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Selected socio-economic indicators in the Czech Republic and their comparison with selected EU countries
ZÍTKOVÁ, Pavlína
The subject of this work is the approximation and explanation of methods of evaluation of economic variables using indicators and their systems. The thesis also uses a method of a multi-parametric comparison of the indicators. In the thesis are described the individual indicators, then the methods of their evaluation and the creation of the multi-parametric comparison. The thesis deals also with the harmonization of economic statistics and the definition of the assessed area. For practical use, indicators are then selected: Gross Domestic Product, Labor Productivity, Unit Costs, Unemployment Rate, Real Effective Rates, R & D expediture and Human Resources in Science and Technology. Selected indicators are evaluated from a time and space point of view. Furthermore, a method of the multi-parametric comparison was performed for these four indicators: GDP per capita, unemployment rate, R & D expenditure and unit labor costs. The analysis of the indicators shows that currently the economies of all selected countries are growing. Despite the EU's similarity efforts, there are major differences between economies. The great potential for further economic development is technological progress. The way states deals with this opportunity, it can decide on their future development.
Endangered groups at the labour market, employment of prisoners in Czech republic in 2014
Hrubcová, Lucie ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Barák, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis is focused on endangered groups at the labour market, especially on employments of prisoners. Theoretical part is composed of the description of the characteristics of labour market, unemployment and there is also a list of threatened groups at labour market. This part is completed by statistics. The practical part is analyzing employments of prisoners during their imprisonment. For this analysis was used a survey for employers, for who prisoners from Opava prison were working in 2014. There were also a interview with prisoners and SWOT analysis was made. According to hypothesis of this paper employment of prisoners is good for employers and for prisoners as well. Based on the data analysis, which I have collected, the hypothesis can be confirmed. For employers is employment of prisoners good especially for convenient economic aspect and for prisoners appreciate that they get in touch with people, earn some money and time in prison flows much faster. Issue of these days is how to deal with decreasing number of prisoners who are able to work outside the prison gate.
Unemployment in Terms of Choice of Political Parties
Hromádko, Martin ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Durdisová, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis deals with the relationship between unemployment and the electoral results of the political parties in the Czech Republic. For this purpose data on election results for individual political parties and available economic and demographic data from the electoral districts of the Czech Republic from 1996 -- 2010 are analyzed. Data are analyzed by using a linear regression model, which is estimated using ordinary least squares method. The results confirm the apparent relationship between electoral results and the unemployment rate in the districts, which significantly increases the electoral support of the left-wing parties and hurts right-wing. The thesis also found some support for the theory of economic voting and there is evidence that an increase in unemployment in the short term of one year before the election reduces support for incumbent parties. This dependence, however, is clearly demonstrated only in the case of left-wing government and not as obvious in the case of right-wing government.
The minimum wage in the Czech Republic and European Union
Štípková, Aneta ; Pavelka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Sirůček, Pavel (referee)
The aim of my work is mainly to capture the evolution of statutory minimum wages and unemployment in the European Union and determine whether and under what situations can affect unemployment. The Thesis describes the establishment and gradual extension of the minimum wage over the world. In additional, I deal with legal regulation and its mechanism of implementation of the EU, the Czech Republic is always devoted a separate chapter. Completes the entire Thesis description and subsequent analysis of the impact of minimum wages on employment.
Long - term unemployment in the ditrict České Budějovice
Long {--} term unemployment is one of long {--} standing problems of the market economy. This Bachelor thesis follows the topic of long {--} term unemployment in the district České Budějovice and describes its development from 2005 to 2009. In the first part of the thesis we find a definition and a characteristic of unemployment, long {--} term unemployment and terms related with it. There is decribed dividing of unemployment, its reasons even consequences. There are characterized even particular instruments of active employment policy, which are used. The next part of this thesis I devote analysis of statistical data relating with unemployment in the district České Budějovice. I describe the development of the situation at employment market in a given region and I judge shortly even efficiency of usage of instruments of active employment policy in particular years of the period 2005 {--} 2009. In the end I sum finding of facts.

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