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Musical ethnography of the creative collective SDBS
Poskočilová, Lucie ; Zdrálek, Vít (advisor) ; Kratochvíl, Matěj (referee)
This work presents the musical ethnographic research of the activities of the independent Prague-based community sdbs, which focuses on the organization of concerts and music festivals. The sdbs creative collective (that is the whole title of the group) appears at the "alternative" culture scene in the year 2010. Since then, the collective organised many concerts and music festivals, but it especially focuses on the organisation of two of them: Ruins of Intolerance and Psy-High. The sdbs collective is an intellectual group which strongly conceptualizes and theorizes its activities, a tendency that shows most prominently in the case of the two above mentioned festivals, a fact that informs my decision to focus my analysis on them During my research, I especially emphasise on the collective's activities in the field of music production. Through it, I try to understand the specific musical elements that I define as typical for this sphere of music. My endeavor is to describe specific musical activities through observation and insider experience and (based on interviews with the persons involved) to understand and interpret the mental concepts in the background of the activity being described. I use the anthropological model of Allan P. Merriam as a framework for my research, keeping track of three...
Marcus Aurelius and The Meditations
Wolf, Edita ; Thein, Karel (advisor) ; Mikeš, Vladimír (referee)
The classification of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius as a spiritual exercise by Pierre Hadot has been widely accepted and exerts a strong influence on any interpretation of the text. However, such genre categorization is by itself an interpretative choice excluding other possible readings. The present thesis offers a new reading of the Meditations based on Gilles Deleuze's interpretation of stoicism and on his philosophy of event. This reading avoids any genre classification and focuses instead on the text itself by analyzing the changes of linguistic person. The Deleuzian interpretation of linguistic person and his concept of event allow for explanation of this particular feature of the Meditations and thus for addressing the problem of person and individual in stoic philosophy. Furthermore, the Deleuzian framework makes it possible to explore significant, but up to now marginalized themes recurring in the text that are directly linked to the problem of individuation - non-tragic theatre and death.
The education of children in the area of fire protection and protection of the population
Pavlíková, Vendula ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Education of children in the area of fire protection and civil protection. Objectives: The first aim of this thesis is to describe and analyze the methodology, which is designed to teach preventive educational activities in the field of fire protection and the protection of the population in the Czech Republic. The second objective of this thesis is to apply to students selected primary schools lecture program Hasík com and achieve mutual cooperation between trained instructors, elementary school students and teachers. The third objective of the thesis proposes small changes in individual subjects teaching lecture program Hasík cz. Methods: The investigation was focused on selected primary schools. Using lectures and model situations, it was examined whether students are able to prevent incidents and whether they can do the basic principles of behavior during the incident. We compared the differences in education, primary education and second stage of basic education. Furthermore, we compared what is the interest for selected primary schools to teach preventive educational activities in the field of fire protection and the protection of the population in 2010 and 2011. Results: Based disassembled methodology, which was designed to teach preventive educational activities in the field of fire...
Directional creation by Frank Castorf
Pavlíčková, Aneta ; Augustová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis is dealing with the work of German director and intendant of Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz theatre in Berlin, Frank Castorf (born 1951). The thesis is focusing on the characteristic features of Castorf's directing method and on the subject of politics in his current plays in Volksbühne theatre. In the thesis there are two plays being analysed: Kean ou Désordre et Génie. Comédie en cinq actes par Alexandre Dumas et "Die Hamletmaschine" par Heiner Müller (premiere: 6. 11. 2008) a Das Duell (premiere: 27. 3. 2013). Castorf's work is being investigated in terms of postdramatical theatre and performance aesthetics. The firts part of the thesis is focusing on Castorf's method of adapting and rearranging dramatical and literary texts. The second part deals with the director's concept of actor's physical being on stage. The last chapter looks into Castrof's work with video projections and live streaming in his plays and deals with the matter of distinguishing the real body presence of an actor on stage and his reflection in the electronic projections. Castrof's work concept is mainly being analysed from the point of the viewer's perception. The bachelor thesis shows that political dimension of Castorf's work doesn't depend only on textual expression but also on the...
Court interpreting as a communication process
Švábová, Kateřina ; Jettmarová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Čeňková, Ivana (referee)
The aim of this study is to contribute to the existing knowledge about court interpreting in the Czech Republic, focusing on court interpreting as a communication process. The study brings an overview of findings on court interpreting in both the international and Czech context, particularly regarding the definition of court interpreting, its professionalization, institutionalisation, academisation and the fields of research. It subsequently details the specific issues regarding court interpreting in the Czech Republic, i.e. the entities connected with court interpreting, formal conditions of working as a court interpreter, the relevant legislation and ethical codex in the field of court interpreting, the court interpreter's job in practice and a focus on interpreting during criminal trials. Furthermore, the study looks into communicative situations, forms of interpreting, the process of the trial in criminal procedures and the participants in communicative events. The core part of the study includes three case studies conducted on the basis of authentic recordings and the transcription of relevant parts of the interpreted trials in criminal procedures. Each case study consists of a communicative situation analysis, contrastive structural analysis and pragmatic and interaction analysis. These...
