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Pochopit vteřinu. Prožívání času v české kultuře 19. století
Hrdina, Martin ; Piorecká, Kateřina ; Bendová, E.
Tématem plzeňského sympozia pro rok 2018 je čas – jeho význam pro člověka a společnost dlouhého 19. století. Modernizační procesy, jimiž se toto historické období vyznačuje, vedly k potlačení cyklického vnímání času ve prospěch linearity. Čas a jeho reflexe se z mysli filozofů a vědců přesunuly do každodenního života většiny lidí. Sympozium se těmto tématům věnovalo na základě otázek, které jsou v současnosti aktuální pro výzkum této problematiky z hlediska humanitních a sociálních věd.
Time perspective and procrastination in college students
Böhm, Tomáš ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the time orientation of students of higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and to examine the links of the relevant perspective to the degree of the procrastinational behavior of the individual. The theoretical framework of the thesis focuses on a comprehensive presentation of the time perspective concept, especially in terms of the multidimensional approach of P. Zimbard, including the relevant diagnostic tool. Furthermore, the thesis describes the current phenomenon of procrastination in the concept of individual psychological directions and specific forms of procrastination. Based on the synthesis of the above-mentioned concepts, the study describes previous studies dealing with the interrelationships of procrastination and the creation of timeframes, whose specific elements represent the meritorious content of an empirical study of this work. For the correlation research, an extended version of the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory questionnaire is used in the time perspective, which, unlike previous research, will allow a detailed analysis of the potential presence of completely new relationships. To diagnose procrastination, the research probe uses the Procrastination Scale for Students questionnaire which, when compared...
Complications of systemic thrombolysis in patients with stroke
Drbohlavová, Šárka ; Di Cara, Veronika (advisor) ; Kulhavá, Miluše (referee)
Strokes are one of the most serious diseases that often lead to permanent disability and in some cases even to death. Currently, widely available treatment by intravenous thrombolysis is recommended. The objectives of this diploma thesis are to analyse complications that may arise for patients with iCMP treated by intravenous system thrombolysis, to define the role of a nurse in ICU in terms of taking care of this group of patients, and to map all the factors influencing the result of the treatment. In order to obtain the data necessary, combined research method has been applied. The quantitative part was retrospectively evaluated based on SITS Registry data. The research part comprised of patients, to whom IVT was applied between January 2014 and December 2015. The subjects of the analysis were treatment complications, gender of patients treated by IVT, risk factors present, time data, and heaviness of the deficit before the treatment and after. Furthermore, we observed where is the patient released to after IVT and how many patients are able to stay in home environments three months after the treatment. Qualitative part of the investigation was evaluated based on half-structured interviews with the nurses working in ICUs for highly specialized care for patients with stroke. We observed their...
The Book of Qohelet in the Context of Ancient Philosophy
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze The Book of Qohelet in the Context of Ancient Philosophy. The first part of the thesis introduces the book itself, focusing on its title, authorship, place of origin and defining themes in particular. The thesis continues with a basic characteristic of four ancient philosophies: the philosophy of 6th and 5th century BC and its main herald, Heraclitus, the Aristotle philosophy and Hellenistic philosophy, namely Stoicism and Epicureanism. What follows is the comparison of the listed philosophies and the book itself. The thesis concentrates on finding similarities between the book and those contemporary philosophies. It also hopes to answer the question of whether the influential parts of those philosophies are somehow reflected in the book itself.
Existentialism and its conception of man
The diploma thesis examines the specific work of Albert Camus and Gabriel Marcel, focusing on the question of human values. The aim is to show two forms of existential philosophy concerning human existence in their chosen dramas. The work is divided into chapters. In the first chapter we can find the basic characteristics of existentialism and its development. The second and third chapter deals with Camus' and Marcel's conception of philosophy. In these chapters will present the Camus' problem of suicide, revolt, absurd and sense of being. In the case of Marcel will be dealt with the issue of duality of being and have, relationship I-You, love, hope, death, freedom and faith. Diploma thesis results in subsequent chapters where you can find comparison existential themes in the works of authors.
Ceramics pictures (cycle)
Dissertation deals with the flow of time and it's influence on the adhesion of memories in mind in terms of the philosophy of Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze. Dissetration has two parts- theoretical and practical. The practical part deals with memory of the current time shown on the silkscreen ceramic tiles.
Game pace in tennis at Wimbledon 2017
Šiman, Jakub ; Carboch, Jan (advisor) ; Kočíb, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Game pace in tennis at Wimbledon 2017 Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to find out what the game pace was for men at Wimbledon 2017, and to compare the difference in game pace from matches in the first rounds to matches in the final rounds of the tournament (the semifinal and final). Methods: The methods used in this thesis are indirect observation and system notation analysis. When evaluating the overall average of all variables from 7 matches, the number of players was N=12, with an average placement of M=45,09 ± 38,09. The monitored variables were rally time, time out length and the number of hits. The game pace was calculated from the time out length and the number of hits. The relationship load was evaluated from the rally time and the number of hits. Results: The average game pace is 1,27s. The average rally length is 5,33s, the average number of hits is 5,47 and the average time between rallies is 18,9s. In this thesis, the first rounds of Wimbledon 2017 were compared to the final rounds of the tournament, with the average pace being 0,14s faster in the final rounds. The average rally length was 1,85s shorter in the final rounds, the average number of played balls was 1,05 bigger in the first rounds, and the average time between rallies was 0,65s longer in the semifinals...
Krajobraz odrazu
Tesařová, Anna ; Helia De Felice, Jennifer (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Work concerned in landscape and motion in landscape. I want to focus on the way how am I mirroring in landscape and how is landscape mirroring in me. In the proces of work there will be actions reflecting these themes (occasionally with other people or just by myself). These actions will be recorded (in a varied ways). Later I will proceed from it to make the final series of scenes from those records.

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