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Proposal of Public Tenders Evaluation Procedure
The aim of this diploma thesis is to introduce the issues of evaluating public tenders generally and in a specific organization, to orientate in methods of multicriteria assessment analysis and by their means, to suggest suitable method of evaluating public tenders for the chosen organization. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the description of the process of evaluating public tenders in the Czech Republic, as well as the explanation of multicriteria decision making concept and the description of methods of multicriteria assessment analysis according to the types of information required. The practical part provides the characteristic of the chosen organization, more precisely its divisions. It also provides the regulation that is followed by the organization when realizing competitive tendering. The analysis itself involves the overview of the tenders realized in the scope of activity of the chosen division in the period of five years, as well as the information on the used evaluating criteria. Out of this overview, the sample of the typical tenders is defined, on which the chosen methods of multicriteria assessment analysis are applied. The aim of this process is to assess the order of the variations after the application of the methods of multicriteria assessment analysis and the newly determined evaluating criterion, as well as compare the results with the originally given basic evaluating criterion. Point method, WSA method and TOPSIS method are used for the assessment. In the final part of this thesis, the recommendation on more frequent utilization of multicriteria assessment is suggested to the contract owner, more precisely using such criteria that would be more effective when using public funds.

Unconvential monetary policy adopted by ECB and FED in 2008-2015
Pörner, Marek ; Šetková, Lenka (advisor) ; Ševčíková, Michaela (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to analyse the accomplishment of the goals set, namely those of the selected unconventional monetary policies approved by the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank in response to the last financial crisis. With the FED the attention is focused on Quantitative Easing, whereas with the ECB it is focused on the programmes called Enhanced Credit Support, SMP, OMT and EAPP. Important parts of this thesis are also the explanation of the transmission mechanism of the unconventional monetary policy, the evaluation of macroeconomic impacts of these non-standard tools, the comparison of procedures of the two monitored central banks, but mainly the analysis of selected risks related to those tools. The principal method was an empirical analysis supported by economic studies dealing with the issues mentioned above. In the thesis it was discovered that the individual goals of the monitored programmes were achieved (with the exception of the SMP). With the programme EAPP no conlusion can be drawn because the programme has not been finished yet. Nevertheless, these non-standard tools bring certain risks such as a creation of a bubble in the markets of assets, a redistribution of wealth, a spillover effect, etc. For that reason it will be possible to evaluate the overall effect of the unconventional monetary policies only after a longer time period.

Influence of social politics on fertility rate in specific regions of Czech republic
Dvořák, Josef ; Melzochová, Jitka (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
Thesis is focused on relationship between fertility rate and tools of state support. The goal is to reveal relationship between these two factors. Partial goal is to discover specific effects of tools of state support in specific regions of Czech republic. I have aimed on research at national level and also specific regions between years 1993-2014. In order to find these relationships I used method that compares differences in development of the fertility rate. After that, I set up regression model solved by method called fixed effects. For specific regions analysis was used OLS method. Model was able to explain more than 80 % of variability. This results can be used for predicting of citizens behavior, when some changes in family allowances occurs. Main finding is, that most motivating tools are parenting allowances and child benefits.

The analysis of price elasticity of demand for beer
Hromadníková, Kateřina ; Mirvald, Michal (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
The thesis analyses price elasticity of beer demand. Hypothesis about inelastic demand is tested first for nationwide level and then on data of specific brewery. Elasticity was determined by regression analysis, specifically by ordinary least squares with all variables expressed in logarithmic form. Consumption of beer is the endogenous variable and price of bottled beer (price of one hectoliter of beer in case of brewery), average gross income and price level are in the role of the exogenous variables. The hypothesis about inelastic demand was successfully proved. Price elasticity estimates range from -0,66 to -0,2. In case of specific brewery price was not significant. On the other hand, average gross income seems to be the significant determinant. According to income elasticity beer seems to be luxury good in case of specific brewery and necessity in case of nationwide level.

Consumer Credit in the Czech Republic from the Client’s Perspective
Huleš, Matěj ; Hejda, Jan (advisor) ; Kaczor, Pavel (referee)
The aim of the thesis titled Consumer Credit in the Czech Republic from the Client´s Perspective is the analysis of the offer of consumer credit loans in the Czech market and an explanation of the basic problems of consumer credit. The first part explains basic information and theoretical concepts related to the issue. In the second part of the thesis, these concepts are put into practice and two model examples are used to explain the procedure for selecting a credit product that will meet the consumer´s needs. The section deals with the comparison of these products. Credit loans are subjected to the comparison in terms of total costs and sub-parameters of the loans, which affect the costs. Following the results of the comparison, the conclusion contains practical recommendations for consumers. The thesis results in a comprehensive educational text that will help anyone interested in consumer financial products to make their choice.

