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The analysis of price elasticity of demand for beer
Hromadníková, Kateřina ; Mirvald, Michal (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
The thesis analyses price elasticity of beer demand. Hypothesis about inelastic demand is tested first for nationwide level and then on data of specific brewery. Elasticity was determined by regression analysis, specifically by ordinary least squares with all variables expressed in logarithmic form. Consumption of beer is the endogenous variable and price of bottled beer (price of one hectoliter of beer in case of brewery), average gross income and price level are in the role of the exogenous variables. The hypothesis about inelastic demand was successfully proved. Price elasticity estimates range from -0,66 to -0,2. In case of specific brewery price was not significant. On the other hand, average gross income seems to be the significant determinant. According to income elasticity beer seems to be luxury good in case of specific brewery and necessity in case of nationwide level.

Serverless single page application in JavaScript
Zikmund, Marian ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (advisor) ; Suchan, Vladimír (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to design and develop a framework for building modern single- page application in the JavaScript programming language and describe this approach to development. The work also contains the documentation for a more comfortable use and customization. The content is divided into eight chapters. The introduction is followed by the retrieval of information resources, including the specifics of the JavaScript programming language and explanation of the formation of single-page application. The description of the basic principles of their functioning, motivation and justification, when and why this approach is appropriate is also included. The work is primarily focused on the issue of single-page application, for which the use of the JavaScript programming language is crucial. For this reason, this work provides a whole chapter about this programming language, also including a description of its history and role in the context of others. Below are the common characteristics of single-page applications frameworks, built on top of the library ReactJS, whose formation is engaged in the following chapter. The developed framework also contains the user guide. The practical outcome of this work is an open source framework for creating serverless single-page applications, which is due to its architecture and documentation appropriately adaptable.

Information systems security penetration testing
Klíma, Tomáš ; Doucek, Petr (advisor) ; Čermák, Igor (referee) ; Čapek, Jan (referee) ; Štubňa, Ivan (referee)
The aim of this dissertation thesis is to develop new methodology of information systems penetration testing based on analysis of current methodologies and the role of penetration tests in context of IS/IT governance. Integral part of this aim is evaluation of the methodology. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the presentation of history and current state of research in selected area, definiton of basic terms and introduction of role of the penetration tests. This part is followed by the review of relevant sources and comparative study of current methodologies with a goal to identify their weaknesses. Results from this study are further used as a basis for new methodology development. Classification of IS penetration tests types and testing scenarios are also included. The second part includes design of new methodology, at first its history, structure and principles are presented, then its framework is decribed in high level of detail. In the third part the reader can find (theoretical and practical) validation. The biggest scientific contribution is the methodology itself focused on managment of penetration tests (which is the area currently not sufficiently descibed). Secondary contribution is the extensive review and the comparative analysis of current methodologies. Contribution to the economic and technical (practical) application we can mainly see in the development of new methodology which enables companies to improve management of penetration tests (especially planning, operational management and implementation of countermeasures).

Speculation on oil markets and its impact on commodity's price
Melcher, Ota ; Taušer, Josef (advisor) ; Baláž, Peter (referee) ; Müller, Štěpán (referee)
This study aims to analyse the precrisis period on the oil markets with a primary objective of assessing the role of speculation in the commodity's price development and its volatility. First it depicts the rapidly increasing speculative activity on the futures market together with the parallel oil price surge. The speculation is initially proxied by non-commercial traders' positions and subsequently quantified by Working's T-index. The paper then uses speculative traders' positions and both spot and futures prices to test for Granger causality within the framework of VAR models. For the sake of consistency it also evaluates causal links between speculation and inventories level. Further the study investigates the speculation impact on volatility of oil prices by employing various approaches in volatility quantification including GARCH models. Contrary to expectations we find that the speculatio's impact on both prices and their volatility is rather insignificant. In the last chapter we therefore seek for an explanation of the oil price developments by examining the market fundamentals. The interaction of supply and demand finally gives substantial evidence for understanding the price developments in the precrisis period.

