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Má smysl vyvíjet nové metody výběru příznaků?
Somol, Petr ; Novovičová, Jana
One of hot topics discussed recently in relation to pattern recognition techniques is the question of actual performance of modern feature selection methods. Feature selection has been a highly active area of research in recent years due to its potential to improve both the performance and economy of automatic decision systems in various applicational fields, with medical diagnosis being among the most prominent. Feature selection may also improve the performance of classifiers learned from limited data, or contribute to model interpretability. The number of available methods and methodologies has grown rapidly while promising important improvements. Yet recently many authors put this development in question, claiming that simpler older tools show to be actually better than complex modern ones -- which, despite promises, are claimed to actually fail in real-world applications.
Vyšetrovani elastickych vlastnosti hovězi kosti ze vzorku obecného tvaru
Goldmann, T. ; Seiner, Hanuš ; Landa, Michal
This work contributes to the methodology of an evaluation of elastic properties of cortical bones by ultrasonic wave inversion, whilst the bone is considered to be a linear elastic anisotropic continuum.
Zkušenosti se zaváděním výuky Solidworksu
Maxa, J. ; Neděla, Vilém
The world trend TPV tends complex solutions of the system from the from of a sketch to manufacture. In order to be prepared for this trend, the Universities are required to react to it. There is a system of courses described in the article which in forms the students about this methodology.
Qualitative research in psychology: problems and perspectives
Čermák, Ivo
The study is focused on general methodological problems of qualitative research. Some of the relevant theoretical approaches linked with qualitative research are presented: post-modern epistemology, influence of feministic knowledge version of qualitative research in psychology, transpersonal methodology. Validity of qualitatively based findings is articulated as a key problem in qualitative research. Contradiction between qualitative and quantitative methodology in psychology is conceived as false and non-productive way how to understand a human being.
Handbook of Brno Research on Human Development
Blatný, Marek ; Čermák, Ivo ; Jelínek, Martin ; Osecká, Lída ; Vobořil, Dalibor ; Urbánek, Tomáš
Handbook offers a basic survey of the theoretical and methodological framework of the project. Goals of the project, research methodology, sample description, and methods used are described. The methods developed for the specific purposes of this research (semi-structured interview) are described in detail.
The Methodology of The Austrian School: chosen authors and problematic aspects
Hlavík, Petr ; Sirůček, Pavel (advisor)
The aim is to present specific methodology of the austrian school with laying stress on prerequisits which determine its understanding of phenomena.
Guarantee Valuation
Hora, Ondřej ; Marek, Petr (advisor) ; Brabenec, Tomáš (referee)
Thesis on topic "Guarantee Valuation" aims to describe methods of valuing a guarantee. In first part of the document the guarantees, guarantee transaction structure and factors affecting the value of guarantees are defined. The second part describes four methods of guarantee valuation. In the last practical part, selected methods are used to estimate the value of a hypothetic guarantee. Emphasis is also put on the related topics as tax impacts of guarantees and special situations. Rating methodologies are used to estimate the risk of the borrower.

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