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Is import of goods from european countries to Czech republic more or less influenced by changes in nominal and real exchange rates than in non european countries?
Vereš, Jan ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Slaný, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the connection between import of goods from foreign countries to Czech Republic and the exchange rate changes. The initial hypothesis of this paper is to prove that the depreciation of domestic currency has positive influence on balance of trade balance. For this purpose there is eight econometric models which were created by using time series from years 2003 to 2016. These models are divided in pairs among four chosen countries. For each country two models were created that follow the development of trade balance between Czech Republic and one of the countries in two different time frames. All the models always use the real effective exchange rate, growth rate of GDP for Czech Republic and growth rate of GDP for one of the countries as explanatory variable. It is connected with the second task of this thesis, which is the analysis of the differences in the behaviour of the models that belong to the countries which are members of the EU and these that are not. The aim is to find out whether the existence of tariffs on imported goods from countries out of the EU causes visible differences in the behaviour of the variables that were included in the models. Based on the outcomes of all eight models the main hypothesis has been proved right for three out of four countries. In the models for Germany, China and France the relation of real exchange rate and trade balance came out as positive in long term, in short term the outcome was ambiguous. The second question of this thesis has been answered, but its added value is questionable. The final models for each state do show some noticeable differences and they can be used to determine if the influence of the change of exchange rates on trade balance is smaller or bigger in the countries where tariffs are used. On the other hand, from the results we can learn that the sample of only four countries is insufficient for the deduction of any conclusions.

Risk group of persons with disabilities on the labour market in Prague from 2005 to 2015
Hošková, Laura ; Maule, Petr (advisor) ; Lukášová, Tereza (referee)
The theoretical part of the Bachelor Thesis comprehensively illustrates the status and representation of persons with disabilities (PWD) on the current labour market in the Czech Republic. In a general manner, the Thesis looks at the employment policy as well; especially its legislative basis in the legal framework of the Czech Republic and selected EU countries. Furthermore, the legal obligations of employers of PWD and the possibilities of fulfilling the mandatory share of PWD employment are stated. Findings of two qualitative employment studies are presented showing that PWD enter the labour market equipped with specialized competencies, which they are willing to complete by retraining programmes in case of need. The employers perceive the employment of PWD mainly as a financial profit, granted to them by the state; and the legislative conditions are a sufficient incentive for them. The questionnaire survey pointed out that the weakness in the employment of PWD is the lack of part-time jobs, which are highly demanded among them. Therefore the Thesis presents a solution, which could be the creation of shared work positions.

Index ekonomické svobody, případ České republiky
Shrbený, Filip ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Máslo, Lukáš (referee)
We have identified number of possible advices for the Czech Republic to improve its rating for both Heritage Foundation and Fraser Institute Economic Freedom Index, which often leads to top 10 countries in the world. These advices range from cuts in government spending, betterment in judicial system, to the establishing healthier environment for startups and advices to combat corruption. We further noticed some divergence between above mentioned indexes and managed to evaluate those indexes, which showed the simplicity yet usefulness of Heritage EFI and flexibility and sensitivity of the Fraser EFI. Weak sides of the research were noted and ideas for further research were given.

Irrationality in the decision- making of an individual as an economic entity in the territory of the Czech Republic
Böhm, Tomáš ; Zeman, Martin (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is an in-depth analysis of the decision-making process on issues of economic nature for individuals in the Czech Republic. The degree of rationality occurring in consumer behavior is evaluated based on lessons learned. The theoretical section is concerned with the economic aspect of the decision-making process, which mainly includes knowledge of neoclassical theory, whose basis is the cardinal and ordinal concept of utility maximization. Subsequently there are introduced the alternative approaches to decision making, focusing on the subjective aspects of human reasoning. Using the mutual synthesis of these approaches, the author draws a term behavioral economics, specific elements of which constitute a substantive content of the whole work. The practical section verifies the hypothesis that the decision-making contradicts the theory of rational individual conduct. Data collected through the questionnaire is subjected to analytical procedures by which the stated hypothesis was verified.

Influence of social politics on fertility rate in specific regions of Czech republic
Dvořák, Josef ; Melzochová, Jitka (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
Thesis is focused on relationship between fertility rate and tools of state support. The goal is to reveal relationship between these two factors. Partial goal is to discover specific effects of tools of state support in specific regions of Czech republic. I have aimed on research at national level and also specific regions between years 1993-2014. In order to find these relationships I used method that compares differences in development of the fertility rate. After that, I set up regression model solved by method called fixed effects. For specific regions analysis was used OLS method. Model was able to explain more than 80 % of variability. This results can be used for predicting of citizens behavior, when some changes in family allowances occurs. Main finding is, that most motivating tools are parenting allowances and child benefits.

The development of government debt in the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2015
Zeman, Mikuláš ; Klement, Josef (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the development of government debt in the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2015 with respect to the development of revenues and expenses of national budget as well as the development of macroeconomic indicators. The thesis is focused on evaluation of the economic policy of respective governments during the period and assessment of the effect of political reasons on the development of government debt. It also comprises a comparison of the situation in the Czech Republic with the situation in certain post - communist states. The theoretical part describes main notions the thesis deals with. Eventually it presents thoughts of selected economists on the economic policy. The practical part carries out analysis of the development of government debt in respective periods focusing on revenues and expenses, and the development of selected macroeconomic indicators. Evaluation of the economic policy of respective governments is also included. In its conclusion the thesis assesses an effect of political reasons on the amount of the government debt in view of relevant theories and hypotheses. The analysis showed that under the studied circumstances only one of the hypotheses became evident, namely that a weak position of the government leads to remarkable budgetary deficits.

