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Pfeiferová, Andrea ; Zeman, Karel (advisor) ; Krebs, Vojtěch (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze models of financing health care and compare the systems of health care. Rising health care costs, increasing labour costs for higher payments to health care system have been discussed whether the funding of ongoing health care system is sustainable. The theoretical part focuses on the existing models of health care and mechanisms, under which systems of health care are structured. The analytical work will discuss models used in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. These systems are among a few basic models, which can be found principles of behaviour, which may be recommendation and advice to other systems of health care. Firstly thesis shows the mechanisms and principles of individual models. Further, it shows financing of these models and associated advantages and shortages of the systems. Then these models will be compared with the system of health care in the Czech Republic. Finally, the possible alternatives will be presented, which can be inspiration for Czech health care system for its further development and possible reform health care financing in the Czech Republic.
Analysis of corruption in health
Dupalová, Veronika ; Běláčková, Vendula (advisor) ; Durdisová, Jaroslava (referee)
This BA thesis deals with influence of corruption on number of competitors in relation to detection of final price of public order in medical service. The academic part defines concept of the word "corruption", its legal framework, kinds of corruption, possibilities of corruption measurement, control system of public competition etc. The second part of the thesis is an analysis of public order efficiency with the aid of regressive model. For the intention of the BA thesis, 223 public orders executed in the Czech republic during 2006-2009 period were choosen in random way with use of variable quantities - entering price, final price, number of offerors etc. The thesis attemps to confirm presumption of relation between explicite competition ( number of submited offers) and final price. The anticipated outcome lies in the fact that the number of submitted offers fundamentally influences the final price of the public order in the Czech republic. Presumably it's the consequence of uneconomical and non-transparent legal regulation of public medical service which supports mismanagement dealing.
Public about health system
Dimitrová, Michaela
In December 2007 CVVM investigated opinions of Czech public on situation in health department. We were interested not only in satisfaction of citizens with health system and quality of medical care, but also we probed attitudes to some concrete aspects of health service. Most problematic is according to Czechs funding of public health (80 %). On the other hand least citizens find problems concerning relationships between doctors and patients (27 %).
Analysis of public and private health service expenditures in Czech Republic and Kazakhstan
Kaimova, Nadira ; Maaytová, Alena (advisor)
My thesis describes the problem of health service financing, and the thesis includes analysis of public and private health service expenditures in Czech Republic and Kazakhstan between 2001 and 2007.

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