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Diverzita makrozoobentosu v Evropsky významné lokalitě výskytu raka kamenáče (Austropotamobius torrentium)
The "Zákolanský potok" takes part in European nature program Special Area of Conservation because of the presence of stone crayfish (Austropotamobius torentium), which is listed as threatened species. The area around brook is intensively agriculturally cultivated. Water from wastewater treatments plants is drained to the local brooks. The aim of the work was to describe diversity of macrozoobenthos on the brook called "Zákolanský potok". Further aim was to evaluate the ecological condition of the watercourse using biotic indexes. The samples of macrobenthos were taken from three profiles in five sampling periods. Profile 1 was control, profile 2 was under the wastewater treatments plants and the third profile was placed down the stream. Diversity, biomass, saprobic index, BMWP, and ASTP scores were evaluated for the community of macrozoobenthos. The saprobic index was evaluated to the beta-mezosaprobity value (2.0-2.4) in the first profile, the saprobic index on the second profile showed a relatively wide range from worse oligosaprobity to worse beta-mesosaprobity (1.2-2.4). On the third profile, the saprobic index ranged from better beta-mesosaprobity to better alpha-mesosaprobity (1.6-2.6). The BMWP and ASPT scores in all profiles refer to medium to low quality aquatic environments. The diversity of the community gained the best values on the 3rd profile, here was found with one more taxon than on the 1st profile. With increasing organic load, diversity decreased on the 2nd profile, although a more sensitive species was found here.
Impact of urbanization on ecological status of the Smržovský creek
Polák, Michal ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
This thesis handle with the ecological status of Smržovka stream, respectively handle with change of the ecological state of stream due to urbanization. Smržovka stream, concretely the right tributary of significant river Kamenice Jizerské hory Mountains rises in the Jizerské hory Mountains protected landscape area, which is almost intact due to water pollution and gradually flows through an urbanized area with a relatively high level of infrastructure and sources of pollution. For the ecological status assessment of stream were used the following three indicators: hydromorphological mapping, physico-chemical water analysis and evaluation of biological components of makrozoobenthos in terms of saprobity. The work provides information on water quality in the stream with that this unique data can be the basis for the study of other small streams that spring in urban mountainous areas.
The diversity of macrozoobenthos in a stream affected by an outfall of a treated wastewater from wastewater treatment plant
The aim of this work was to evaluate the diversity of macrozoobenthos at Živný stream. This stream flows through the town of Prachatice, where outfall of the town's wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) flown into it. Sampling was carried out in 4 profiles; C, U, E and R, each in five different dates during the year 2015. Saprobic index and Shannon-Wiener diversity index were calculated based on abundance and biomass of macroinvertebrate community. Neither biomass nor abundance did not show any significant differences among sampling profiles. On the contrary the values of saprobic index and diversity index differed significantly among sampling sites (p < 0.05). Highest average value of abundance and biomass of macrozoobenthos was reached above the outfall of WWTP in profile U (2068 ? 1712 ind.m-2), while the lowest average value of abundance was found in profile E under the outfall of WWTP (925 ? 781 ind.m-2). The biomass of macrozoobenthos community was the lowest in the profile R (4.25 g.m-2). The saprobic index ranged from 1.55 to 2.32. These values correspond to betamesosaprobity which reveals that the creek contains moderately to medium organically polluted water. The diversity index was highest in sampling profile C (H' = 2.59), on the contrary in the following profile U, which was placed in the town above the WWTP, the diversity index was lowest (H' = 1.52).
Monitoring of 0+ juvenile fish communities in selected Moravian rivers
Monitoring of 0+ juvenile fish communities was realized in years 2012 and 2013 in 39 localities in 25 selected Moravian rivers. It was realized in collaboration with Povodí Moravy SOE research workers. The aim of this diploma thesis was to conduct a survey of 0+ juvenile fish communities and evaluate basic attributes of these ichthyocenosis (species richness, biodiversity, equitability, abundance and domiance). Secondary aim was the evalutation od hydromorphological conditions and water quality based on data provided by Povodí Moravy SOE. This monitoring was realized using the mobile FEG 1500 electrofishing device. The electrofishing crew moved upstream using continuous fishing strategy. Each locality was selected by highly experienced research workers of Povodí Moravy SOE. Caught fish were determined immediately and carefully retruned to the stream. In total there was present 28 0+ juvenile fish species. The most frequent was chub (Leuciscus cephalus, 23 localities), gudgeon (Gobio gobio, 19 localities) and roach (Rutilus rutilus, 19 localities). In 13 localities occured the fish fry of barbel (Barbus barbus) wich is positive surprise due to its sensitivity to water pollution. In contrast the massive presence of round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in some localities was an unpleasant finding. 4 localities were without fish fry. This survey has observed increasing trend of biodiversity depending on improving of hydromorphological status while the abundance showed almost no diference. Saprobic index of 0+ juvenilie fish community increased with deteriorating of water quality which could mean that the fish fry is relatively reliable indicator of water quality. The results of this diploma thesis could be used in documenting of Moravian streams and in comparisson with another monitorings in these localities.

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