Sustainable tourism development of Vysocina Region
Veselá, Markéta ; Macháček, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráková, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of sustainable tourism development at the regional level. This phenomenon is elaborated on the example of Vysocina Region. To evaluate sustainability of its development, the potential of this touristic destination is researched regarding various areas, including key products. These are subjected to comparisons with recommendations of significant tourism organization for the purpose of assessing the sustainability of tourism. The diploma thesis also includes a comparison with other Czech regions experience as a touristic destination. Vysocina Region has favourable initial conditions for its sustainable development, especially regarding supply of key products, which include both environmentally friendly goods and cultural attractiveness contributing to the personal development of individuals and promoting intercultural tolerance. The main issue appears to be the spatial imbalance of its development in the region, caused mainly by the concentration of tourist activities to certain areas and low local initiative in the less attractive areas. The diploma thesis proposes a number of solutions, such as utilization of geocaching and products of gastroturism, supporting the foundation of local destination management organisations, promoting cycling tourism and the foundation of highly visited tourist destinations.

Social housing - comparison of Concept of Social Housing in the Czech Republic 2015-2025 and Austrian social model
Hejduk, Radim ; Krebs, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Barák, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis is focused on social housing - public policy, that is applied in many countries of the EU. Czech Republic is currently trying its implementation. Due to rising household's costs of housing, rising expenses on demand-oriented housing policy in form of housing benefits and difficult to solve social exclusion, social housing appears to be one of the more accessible ways of solution. The goal of the thesis is at first to analyze and evaluate known forms of social housing and its application from the economic perspective, then to form reccomendations for the Conception of Social Housing for the Czech Republic in the period 2015-2025 using comparison to already-existing Austrian model. This text answers the main research question how does functioning model of social housing look like and what are the economic impacts of it on households.

Use of Interest Rate Models for Interest Rate Risk Management in the Czech Financial Market Environment
Cíchová Králová, Dana ; Arlt, Josef (advisor) ; Cipra, Tomáš (referee) ; Witzany, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to suggest an appropriate approach to interest rate risk modeling in the Czech financial market environment in various situations. Three distinct periods are analyzed. These periods, which are the period before the global financial crisis, period during the financial crisis and in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and calming subsequent debt crisis in the eurozone, are characterized by different evaluation of liquidity and credit risk, different relationship between financial variables and market participants and different degree of market regulations. Within this goal, an application of the BGM model in the Czech financial market environment is crucial. Use of the BGM model for the purpose of predicting a dynamics of a yield curve is not very common. This is firstly due to the fact that primary use of this model is a valuation of interest rate derivatives while ensuring the absence of arbitrage and secondly its application is relatively difficult. Nevertheless, I apply the BGM model to obtain predictions of the probability distributions of interest rates in the Czech and eurozone market environment, because its complexity, direct modeling of a yield curve based on market rates and especially a possibility of parameter estimation based on current swaptions volatilities quotations may lead to a significant improvement of predictions. This improvement was also confirmed in this thesis. Use of swaptions volatilities market quotations is especially useful in the period of unprecedented mone- tary easing and increased number of central banks and other regulators interventions into financial markets that occur after the financial crisis, because it reflects current market expectations which also include future interventions. As a consequence of underdevelopment of the Czech financial market there are no market quotations of Czech koruna denominated swaptions volatilities. I suggest their approximations based on quotations of euro denominated swaptions volatilities and also using volatilities of koruna and euro forward rates. Use of this approach ensures that predictions of the Czech yield curve dynamics contain current market expectations. To my knowledge, any other author has not presented similar application of the BGM model in the Czech financial market environment. In this thesis I further predict a Czech and Euro area money market yield curve dynamics using the CIR and the GP models as representatives of various types of interest rates models to compare these predictions with BGM predictions. I suggest a comprehensive system of three criteria, based on comparison of predicti- ons with reality, to describe a predictive power of selected models and an appropria- teness of their use in the Czech market environment during different situations in the market. This analysis shows that predictions of the Czech money market yield curve dynamics based on the BGM model demonstrate high predictive power and the best 8 quality in comparison with other models. GP model also produces relatively good qua- lity predictions. Conversely, predictions based on the CIR model as a representative of short rate model family completely failed when describing reality. In a situation when the economy allows negative rates and there is simultaneously a significant likelihood of their implementation, I recommend to obtain predictions of Czech money market yield curve dynamics using GP model which allows existence of negative interest rates. This analysis also contains a statistical test for validating the predictive power of each model and information on other tests. Berkowitz test rejects a hypothesis of accurate predictions for each model. However, this fact is common in real data testing even when using relatively good model. This fact is especially caused by difficult fulfilment of test conditions in real world. To my knowledge, such an analysis of the predictive power of selected interest rate models moreover in the Czech financial market environment has not been published yet. The last goal of this thesis is to suggest an appropriate approach to obtaining pre- dictions of Czech government bonds risk premium dynamics. I define this risk premium as a difference between government bond yields and fixed rate of CZK IRS with the same length. I apply the GP model to describe the dynamics of this indicator of the Czech Republic credit risk. In order to obtain a time series of the risk premium which are necessary for estimation of GP model parameters I firstly estimate yield curves of Czech government bonds using Svensson model for each trading day since 2005. Resulting si- mulations of risk premium show that the GP model predicts the real development of risk premiums of all maturities relatively well. Hence, the proposed approach is suitable for modeling of Czech Republic credit risk based on the use of information extracted from financial markets. I have not registered proposed approach to risk premium modeling moreover in the Czech financial market environment in other publications.