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Evaluation Report of Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories 2016
Vyčítalová, Hana ; Charvátová, Michaela
Evaluation od the 9th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories.
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May Textbooks be Replaced by Grey Literature? : OER (Open Educational Resources) in Service of Open Education
Kováčová, Tamara
There is significant trend among “open” initiatives for support of open education during last decade. Important part of open education is OER (open educational resources). The best practices will be explored. What are OER? How OER can (not) emerge? How OER can (not) be found? How are (not) OER used? What are exact benefit of OER usage in education? How build on those advantages?
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General Data Protection Regulation and its Impact on Grey Literature
Koščík, Michal
In April 2016, the European commission adopted a new General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation is based on fundamental principles of the existing legislation and elaborates it further into the set of rather detailed legal instructions. The suggested paper aims to summarize the parts of the new regulation that are most relevant for operators of gray literature repositories, who will have to adapt within the next two years. The paper will focus on the issues of consent to the processing of personal data, the legal regime of processing personal data without the consent of the data subjects, the data subject’s right to information as well as the legal regime of acquisition of personal data by third parties and exercise of the newly formulated right to be forgotten.
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Text and Data Mining of Grey Literature for the Purpose of Scientific Research
Myška, Matěj
The paper explores the legal possibilities of users to text and data mine repositories of grey literature for scientific research without the consent of the GL repository operator and right holders of the documents contained therein. Firstly the scope of the respective copyright and sui generis database rights exceptions for scientifi c research is analyzed. Secondly the term “scientific research” and its meaning in the regulatory instruments is explored. Lastly the debated mandatory exception for TDM for scientific research is introduced.
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How to Use the National Repository of Grey Literature
Vyčítalová, Hana
This presentation about the National Repository of Grey Literature was intended for students of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.
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Grey Literature 2.0
Simandlová, Tereza
The paper tries to describe grey literature in the context of platforms and tools of the web 2.0. We can follow up that increasing trends in the scientific communication are e.g. microblogging, scientific blogging and there are also scientific social networks in the distribution cycle of grey literature. Except the examples of grey literature 2.0, the paper also discusses the problems of the promotion of grey literature and grey literature community through the social media.
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National Repository of Grey Literature in 2012
Pejšová, Petra
National Repository of Grey Literature (NRGL) was established within a project which was successfully completed in 2011. Since 2012, the operation of NRGL is part of the standard service of National Technical Library. The paper will summarize the activities, news and researched issues in 2012.
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