Actors in the transformation process of hospitals into joint stock companies in the Slovak Republic (2010-2011)
Baranková, Soňa ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Kotrusová, Miriam (referee)
This thesis is focused on the transformation of hospitals into joint stock companies from 2010 to the end of 2011. It is primarily aimed at actors, their actions, positions, attitudes and interests in this process. Furthermore, it is concerned with the question of the public vs. private interests in terms of health protection, ensuring the availability and quality of healthcare. The transformation process of hospitals and the position of actors is explained by the combination of economic and public policy theory - neoliberalism, economic globalization, New Public Management and Advocacy Coalition Framework. We explain actions, attitudes and interests of actors in the transformation process of hospitals by using research methods such as an analysis of selected events in health care and research of actors' actions. These research methods are based on different methods of data collecting such as semi-structured and informal interviews, a questionnaire survey and the study of secondary sources. The main aim of this thesis is an analysis of the transformation process of hospitals into joint stock companies in context of selected events in health policy, with a focus on research of actors' actions, attitudes and interests in this process. Keywords hospitals, transformation, actors, joint stock company,...
The Conception of Subject in the Philosophy of Ladislav Hejdánek
Dostál, Václav ; Karfíková, Lenka (advisor) ; Němec, Václav (referee)
Philosopher Ladislav Hejdánek (*1927) comes up with an idea that every subject is an event taking place in time. Moreover, not only an animal or a plant is taken to be a subject, but a cellule, a molecule, an atom or a subatomic particle as well. A subject is not formed "from outside", too - it is established in order to achieve a continuity within a series of actions and it is constituted "from below" by the very actions for which the formation of a subject is attractive and desirable. The thesis wants to show why and how Ladislav Hejdánek comes to this conception of subject and what consequences flow from it. In addition to published texts, the thesis builds upon Hejdánek's "diaries of ideas", still unpublished, nearly everyday records from a number of decades that Archive of Ladislav Hejdánek has been looking after and successively digitizing.
Additional Options of the ECCAIRS capabilities at national level
Durchan, Vladimír ; Hodaň, Viktor (referee) ; Chlebek, Jiří (advisor)
The focus of this diploma thesis is a development of a proposal for the modification of the reporting mandatory and voluntary occurrances on the national basis. In the first part of this thesis is describtion database system ECCAIRS and also describtion of the legislation which relates to the reporting of occurrances, specifically Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council. Second part of this diploma thesis is about the description of the proposed solutions to improve reporting system of occurrances. Second part also includes creation of the form for reporting occurrances.
Narrating an event: Representation of East German revolution 1989 in novel "Helden wie wir" and the historical monography "Die revolution von 1989 in der DDR"
Smyčka, Václav ; Weinberg, Manfred (advisor) ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (referee)
This work deals with the techniques of historical and counterfactual representation of East German revolution 1989 in the novel Helden wie wir and the historical monograph Endspiel: Die Revolution von 1989 in der DDR. The work describes the functions of the techniques by a narratological and hermeneutical approach. The analysis is focused on the transformations of historical and subjective time in the specific time of narratives.
The Multiplicity of Being: The Ontology of Alain Badiou
Pivoda, Tomáš ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kouba, Petr (referee) ; Pechar, Jiří (referee)
Tomáš Pivoda, The Multiplicity of Being: The Ontology of Alain Badiou PhD thesis Abstract The thesis introduces for the first time in the Czech philosophical context the ontology of the French philosopher Alain Badiou, as he set it out in his fundamental work Being and Event (L'être et l'événement, 1988). It first presents the starting point of Badiou's philosophy as well as the reasons of his identification of ontology with the set theory, and it points out Badiou's importance for contemporary philosophy, especially for the so called speculative realism around Quentin Meillassoux. The main axis of the exposition is then built around Badiou's four fundamental "Ideas": the multiplicity, the event, the truths and the subject, in connection with which it is shown how Badiou constructs his conceptual apparatus out of individual axioms of the set theory, whereby he follows the basic formal definition of multiplicity based on the operator . In connection with∈ the first Idea of multiplicity, the thesis exposes - with references to Martin Heidegger and Plato - Badiou's conceptual transposition of the couple one/multiple on the couple existence/being and defines the fundamental concepts of his ontology - the situation, the presentation, the representation and the void, with the help of which Badiou interprets...

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