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The Third Sector and Organised Civic Participation in the Czech Republic
Rakušanová, Petra
This paper tries to answer the question, whether NGOs are an effective form of interest representation of citizens and social groups. In the first part it concentrates on definition of nongovernmental sector as an institutionalised part of civil society. Further the contribution delineates following roles of NGOs: participative, service, and interest role. It is particularly the interest function within which NGOs create space for representation of interests and needs. In the second part it analyses barriers on civic sector in the Czech Republic, we point out the following ones: communication between civil society and the state, unsatisfactory legal environment, financing in general as well as its structural changes following the Czech accession into the EU, inadequately developed corporate giving. Last but not least we stress individual barrier – post-communist citizen is rather organizationally passive and indifferent in his relationship to civic sector.

Analysis of Book Publisher's Marketing Tools
Gruberová, Laura ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hanzlík, Jan (referee)
This Master's thesis entitled Analysis of Book Publisher's Marketing Tools focuses on the Czech book market and marketing tools that are currently used by book publishers. The aim of the work is to evaluate marketing tools of the specific Czech book publisher based on qualitative research and suggest possible improvements in their use. The theoretical part contains definitions of basic concepts in the field of book publishing and book marketing, which serves as the basis for the practical part. The practical part deals with the analysis of marketing tools of book publisher Argo, presents pros and cons of these instruments and in the end, brings suggestions for their improvement. This part of the thesis is based on marketing situation analysis, on analysis of available data on publisher's activities and on an interview with one of its writers. This thesis is primarily valuable for book publishers and sellers, who can obtain information about possible marketing tools. For book readers, this thesis is particularly interesting in terms of obtaining information about how marketing tools can help them in the selection of books.

The influence of implementation of DMS in a bank on its business processes
Vejmělek, Vojtěch ; Stanovská, Iva (advisor) ; Cícha, Daniel (referee)
The topic of this thesis is an analysis of the influence of implementation of Document management system (DMS) on a selected process of a specific retail bank. The paper moves from a detailed characteristic of key terms, apart from technological aspects deals with the current legislature, continues on to the current state of the selected process and ends with a proposal of a new process. The thesis is meant for those who are interested in the field of enterprise content management, additionally it can offer motives for thoughts about electronization of documents and how it can be used to better the organization's services.

Development of interest rates in the mortgage market in the Czech Republic between 2006-2016
Ditrichová, Gabriela ; Strejček, Ivo (advisor) ; Klement, Josef (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the development of interest rates in the mortgage market in the Czech Republic in the decade between 2006 and 2016. A strong economic growth between 2006 and 2007, which had positive effects in the mortgage loan market, was followed by a deep slump in the form of global financial crisis unleashed by speculations in the real estate market in the U.S. The main aim of the work is based on the development of mortgage interest rates and the significant factors that affect their amount - to verify or disprove the hypothesis that interest rates respond to changes of these factors. The results confirm the hypothesis only in certain areas. The influence of changes of interest rates has been proven in the case of inflation and discount rates by usage of the econometric model. Factors that have not shown a significant direct influence of interest rates may have an indirect influence on their change.

Economic cooperation between China and Sub-Saharan Africa
Šára, Ondřej ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Sejkora, Jiří (referee)
Building relations with China is a topic of broad and current interest, when it comes to establishing and deepening new economic cooperation between Sub-Saharan Africa and other regions. This thesis analyses current economic cooperation between these two regions with the prevailing emphasis on the African partner. The thesis is formally divided into five chapters. The first two chapters focus on selected theoretical and factual starting points related to the main topic of the thesis, which create a foundation stone for the other chapters. In the third chapter of the thesis, selected statistical data about current trade and investment cooperation between both partners are introduced. The main goal of the following fourth chapter is to analyze real impact of mutual cooperation on the selected country of Sub-Saharan region. The last chapter of the thesis analyses a relatively problematic and widely discussed issue: the classification and allocation of financial flows from China in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The American Foreign Policy with the Middle East : from the earliest days to the Obama’s mandate
Petraud, Jean-Félix ; Eichler, Jan (advisor) ; Dubský, Zbyněk (referee)
The following dissertation is an attempt of analysis and understanding of the foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East region and its evolution through time. Considering the fact that the Middle East region is or at least used to be a vital region for the United States national interests, the dissertation presents an exhaustive list of major events that have been major shifts in the US foreign policy in the region. The more or less chronological timeline allows the reader to have a better understanding of the evolution of the US foreign policy. The result of the dissertation is the identification of different patterns of foreign policy and to put the spot on the reasons of the changes of these patterns. Nevertheless, the history of the Middle East region and the incredible number of major events through the 2Oth century and the early 21st century make impossible to deal with all of them. Moreover, analysis and comments are based on academic research, but the dissertation remains subjective and may lead to discussions and debates.

