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Ceiling concrete slab over the tank of sewage treatment plant
Laurinyeczová, Erika ; Šulák, Pavel (referee) ; Strnad, Jiří (advisor)
The work deals with the analysis of a multi-field reinforced concrete slab, which is located above the chambers of a wastewater treatment plant. The slab is reinforced by a pair of mutually perpendicular ribs. The ribs are located under the support walls of the object, which is located above the slab. The aim of this work is to design and assess the slab for ultimate and serviceability limit state. The internal forces were determined on a spatial model of the joist slab using SCIA Engineer. At the same time, there was a manual calculation performed. Due to the asymmetric geometry of the slab, a comparison of the results and an assessment of the suitability or unsuitability of a simplified manual calculation for such a type of construction was performed.
Roof construction of extinguishing systems
Mikulincová, Denisa ; Šulák, Pavel (referee) ; Požár, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the assessment of the existing reinforced concrete structure of the roof on the fire extinguishing facility. The analysis is performed using the Scia Engineer program. A new design is also proposed. Roofing is done with a ribbed board. Part of the thesis is also an analysis of the possibilities of solving ribbed boards in the Scia Engineer program.
Static solution of reinforced concrete structure
Mašek, Petr ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Zlámal, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with study of feasibility of waterpark monolithic reinforced concrete structure with roof terrace. This structure has one underground floor, which has water park utility function and two above ground floors. On the roof is terrace with grass, mobile bar and with space to relax. Subject of this diploma thesis is the main loadbearing frame, which has span 32 m. The structure is assessed according to limit states of valid norms and also takes into account construction stages and time dependent analysis. The structure is calculated on beam and slab-plate structural models. Structural analysis and general drawings are done.
The reinforced concrete structure of elementary school
Benešová, Lenka ; Hrubý, Tomáš (referee) ; Požár, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the design and evaluation of the concrete monolithic ceiling slab in the shape of semicircular ring, ribs lining this plate and skylights. The result is static calculation and drawing documentation.
Highway bridge over the II/464 road
Mezera, David ; Koláček, Jan (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The content of the thesis is to solve the relocation of the II / 464 road. It is a bridge with one field of post-tensioned concrete. 3 studies were designed, one of which was elaborated within the framework of this thesis. Was selected option no. 3 double plate-grinder construction. The static model was created in Scia Engineer 2.15 and reports were processed manually, according to EC. The effects of wind, snow, acceleration and braking forces have been neglected.
Bridge on the II/369 road
Gratza, Jonáš ; Požár, Michal (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The content of the thesis is solved by a road bridge on one span. The bridge is on the road II / 369 across the river Branná. In this work we were drawn from three studies which option was selected No.1. It is post-tensioned plate-grinder construction. Static model with Load Model and its effects was solved in Scia Engineer 15.2. Opinion are processed manually, according to EC. Wind load, snow and horizontal forces from traffic were neglected.
New family house in Poříčí nad Sázavou
Figuli, Juraj ; Perla, Jan (referee) ; Koláček, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis involves design and assessment of the supporting elements of a two-storey family house ceiling construction. The slab components are pairs of beams and translations. I have choose two variants of solution for a long span elements. The first variant includes reinforced concrete elements only and in the second one prestress is used for beams, because of reducing construction height requirements. The basic model was evaluate by the calculation program Scia Engineer 2013, so I made 2D model of a slab in the program and joined 1D elements to the slab like a ribs. Selected prestress reduces a construction height, so it matches the desired appearance.
Optimization of an aircraft wing rib
Kopřiva, Lubomír ; Suchánek, Miroslav (referee) ; Petruška, Jindřich (advisor)
Topology optimization is a method providing new direction in designing of a technical objects. The aim of topology optimization is to find optimal distribution of material in design space. This diploma thesis is focused on optimization of aircraft wing rib num.6 of the airplane EV-55 using a software HW/Optistruct 7.0 implemented in a software package HyperWorks 7.0. The optimization of the rib was calculated under four different load cases. Resulting shapes of the rib were then tested by strenght calculations in software ANSYS 10.0. Finally, the obtained data of weights of optimized ribs were compared with the weight of the original rib.
Residential House ERASMUS, Brno
Kolibač, Radek ; Jeneš, Rostislav (referee) ; Podroužková, Božena (advisor)
The objective of this thesis was to design and check typical elements of the 5th storey of monolithic reinforced concrete structure of residential building. Horizontal load-bearing structure consists of a continuous slab of six fields with reinforcing ribs, which are located under the building envelope, bidirectional slab simply supported, further staircase beam and lintels in the corridors and loggias. Vertical structures consist of walls and columns.
Welding of reinforcing steel bars
Bogar, Radek ; Geryk, Pavel (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
Radek Bogar: Welding of reinforcing steel bars Bachelor's degree Bachelor thesis, 2010/2011, FSI VUT Brno, Institute of Engineering Technology, Department of welding and surface treatment, a course in B-STI Mechanical Engineering degree program B3S-P Engineering, May 2011 str. 49, obr. 42, tab. 12, annex 2. This thesis, developed in an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, is focused on the manufacture and welding of reinforcing steel bars, especially for individual types of structural welds, welding methods to be used, production testing and evaluation. The work consists of literary studies of the theoretical foundations of the production of concrete and welding steel bars, their design and use for purposes of concrete structures. Part of this work is the suggestion of additional material and WPS.

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