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Financial statements according to Czech legislation and IAS/IFRS.
The aim of this work was the compilation of financial statements in accordance with Czech legislation and in accordance with IAS/IFRS and the subsequent comparison and evaluation. After explaining basic concepts, which relate to the topic, I have made financial statements in accordance with Czech legislation. The next step was to change the reporting of several selected items so that they are in accordance with IAS/IFRS. Specifically, it was a change in accounting for depreciation, deferred tax calculation, reporting lease and adapting service revenues of the incomplete transaction. Then I made the statements in accordance with international law, and to compare it with the Czech one.

Pre-Marital Agreement as a means of protection of marital property and business
Vávrová, Eliška ; Hejda, Jan (advisor) ; Kaczor, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of adjustment of marital property in the form of concluding marriage contract as a way to protect assets in case of divorce or business of one of the spouse. The aim of the work is to identify shortcomings in the current leg-islation. Based on these shortcomings suggest solution to improve the current state. According to this suggestion compile a model of marriage contract. The draft of rec-ommendation is compiled with the help of comparison with the Austrian statutory of matrimonial property relations and through questionnaire survey among students of University of Economics who have experiences with the adjustment of community property.

Technological Foresight: Analysis of Potentially Disruptive Future Technologies in Banking
Dunovský, Tomáš ; Jiřinová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Žďára, Tomáš (referee)
This Master's Thesis is focused on technological foresight in the banking industry in Europe. It includes consecutive two parts. The first one is theoretical and focuses on defining the terms necessary for the development of technological foresight, stated criteria, triggers and terms necessary for the development of analysis of potential technological problems and their solutions. The second part is practical and it includes the technological foresight, analysis of trends that will disrupt banking and introduce a vision of personal banking product of the future. A comparison of product vision to current trends and if those can be considered disruptive follow this part. The last part of the thesis includes diffusion criteria of innovation as according to the Rogers's Model, a set of triggers after which the defined investment fund can consider an investment into technology, and an analysis of potential technological issues with proposed solutions.

Decision making of Prague moviegoers
Macháček, Ivan ; Hanzlík, Jan (advisor) ; Zelený, Martin (referee)
The aim of this work is to analyze attitudes of Prague film viewers towards watching films at the cinema and at home and to find out on what factors do they base their decision to watch a particular film. The means to achieve this goal are research of existing literature related to this subject and my own research through a questionnaire survey on a sample population of Prague with a corresponding demographic composition. The most crucial conclusions from this investigation are related to the frequency of watching movies in the cinema and at home, attitudes towards the origin and localization of movies, attitudes towards various genres, factors influencing the choice of a film and comparing the results of various demographic groups (by gender, age and education) within these topics.

Collaboration nurse and family members of patiens with brain injury
The bachelor thesis deals with the cooperation of nurses and family members of patients with brain injuries. Brain damage is among the most serious injuries a person can have. Brain injuries are the second highest cause of death after abdominal trauma. People often confuse the term head injury with brain injuries. The lasting consequences of these injuries are very severe and often fatal. The skin on the scalp can indeed bleed, but we can only talk about brain injury if there is any actual damage or suppression of the brain issue, which can have many causes.The theoretical part describes the most common injuries of the brain; changes in behavior and fatic disorder in a patient with a brain injury, nursing care of patients with brain injury, communication between the nurse, the patient and his family, and also notes the importance of the nurse patient relationship and the significance of the patient's family. In the theoretical part, we have tried to give comprehensive and understandable information about the cooperation of nurses and family members of patients with brain injuries.For the empirical part of this thesis, a qualitative investigation was chosen. We used the method of data collection in the form of semi-structured interview . The survey was carried out in February 2014. Interviews with correspondents were videotaped and subsequently transcribed and processed by categorization of data. For the process the main category and subcategories were established which are, for clarity, shown in the diagrams . The interviews with correspondents were running at the University Hospital in Motol. After the approval of the matron the research investigation was initiated . Correspondents were asked prepared questions , depending on how the conversation developed, supplementary questions were considered. Interviews with nurses and family members were done separately because of the possible influence the nurses could have upon the family members. All interviews with the nurses and the family members were conducted at the University Hospital in Motol. The duration of the interview was approximately 45 minutes. At the beginning of the meeting with the correspondent, the basis of the interview was outlined and the reason for the interview was explained. None of the corcorrespondents minded the interview being recorded. Each interview was obtained with oral consent and explanation of anonymity.During the processing of the interviews, the method of open coding was used. Each sister and family was assigned a number. Then the answers of the nurses and the family members were numbered in the interviews. The rows have been numbered due to the possibility of referring to them. This method is called "paper and pencil" because of a synoptical process. For example, a nurse said line 3 and it is displayed as N1/3. A total of one main category and seven subcategories were established in both groups of corcorrespondents . The created categories and subcategories can be seen in the diagram one and four. The individual subcategories were depicted in the empirical investigation with the addition of interviews and quotes. The interviews were recorded on a CD, which is part of the thesis.The research sample consisted of two groups. The first group of correspondents consisted of nine nurses aged 24-50 years. Six nurses of all the interviewed completed tertiary education, two correspondents studied at a college and one respondent reached secondary education. Four correspondents were from the Neurosurgical Department, two correspondents from the Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation (ARO) and three correspondents from the Department of Chronic Resuscitation and Intensive Care (OCHRIP). The second group of the researched sample were relatives. The second group of the study sample was made up of four relatives, in varying relation to the patient, the families were in the age range from 30 years to 68 years.

the impact of the global economic crisis on international trade of the Czech republic
Sakhautdinov, Timur ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Marková, Jana (referee)
This thesis addresses the effects of the global economic crisis on the situation in the international trade of the Czech Republic. I focused on exploring the causes of the crisis and its impact on international trade. The chosen problem I solved by using index methods, deduction, induction, and abstraction. Carried out by the research I've found specific effects on the territorial and commodity structure of Czech trade. The main findings are the impact of the crisis on the volume and structure of trade of the Czech Republic from the territorial point of view and according to the classification of SITC.