Products with Protected Designations of the European Union and Their Position in Regional Tourism
Licková, Kamila ; Kalábová, Markéta (advisor) ; Abrhám, Josef (referee)
The master thesis deals with products with protected designations of the European Union. The main objective of the master thesis is to evaluate the importance of the chosen product with protected designation of the EU in regional tourism and analyse the perception of the product by a producer and by tourists. The sub-objective is the description of the European system of food labelling. The thesis is divided into five main chapters. The first part explains basic concepts which are related to the thesis. The second chapter introduces the best known food quality labels. Greater attention is devoted to the description of the food protection system of the EU. The third chapter deals with the characteristics of the chosen region Beskydy-Wallachia. The second part of this chapter is focused on the chosen protected product Štramberské uši. The forth chapter includes a structured interview with the chosen producer of Štramberské uši and a survey research, which was conducted in two phases. The last chapter contains the evaluation of the implemented survey. The main finding of this thesis is the fact that a relatively high percentage of respondents know the product Štramberské uši. An interesting finding is the fact that only a small portion of them know that the product Štramberské uši is the holder of the protected designation of the European Union. The chosen producer of Štramberské uši sees the main benefit of the label in greater publicity. Among problems he ranks the enforceability of the label and lack of general promotion of Štramberské uši.

Use of Interest Rate Models for Interest Rate Risk Management in the Czech Financial Market Environment
Cíchová Králová, Dana ; Arlt, Josef (advisor) ; Cipra, Tomáš (referee) ; Witzany, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to suggest an appropriate approach to interest rate risk modeling in the Czech financial market environment in various situations. Three distinct periods are analyzed. These periods, which are the period before the global financial crisis, period during the financial crisis and in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and calming subsequent debt crisis in the eurozone, are characterized by different evaluation of liquidity and credit risk, different relationship between financial variables and market participants and different degree of market regulations. Within this goal, an application of the BGM model in the Czech financial market environment is crucial. Use of the BGM model for the purpose of predicting a dynamics of a yield curve is not very common. This is firstly due to the fact that primary use of this model is a valuation of interest rate derivatives while ensuring the absence of arbitrage and secondly its application is relatively difficult. Nevertheless, I apply the BGM model to obtain predictions of the probability distributions of interest rates in the Czech and eurozone market environment, because its complexity, direct modeling of a yield curve based on market rates and especially a possibility of parameter estimation based on current swaptions volatilities quotations may lead to a significant improvement of predictions. This improvement was also confirmed in this thesis. Use of swaptions volatilities market quotations is especially useful in the period of unprecedented mone- tary easing and increased number of central banks and other regulators interventions into financial markets that occur after the financial crisis, because it reflects current market expectations which also include future interventions. As a consequence of underdevelopment of the Czech financial market there are no market quotations of Czech koruna denominated swaptions volatilities. I suggest their approximations based on quotations of euro denominated swaptions volatilities and also using volatilities of koruna and euro forward rates. Use of this approach ensures that predictions of the Czech yield curve dynamics contain current market expectations. To my knowledge, any other author has not presented similar application of the BGM model in the Czech financial market environment. In this thesis I further predict a Czech and Euro area money market yield curve dynamics using the CIR and the GP models as representatives of various types of interest rates models to compare these predictions with BGM predictions. I suggest a comprehensive system of three criteria, based on comparison of predicti- ons with reality, to describe a predictive power of selected models and an appropria- teness of their use in the Czech market environment during different situations in the market. This analysis shows that predictions of the Czech money market yield curve dynamics based on the BGM model demonstrate high predictive power and the best 8 quality in comparison with other models. GP model also produces relatively good qua- lity predictions. Conversely, predictions based on the CIR model as a representative of short rate model family completely failed when describing reality. In a situation when the economy allows negative rates and there is simultaneously a significant likelihood of their implementation, I recommend to obtain predictions of Czech money market yield curve dynamics using GP model which allows existence of negative interest rates. This analysis also contains a statistical test for validating the predictive power of each model and information on other tests. Berkowitz test rejects a hypothesis of accurate predictions for each model. However, this fact is common in real data testing even when using relatively good model. This fact is especially caused by difficult fulfilment of test conditions in real world. To my knowledge, such an analysis of the predictive power of selected interest rate models moreover in the Czech financial market environment has not been published yet. The last goal of this thesis is to suggest an appropriate approach to obtaining pre- dictions of Czech government bonds risk premium dynamics. I define this risk premium as a difference between government bond yields and fixed rate of CZK IRS with the same length. I apply the GP model to describe the dynamics of this indicator of the Czech Republic credit risk. In order to obtain a time series of the risk premium which are necessary for estimation of GP model parameters I firstly estimate yield curves of Czech government bonds using Svensson model for each trading day since 2005. Resulting si- mulations of risk premium show that the GP model predicts the real development of risk premiums of all maturities relatively well. Hence, the proposed approach is suitable for modeling of Czech Republic credit risk based on the use of information extracted from financial markets. I have not registered proposed approach to risk premium modeling moreover in the Czech financial market environment in other publications.

Aspects of the virtualization of higher education and its comparison in the CZ and US
Dlauhá, Dominika ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the evolution of online higher education in the CZ and US, from its beginnings to its current state. Emphasis is placed on describing MOOCs and virtualization in education, ranging from technological, pedagogical and didactic aspects to legislature and finance. A survey was conducted to determine the interest in online courses at the University of Economics, Prague and experience with online learning, resulting in an outline of the future development in this area.

Expected development of Business Intelligence applications in the coming years
Aschmann, Jakub ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
This thesis focuses on the development of Business Intelligence applications. The main area is the potential development in the coming years, history of business intelligence and individual components. To acquire the necessary knowledge, I studied educational materials and electronic publications. In Chapter 3 I focus on the definition of BI, in the following chapter I analyse individual components and the last chapter is dedicated to the development in the future. This thesis will provide comprehensive knowledge and trends in business intelligence to readers who are interested in this area and are looking for complex information.