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Underground music - subculture of young people in Prague in 1968 - 1989
The work deals with the mapping of underground cultural phenomenon in the Czechoslovak normalization environment. Especially arising subculture within the band The Plastic People of the Universe. Described is a brief history of the band, its sources of inspiration, lyrics and music. The next section focuses on the persecution of the regime and the subsequent wave of solidarity from the Czech intellectuals and dissidents, which substantially contributed to the formation of Charter 77.
Research on leisure of youth activities in the period between 1965 - 1972 in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
The dissertation is historical probe into the significant period of the development sociology of leisure (1965-1972) at that time ČSSR, comes from the epoch definitions of the term "leisure", which mutually differ in the attitude, in which is this term delimited, further it contains the then specification and separation of the leisure activities, the characteristics and functions of leisure. The dissertation describes the position and development of sociology as a scientific discipline in the post-war years, presents the knowledge about the most offten themes and methods in sociological research of leisure used during the examining period. The solution for determination of the themes and used methods are particularly the studies of Czech sociologists Disman and Filipcová. Since this is a study which is processed on the department of Pedagogy, the knowledge development of leisure sociology is embed into wider context and one charter is devoted especially to the leisure of the youth. The dissertation in general evaluates the contribution of sociology for the research and pedagogy of leisure in the examining period.
International status of Czechoslovakia in the period of so called normalization (relations with USA and Great Britain)
Dýcková, Eva ; Veselý, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Krines, Vlastimil (referee)
This thesis gives a picture of international status of Czechoslovakia in the time period 1969 -- 1989, it is specifically illustrated on relations with USA and Great Britain. After characteristics of the given time period and the czechoslovak foreign policy the thesis deals with the key events which influenced mutual relations with given states in the period of normalization. Further on the case of czechoslovak monetary gold is described. In the end the thesis analyses picture of Czechoslovakia in the U.S. and British media during the observed period.
Connection accessories - past and present
LANG, Aleš
The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the history and present selected fasteners. For the period of the first elements of fasteners, the development of mass production and standardization process follows the thread until today. In the practical part are present selected individual types of fasteners, their properties and uses. Individual elements of fasteners are classified according to the manner of their use.
Organization and financing of the Czechoslovak sport in the seventies of the 20th century
Kratochvíl, Martin ; Szobi, Pavel (advisor) ; Johnson, Zdenka (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on a period of releasing of social circumstances and liberalization in a sports sphere in Czechoslovakia at the turn of the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century and following normalization as well as on a development of Czechoslovak Association of Physical Education and subordinate association -- Czechoslovak Football Association. The thesis describes a conception of physical education in a socialist ideology and answers several key questions in comparison with capitalist perception of sport. In a following part, there is elucidated a using of auxiliary prohibited substances in Czechoslovakia during the reported period and politicians' attitudes to this issue. Last but not least, the thesis clarifies the origins of Amateur Football Association during normalization.
Database refactoring
Paulavets, Anastasiya ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Krch, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with database refactoring. Its aim is to describe the possibility of refactoring an existing database schema and show usage of refactorings on author's own examples. First a definition of database refactoring is presented along with an overview of database refactoring categories. Then descriptions of each refactoring are provided. Chapter 8 con-tains a larger example of database refactoring, where instead of just an indication of sche-ma update mechanics SQL scripts to update the database schema and migrate data are provided.
Songwriter´s protest message in the period of normalization
Červenková, Martina ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
The topic of the thesis is the issue of the status of songwriter Jaromír Nohavica and his work in the period of normalization. The contemporary circumstances and the context of the origin of his songs are hidden for the majority of people (especially for the younger generation). The basic question of the thesis is how far is the period of normalization in relation to the political system reflected in the songwriter's personal life and lyrics of his songs. The work is methodologically based on quantitative and qualitative content analysis and analysis of the period of normalization. The quantitative and qualitative content analysis is very unusual for political scinece.
Czechoslovak tourists in Yugoslavia during the normalization
Doležal, Radek ; Szobi, Pavel (advisor) ; Kozmanová, Irena (referee)
This thesis deals with traveling of citizens of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic to Yugoslavia in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century. Describes the main issue with the help of unpublished archival sources. It lists the requirements that were necessary in tourism, which went through a period of normalization. The data compares with other socialist and capitalist states. Examines the frequency of purchases of consumer goods by Czechoslovakian tourists. A special chapter is devoted to the emigration of citizens via SFRJ. Analyzes, in what quantities were made. It also describes the ways of escapes and the structure of emigrants. The goal and also the contribution of the thesis is coherent and reproduction of lessons learned on the subject.
Vývoj automobilových závodů Tatra v období normalizace
Pospíšil, Jakub ; Szobi, Pavel (advisor) ; Stellner, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the development of Kopřivnice car company in normalization period. In the first part of my work I completed history of Tatra company from begin to primary researched period, this in the context of economic and political situation of this period. The second part specifically analyzes the car factory during the seventies. Especially the capital construction, which was started after decision to lead Tatra into the program of multilateral international specialization of the COMECON countries, results and competitiveness of cars compare to production in the west part of the World. The eim of my thesis is to determine factors, which influenced progress in researched period both at national and international level.
Škoda cars in normalization
Slabý, Petr ; Szobi, Pavel (advisor) ; Stellner, František (referee)
In my bachelor thesis I focused on role of automobile industry in socialistic planned economy on specific case of Škoda cars. The thesis is particularly focused on time period of sixties of twentieth century and following period called the Normalization. Chapter dedicated to earlier history of Škoda company offers comparison view with the production from normalization period. The thesis also offers a overview of both economical and political enviroment of time period from fifthies to eighthies of twentieth century with particuralry interest in automobile industry. The main goal of my research was to discover and analyze reasons of quality downgrade that appeared in the normalization period.

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