Trade and Investment in Egypt
Ebeid, Mustafa ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Halík, Jaroslav (referee)
This paper shows Egypt's Macroeconomic review to analyze Economic situation, Regional Trade agreements between Egypt and Other parts of the World, and Foreign direct investment taking place in Egypt by Countries and Sectors. Moreover, One of the main triggers for Economic status and inflow of foreign direct investment is the Security conditions and political stability which is not in the best conditions for the last five years since 2011 revolution, as a result Egyptian Government taking steps in order to improve and enhance the security conditions. Last but not least, main goal for the paper is to provide credible information about Egypt's macroeconomic status, Regional trade agreements and argumentation for investing in Egypt and how Egyptian Government taking steps to improve and the investing process in Egypt.

Creation of the Enterprise Architecture model according to the TOGAF framework
Čapek, Jan ; Doucek, Petr (advisor) ; Zeman, Petr (referee)
The present diploma thesis aims at introducing the Enterprise Architecture and creating an abstract model of a company. The primary focus is on application and process layers as defined in the architecture framework TOGAF. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical chapter starts with a business model analysis which means to describe mission vision and companys values as a part of the strategy framework. Furthermore the business processes are described in the latter part of this section. This chapter attempts to explain how to map a business process and to categorize it by nature and maturity level. Penultimate chapter introduces the Enterprise Architecture in general. This section includes arguments as to why the companies should be concerned with the Enterprise Architecture advantages of the Enterprise Architecture implementation into the companys documentation relationship of companys core business and IT and examples of the Enterprise Architecture frameworks. The last chapter deals with the TOGAF framework where Architecture Development Method is described. This means how Enterprise Architecture model is created and how to implement changes into the layers according to the TOGAF framework. Simultaneously the last section of this chapter describes the reference models which provide graphical overview of all abstractions layers. The practical part of the thesis elaborates on the theoretical part using the Architecture Development Method process in order to create the Enterprise Architecture model according to TOGAF framework. Same as the theoretical part it only focuses on the application and process layer. Firstly the business model is decomposed into vision mission and companys values to the companys strategy and business goals in order to grasp further understanding of business processes detailed description. Subsequently the abovementioned aspects are recomposed to create process map which provides the management overview. The application layer undergoes the same process; nonetheless the process map is replaced by information system description and reference model creation. Once the models are created the thesis compares them with the business and strategic goals. The benefit brought by this thesis is critical evaluation of current status to propose changes to achieve target architacture according business and strategic goals established by management.

The Conclusion of a Contract under the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in Comparison with Czech National Legislation
Krčálová, Kristýna ; Boháček, Martin (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
This Master's thesis focuses on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), better known as the Vienna Convention. The main purpose of this thesis is to evaluate conditions for application of this international treaty and to assess the contracting process under the CISG including the similarities and differences with the Czech national legislation. Finally, it seeks an answer to the question, which of these rules (international or national) are more advantageous for a Czech contractual party with respect to concluding a contract. The thesis is divided into five parts. The first one represents an introduction to the CISG, its origin and the Czech Republic's attitude to it. The second part identifies the conditions for application of the CISG and therefore defines a subject and an object of an international contract of sale under the CISG. Both third and fourth parts gradually introduce two phases of the contracting process (offer and acceptance) including the relevant case-law. The last chapter strives to complete the contracting process with an analysis of the exact moment, when a contract is concluded, as well as with an analysis of a potential battle of the forms and its impact on a contract conclusion.

Awareness of Volunteering in the Czech Republic and Abroad among Students of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies of South Bohemia University
MARKOVÁ, Marcela
My work is focused on the volunteering. It aims to introduce the Healthy Social Faculty of the Southern Bohemian University in České Budějovice (ZSF JU) and its faculty volunteering. It describes where the volunteers can involve themselves (Czech Republic and abroad) and also the condition of volunteering at the faculty (regarding how many students are involved and informed). My work is supposed to be a study material for students of ZSF JU. It can be used as an information source for the faculty management and it can also be an inspiration for the future concept about volunteering. It has two parts; theoretical and practical (experimental) one. The structure of ZSF JU and the history of the volunteering at the faculty are described in the first part. Moreover there are definitions of: volunteering, volunteer, types of volunteering and its legislation base including the brief Czech history of volunteering. Following part informs about benefits of volunteering and particular fields where we can find volunteers. Theoretical part is finished with a chapter about international volunteering. The aim of the practical part is to analyze how students are informed about possibilities and benefits of volunteering in the Czech Republic and in the world. The aim of my work is set up there and also the hypothesis which have been confirmed or uprooted. Moreover the methodology of the practical part is explained there. I have used a questionnaire method via server "". The questionnaire itself was send using collective correspondence to all student´s email addresses at ZSF JU. There were 478 valid responds from the students of ZSF JU both distance and daily study. Following chapter presents research results gained through statistics of graphs and charts. You can see results of each question in context with other parameters as age, sex, form of study or field of study. The hypotheses were tested via statistics methodology of good matching, called "Chi-square distribution". The results show that students of ZSF JU are informed about possibilities of volunteering in CZ. However they lack information about possibilities abroad. Students of distance study are better informed and more involved than students from daily study. Another part is a chapter called Discussion, where particular results are interpreted and compared with results of similar researches. In the final part you can find the resume of the results and the evaluation of the aim. Students from ZSF JU have quite a good knowledge about volunteering. However, in some concrete parts there is a space for improvement. The conclusion of the work offers some solutions.