav (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to create a business plan of Kavárna XY operated by independent entrepreneur. The work consists of two parts. The first part is the theoretical framework which focuses on the legal requirements of entrepreneurship and structure of a business plan.The tools like PEST analysis, Porter`s five forces analysis and SWOT analysis are explained. The second part is the application of findings from the theoretical part and focuses on creating the business plan of Kavárna XY. The practical part deals with the definition of competetive advantage, analyzes a company environment and competition, deals with the creation of sales and financial plan and evaluates project risks. An output of the practical part is to create a business plan and prove that the project is feasible and profitable.

The capacity of the European Union to form a common foreign policy: The approach towards Russia during the crisis in Ukraine
Grycová, Adéla ; Rolenc, Jan Martin (advisor) ; Cibulková, Petra (referee)
The thesis deals with the issues of framing and europeanization of the foreign policy of the European Union in the context of an actorness of the EU. These two theoretical concepts are applied on the case of an approach of the Czech Republic and European Union towards Russian Federation during the crisis in Ukraine. The aim of this thesis is to find out if the European Union is capabble of affecting the behaviour of a member state in order to create unified and operational foreign policy. The first chapter deals with teoretical definition of the two concepts and detailed description of the stances of Czech Republic and European Union follows in the second one. On the basis of these chapters the assessment is conducted. The last part firstly concludes if any attempt of influecing is present and secondly the success rate of the attempt is evaluated.

Improving logistics operations in the warehouse of Stroj Servis Plus
Feklistov, Maxim ; Vinš, Marek (advisor) ; Mervart, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focusing on the logistic operations in the warehouse of a particular organization. The objective of the thesis is to analyze logistics operations in the warehouse of Stroj Servis Plus and propose certain measures, based on selected methods, which might lead to improvement in the efficiency of the current logistics operations. This bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. In first part, theoretical part, is describing the basic theoretical concepts and principles, connected with the main field of the interest. The second part, practical part, begins with the introduction of the company Stroj Servis Plus and analyzing of the logistics operations in the warehouse. Based on the facts, discovered in the intercompany documents, own practice in the firm and theoretical knowledge propose solutions that would eliminate any disadvantages and improve logistics operations in warehouse of the selected company.

Analysis of the Motivation and Satisfaction of Employees in a firm
Gonta, Natalya ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Odvárková, Markéta (referee)
The aim of this study is to analyze the motivation and satisfaction of employees at British American Tobacco Ltd. The bachelor thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. The first part describes the concepts and sources of motivation, which affect the performance of employees in the company. The second part describes the aim of the research, its progress and evaluation results in respect of which was carried out to analyze the way of motivation and satisfaction of employees in the company. For the following analysis methods were used questionnaire and a personal unstructured interview. The result of the thesis is mentioned proposal for improving the motivation of employees, which has potential and could be implemented in the company.

International trade with fresh fruit and vegetables
Laketić, Aleksandar ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Halík, Jaroslav (referee)
The main goal of my Master´s thesis is to evaluate dynamic environment of international trade with fresh fruit and vegetables. In the first part of my thesis I analyzed importance of the production of fresh fruit and vegetables for economies of selected countries. Next I had described the trade flows and patterns. In the second part I made a characterization of payment terms and trade negotiations in the context of international trade with fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore I made an analysis of import and export rules and regulations of the EU. Based on this analysis I came to general conclusions on the trade policies of countries and communities. In the last part of my thesis I applied findings from the previous parts on the analysis of two cases. The first analyzed case is the situation of imports of Chinese pomelo to the EU, with regards to maximal residue levels of pesticides. Second analyzed case is the situation of South African citruses imported to the EU, with regards to the problematic of citrus black spots.

Legal position of Liechtenstein in European Economic Area
Havlová, Berenika ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
The thesis defines legal status of Liechtenstein in the European Economic Area. It is divided into three consecutive chapters. The first chapter consists of two parts - general and economic characteristics of Liechtenstein. The general characteristic is based on the author's experience supported by scientific literature, while economic subchapter is based largely on statistical data. The second chapter focuses on the legal status of Liechtenstein and its position on international scene. The position is viewed from two perspectives, which affects it the most. First, from the perspective of participation in selected international organizations and second, the influence of close relationship with Switzerland. The last chapter analyses international litigation to which Liechtenstein is a party. The aim of this thesis is to define the legal relations of Liechtenstein, which forms its position, using the methods of analysis.

Valuation of the company Jihoměstská sociální a.s.
Hovorka, Luboš ; Smrčka, Luboš (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
The goal of this master´s thesis is to perform an evaluation of the company Jihoměstská sociální a.s. on the date of evaluation of December 31st, 2015, for the purpose of a possible sale to a private company. The thesis consists of two parts: theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part describes process and methods, which are applied in the practical part. The practical part contains an analysis of previous company´s results and forecast of the future by 2020. Next comes the valuation of Jihoměstská sociální. The conclusion discusses possibilities of sale.