University of South Bohemia students' knowledge of the first aid theory
This work is separated into two main parts, the theoretical part and the research. In the first part the reader is familiar with teoretic knowledge of the first aid. I thought it is absolutely necessary to mention here the definition of the first aid , basic first aid theory consisted of the laic aid and the technical one. This work also correctly describes the latest techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation at adults . The second chapter is a small reminder of a history of the Red Cross. This chapter contains information about the beginnings of the Red Cross, as was the case with the founding of the Red Cross in the Czech Republic, dats about the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and basic information about the possibillities of the first aid training. The fourth chapter is devoted to the basic principles of treatment for some life -threatening conditions such as: shock, unconsciousness, fractures, bleeding and how to call EMS. To learn about the accessibility and the clarity of the information of the first aid at the same time, I tried to borrow from the various information sources. According to the information, I decided to include above- mentioned theory in the theoretical part of the work. The second part relates the research , which has been established for one primary objective : to find out knowledge of the theory of the first aid. The research was conducted at selected colleges JCU, questionnaires were completed by 159 students. I chose respondents from these faculties intended to find the information just at these students because they represent a particular age group but also the various sectors of human activities. I further modified the sample random with the same proportion of students from the various faculties in the number of 100 respondents. There was chosen a quantitative method for this research. The necessary dats were collected by using an anonymous questionnaires. A structured questionnaire (see Appendix 1) contained a total of 22 questions focused on the theoretical knowledge of the first aid of JCU student. I processed the dats to confirm or refute the hypotheses in advance. Evaluation of dats was carried out using statistical random selectio , contingency tables and the results were set out neatly into the graphs. The results were processed in the Microsoft Office Excel 2010 programme. The statistical evaluation of the research has shown that the average knowledge of all faculties are balanced.

Communications Intercultural Aspect in Working Environment of a chosen Firm
Jenšovský, Šimon ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Balgová, Dagmar (referee)
The thesis covers cultural differences among employees of a multi-national corporation in relation to communication and task execution. Thesis aims to construct a theoretical framework to map these cultural differences and apply gathered insights in practical research targeting the effect of cultural differences on communication and task execution. Research questionnaire replicates Hofstede's work and also builds on practical application of Hofstede's work by several authors. Research data were gathered via digital questionnaire. Data refinement and evaluation was conducted using frequency description and statistical methods of structure comparison. The thesis provides a set of practical recommendations as a result. These are aimed to help reduce or possibly eliminate negative effects of cultural differences in the workplace.

IT requirements management of insurance company
Dvorský, Petr ; Bruckner, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jungmannová, Barbora (referee)
The first part of thesis deals with theoretical knowledge, thus defining the concepts of recommendations from the field of requirements management. The second part focuses on the identification, analysis and subsequend design solutions to problems arising from working with the requirements. Methods for identifying problems are carried out workshop, participant observation and interviews with employees from the IT sector of the insurance company. The outputs of this work are proposals for improving requirements management, some of them are successfully applied in Kooperativa. The first draft, which was applied to create a process library. Further, of four different types of prioritization was selected and applied method that is defined by ITIL. Other outputs are design of new user interface of requirements software and starting to design a Change Advisory Board, which is compared to ITIL enhanced with additional features. Further was established Business Consultant Department, which has task of efficiently collecting client requirements and the supporting documents were created for this department.

Application of Monte Carlo simulations in banking
Boruta, Matěj ; Teplý, Petr (advisor) ; Fučík, Vojtěch (referee)
Currently, banking is exposed to huge market risks. One of those risks is occurrence of negative interest rates in the EU. Nowadays, it is important to use sophisticated and modern measurement tools and approaches to measure and manage banking risks. One of those methods is Monte Carlo simulation. This bachelor thesis is aimed at analysis and prediction of 3-month maturity Prague Interest Offer Rate (PRIBOR) for 3, 6 and 12 months with using Monte Carlo simulations. It was found that this method is suitable for prediction market variables with low volatility. If anybody uses this method, it is necessity to have in mind all pitfalls and assumptions, that this method includes, as an adequate random generated number of scenarios, approximation of correct probability distribution, independence of dataset and not least, as far as possible, to focus on factors generating randomness of market variable and not the prices, that express rather consequences of randomness than its cause. Further, the Monte Carlo prediction was compared with prognosis of the Czech Nation Bank and it was found that Monte Carlo prediction is more accurate for short term predictions. 12-month prediction of Monte Carlo simulation discovered also possible occurrence of negative interest rate at 0,05% level of probability in compare to the Czech National Bank prognosis, where was no negative interest rate predicted.

Valuation of the company Tank ONO, s.r.o.
Novák, Petr ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Smrčka, Luboš (referee)
The output of this Master´s Thesis on the theme "Valuation of the company Tank ONO, s.r.o." is the estimation of market value of company as at the date of December 31, 2014, with the goal of selling off the company to a hypothetical general investor in the future. The theoretical part includes metodology and instruments used for company valuation, eg definition of main terms, explanation of valuation proces and methods, that are recognised as valid by specialised public. Afterwards, the second part (eg practical part) is aimed at applying the metodology in practice. First, the valuated company is shortly introduced and it is followed by financial and strategic analysis in order to evaluate the financial soundness and assess the perspective for company future. The conclusions of the above analysis are used for elaborating the value drivers and complex financial plan, that is followed by valuation of Tank ONO, s.r.o. In light of the company capital structure, there is chosen DCF equity method for final valuation, in this Thesis.