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The draft of the management plan for selected area
Velká Homolka (Great Homolka) Hill is located near the town of Vimperk in the south bohemian region of the Czech Republic. It is characterized by its predominantly southern exposure with the presence short-straw flat grassland communities with scattered bushes. The presence of important and protected species of insects and other animal groups assigned to this biotope is significant for this area. The territory is still not legally protected. A local NGO takes care of this site. It manages the area according to botanical and entomological surveys carried out in 2009. This work provides further description of the site in terms of different natural characteristics, provides a description of the results of (botanical, entomological, ornithological, etc.) surveys carried out for purposes of this work in 2013, and proposes a management plan that can serve as a basis for declaring this area as a SPAs according to the Czech legislation. Equally important significance of the plan is also the fact that it can serve as a guide how to manage this site properly and how to improve the state of the protected subject.

Assessment of Present Condition of Forestry Recultivated Dump of Company ČLZ Nové Strašecí from Point of View on Creation of Anthropogenic Soil.
Semanová, Soňa ; Sixta, Jan (advisor) ; Vít, Vít (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of condition of taken forestry reclamation on the outer overburden dump in open-cast quarry of ČLUZ company. The reclamation is evaluated mainly from the point of view of presence and thickness of A0 humus horizon of anthropogenic soil and it also deals with the present condition of forestry reclamation taken on a plateau of overburden dump Babín. The present condition is evaluated on the basis of reclamation generel study which was taken in 1995 by professor Jonáš. The final evaluation of condition of forestry reclamation was carried out on the basis of comparison of vegetation state on the plateau of overburden dump and vegetation in Mšecké Žehrovice cadastral area.

The Diaries of Josef Taschek (1914-1920)
TALÍŘ, Vladimír
A theme of mutual Czech-German relations in Bohemia remains in spite of a growing interest of historiographers, especially in two last decades, an area which includes a lot of unknown spaces all the time. These conditions concern a bilateral coexistence between Czech and German inhabitants in České Budějovice, too. The town had bordered on a zone of a continuous German settlement, creating a broad belt from Šumava's foothills to Novohradské Hory in South Bohemia and an Austrian region of Waldviertel by the year 1945. The town itself had to begin facing a public life's radicalization, causing by a strengthening nationalism on both the Czech and the German side. A merchant Josef Taschek who held a portreeve's office from 1903 to a proclamation of the independent Czech state in the year 1918, became a leading individuality at the German camp from the last quarter of the 19th century. His daily-notes are deposited in the State Archive in České Budějovice and represent, according to a stint of archive sources for a life of a local German society, very valuable testament whose part an author of the construed bachelor work has decided to dispark and explicate in the event's context of that time.

Nato in View of Czech Public
Červenka, Jan
According to January survey 65 % of Czechs see existence of Nato as necessary today, only 14 % think that Nato is useless. 60 % of Czechs evaluate recent expansion of Nato in region of Eastern and South-eastern Europe as good, 19 % see this step as bad. But contrary to this attitude, Czech public rather oppose incorporation of Ukraine (34 % yes, 39 % no) and Georgia (28 % yes, 43 % no) into Nato.

Report for the Project Optimization of Supercritical Fluid Extraction for Maximal Yield of Biologically Active Substances from Plants
Sovová, Helena ; Sajfrtová, Marie ; Pavela, R. ; Karban, Jindřich ; Bárnet, M.
Savory, caraway, peppermint, lavander and ruta were selected out of more than twenty plants as the best resources of biologically active substances soluble in supercritical CO2 and effective against pest insect. Lethal doses and antifeedant activity of plant extracts against four model insect species were evaluated. Chemical composition of isolates was determined using GC and GC-MS. Two novel methods were used to examine relation between the composition and the acute toxicity of isolates.

Seismic Loading of Medieval Mine Jeronym near Čista in 2008 and Distributed Measuring System
Kaláb, Zdeněk ; Knejzlík, Jaromír ; Kukutsch, Radovan ; Lednická, Markéta ; Rambouský, Zdeněk ; Dombková, Anna ; Makovský, Jaroslav
Výzkumná zpráva navazuje na zprávu z loňského roku a popisuje dokončení vybudování distribuovaného měřicího systému. Ve zprávě je podrobně hodnoceno seizmické zatížení důlního díla v roce 2008, zvláště s ohledem na seizmický roj na Kraslicku. Představeny jsou také výsledky studia povrchových útvarů – pinek.

Nové generace sídel
Zhuravlyova, Yelena
Over the years, evry major city turns into a knot of intractable problems: overpopulation, traffic jams, declining of ecological situation. Some countries make a faster conversion from an industrial development to an information age, than the infrastructural changes take place. For example, in Asia change the situation in traditional ways is virtually impossible. Because of that it is a modern trend to build new cities almost in the open field. In 2010 in the city of Lisbon took place of the presentation of a new, this time “portuguese” eco-city project, called PlanIT Valley. According to the plans of the organizers the city will be a model of settlements of a new generation, which won’t pollute the environment, and will be almost completely autonomous.

Analysis and design of use of former residential buildings in Nové Sady Street in Brno
Dufková, Kateřina ; Šebesta, Petr (referee) ; Šmahel, Milan (advisor)
The submitted thesis deals with a specific case of dilapidated buildings on Nové sady streetin Brno, Czech Republic, which belongs to the so called "brownfields". The goal of the thesis is to undertake necessary analyses so that the best way of future utilization of these buildings can be defined and, with a respect to the surrounding buildings, a proposal of other suitable objects prepared. At the end, evaluation of the entire project is done. A also mention some potential benefits of the proposed solution - for the immovable properties owners as well as for the neighborhood.