Differences between men and women in the Czech labour market
Stroukal, Dominik ; Kadeřábková, Božena (advisor) ; Pavelka, Tomáš (referee) ; Němec, Otakar (referee)
This thesis consists of five articles that apply current world research on labor economics at the Czech Republic and confirms the significant differences between men and women in this market. It shows that gender has a significant influence on the preference on the labor market and, consequently, on employment and health. First, the thesis shows that preferences are relevant determinant of career and then we study the difference in preference of salary for men and women. Subsequently it shows that gender plays a significant role in explaining the relationship between homeownership, and unemployment, as well as unemployment and health. The first chapter was able to demonstrate that the preference for a career has a positive influence on the choice of career. The influence of higher education on prioritizing career proved to be positive and significant. Probability of a career choice is reduced by the presence of children, however, is not dependent on their number, which is contrary to the theory of preferences. The second chapter shows that Czech women prefer more non-monetary rewards than men. It has also been shown that people with university education are same in the preferences of non-monetary rewards regardless of the gender of the respondents, however, compared to the world's research, the Czech higher education increases this preference. It turned out that women prefer risk less than men. The third chapter demonstrates that although the housing market undermines labor mobility and employment in the Czech Republic at the regional level, therefore, that in regions with a higher rate of home ownership is higher unemployment, at the individual level, the owners of housing are unemployed are less likely. The estimates are significantly different for men and women. Men living in owner-occupied housing have a higher likelihood of employment than women. At regional level, however, this thesis shows that the high rate of home ownership increases unemployment for both men and women, in the long run only to women. The fourth chapter showed that men transition to homeownership reduces the likelihood of unemployment next year. For women, this relationship has proved to be insignificant. In addition, as insignificant showed the opposite relationship, the transition from unemployment to the newly acquired home ownership. The last chapter shows that the change in the working status to unemployment will increase in the future probability of worse health. Influence in less than two years, however, proved to be significant. An important conclusion is that men have a significantly stronger relationship between health and unemployment than women.

Analysis of Financing Research and Development in the Czech Republic
Vacek, Jan ; Hnilica, Jiří (advisor) ; Sieber, Patrik (referee)
The topic of this bachelor Thesis is an Analysis of Financing Research and Development in the Czech Republic. Research and Development (R&D) plays an important role in improving the competitive ability of the Czech Republic, for it constitutes a source for increasing productivity, economic growth and employment. The results of R&D lead to creation of new products and services, which in return increases the quality of life of the Czech citizens. This bachelor thesis focuses on analysis of financing R&D in the Czech Republic. The objective is to find out who finances R&D in the Czech Republic, where do these funds go to, and what they are used on. This thesis also focuses on R&D employees and R&D departments in which they work. The bachelor thesis is concluded by comparison between the R&D data for Czech Republic and other countries form the Europian Union.

Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility in Hilton Worlwide company and its application in local conditions
Švábová, Kateřina ; Mokrejšová, Veronika (advisor) ; Filipová, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on strategy of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in company Hilton Worldwide. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part deals with concept of corporate social responsibility, with the philosophy of CSR, its history and the present. This part also defines key words related to corporate social responsibility like CSR, stakeholders, corporate philanthropy, sustainable development, business ethics and corporate citizenship. It also focuses on the important role of communication in general and also in CSR. The practical part introduces the concept and strategy of CSR in the company Hilton Worldwide. This part also presents hotels Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town and their activities within the CSR. SWOT analysis as strategy tool was used to evaluate the concept and communication of CSR in both hotels. The final results of analyses showed problems in internal and external communication. Based on results of SWOT analysis are suggested solutions and recommendations that should improve understanding and perception of CSR concept in both hotels, improve internal communication for employees, and use all modern communication tools and channels for communicating information about CSR activities. These measures will lead to increased loyalty and strengthening the company's competitiveness.

Analysis, design and implementation of CRM solutions for selected company
Ilavský, Dávid ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Šedivá, Zuzana (referee)
Bachelor thesis focuses on the area of information systems, which are used to support customer relationship management in companies. The main objective of this work is to provide a sample of solution for CRM system implementation for real customer from the banking sector. The first part defines basic functional areas of any CRM application. Each of these areas is described in more detail in terms of its primary use and tasks that within the CRM as a whole performs. Further is described the analytical area of CRM application (or Customer Intelligence), which is gradually playing a key role in the entire CRM system in past few years. It includes its potential uses in various fields. At the end of the theoretical part, the author compares the fundamental differences between cloud model of deployment and traditional on-premise solution. The practical part focuses on the main objective of the thesis and description of the supplied solution in the form of a module, which extends the existing CRM application with the option for business partners registration of Hypoteční banka, a. s. and ČSOB Pojišťovna, centralized in one system. The requirement is build in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and as the source system it is used CRM system of Hypoteční banka, a. s..

Policy development and implementation: case study of social housing
Hradecká, Tereza ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Kučera, František (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the process of creation and implementation of public policy which is examined on the social housing policy. The aim of this thesis is to explore how is a certain policy prepared and put into use, considering the social housing policy as an example. Therefore, the key research question inquires how the process of creation and implementation of public policy looks like. The first chapter of the thesis deals with theoretical background of the public policy process, stressing the role of public policy documents. The second chapter describes the area of Czech social politics and policy as a cover for social housing policy development. The third chapter examines the history of Czech housing policies. The final chapter focuses on the development of social housing policy and examines its connections with certain public policy documents.