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The Rekonstruktion of Vyškov Rectory
Vaňurová, Tereza ; Hrabec,, Josef (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The basis of the thesis is the architectural study, prepared in the winter semester of the third year of bachelor study on the topic of rectory renewal in Vyškov. The task of the study was to find suitable urban, mass and functional solution of the existing building and adjacent land. The former rectory will be completely renovated and will mainly serve the original purpose for accommodation of dean and chaplain of the parish, meetings with believers, religious education, then there will be located a chapel, a workroom, studios and rooms for commercial rent. On neighboring land will be designed new city park with design stage. The new building will serve as a platform for the expression of art, which enrich the cultural life in Vyskov. Together with the park which serves as a multifunctional public space for relaxing. The work is divided into design studies, project documentation for construction and architectural detail.
Reconstruction of the Pohorelec at the JAMU Stage Design Studio
Skoupilová, Michaela ; Mikeš, Stanislav (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to create documentation for building permit and part of building design documentation, based on architectural study prepared in subject AG036 - Architectural Design Studio V. Main content of the study was reconstruction of the former public prosecutor's office in Brno for the purposes Janáček´s Academy of Music and performing. Object is situated in the city centre, near the Malinovského square. Basic idea was to maintain the appearance of a late functionalist building with minimal changes in the exterior. It was appropiate to eliminate the consequences of the reconstruction of the 1970´s, which did not take into account of the building sufficient. The building's function has emerged from the thesis assignment. In my design, I have decided to work with all three of the required functions, namely: the café, the rectorate and the stage design institute of JAMU. The café and the gallery on the ground floor communicates with the people in the city and it is the meeting point for students, teachres and visitors. The Rectorate should serve as a set of offices, but it will also represent the university. Facilities for students of scenography takes into account that scenography is a branch of art associated with theater and thus has the mission to support the student development and creative thinking of people interested in this field.
Renovation of the house at Pohořelec in Brno to the atelier of scenography JAMU
Hádková, Sabina ; Žáková, Dagmar (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is based on a previously elaborated study in the subject AG035 - Atelier of Architectural Design V, which was further elaborated to the level of the documentation for building permits and documentation for construction. The aim of this work was to renovate the building of the former public prosecutor's office in Brno for the purpose of Janáček Academy of Music Arts - JAMU. The building is situated in the city of Brno, in the city center Brno-střed, on the street Kobližná 22. It is situated in the historical part of the city, in its immediate vicinity there are many Brno dominates such as Náměstí Svobody, Moravske namesti, Mahen Theater, Janacek Theater, etc. The main idea was to preserve the character of late functionalist buildings with minimal changes in the exterior. Also, meet all the requirements that were entered at the beginning of the project. In other words, the object will be a public function - a café and exhibition areas, which will be dedicated to exhibitions by the students of stage design and lighting design. In addition, there should be a Rectorate and the Institute of Stage Design, which should serve as a set of representative offices. The main aim of this work is to create a stable background for students of scenography and light design, which should act as representative, and should encourage students to develop creative thinking and development for their creation.
The cultural centre in Brno
Ašenbrenner, Jan ; Ležatka,, Lukáš (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis further elaborates the newly elaborated architectural and constructional study to the Documentation for building permit and Documentation for construction work. The assignment of the work was "The Cultural Centre in Brno" located on the plot no 723 at the Údolní street opposite the Obilný trh. It concerns a gap site at the 19th century historical housebuilding resulting from the bombing of Brno during the World War II. It regards a sloping land rising to Špilberk Castle. The proposed new building of the cultural center fills the whole gap site between one existing detached house and a row of houses going towards the historical centre while respecting the street line, which was one of the aims of my work. Another aim was to create a relatively quiet and pleasant area near a busy street connecting the adjacent Obilný trh with Špilberk Castle and recently opened Otevřená zahrada, which is a public outdoor area built by a neighboring ecological center. An outdoor open-air atrium, surrounded by the new building, was created and it is ended with a staircase following the rising slope. The building has three above-ground floors, the first floor spreads further into the plot and carves into the slope where the level of the roof ties to the adjacent slope. The entrance to the atrium is formed by an open passage that seems to be pressed into the mass of the object and narrowing vertically in the direction from the street to the atrium. The aim was also the maintenance of the green in the area, all roofs were designed as intensive vegetative with the intention to achieve the contrast between this green vegetation and "rough" corten facade, which by its random perforation suggests a free abstraction of art taking place inside.
The Municipal Library of Frýdek-Místek
Habartová, Vendula ; Nový, Vítězslav (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis introduces a concept of the urban library in Frydek - Mistek. The main topic is to optimize the utilization of the public space which currently serves as parking place. The goal is to incorporate this space to the current structure of the city and create environment for local public events. A potential threat seems to be busy traffic which will be eliminated by a new highway being built around the city. The purpose of the project is to revive the place architecturally as well as culturally. The old non-functional buildings will be demolished, and their functions will be transformed into the new objects. The study also counts with the extension of the Small Square and creating extra space between the library and the new market hall. The library is made with three substances fitting in together: dark opaque gallery, soft lighting and a coffee bar which opens straight to the new square.
Architecture and Art
Šoborová, Adéla ; Kubát, Jan (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis designs new building of the city gallery in Litomyšl. It searches the best location and researches the role of the gallery in the small town, the contemporary principles of exhibiting and the relationship between architecture and art.
Architecture and Art
Juřicová, Magdaléna ; Kozelský, Tomáš (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
My thesis is the result of the study of relationship between architecture and art, theoretically and practically. It addresses the issue of involving the Municipal Gallery as an important institution in the context of a small town. It asks how to exploit the potential of the city and its historical layers in creating space for an exhibition, what is the appropriate location and how the exhibition space in the 21st century should work.
Architecture and Art
Hrončeková, Barbora ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The design of City Gallery in Litomyšl reacts to the viewpoints of the city’s structure with the number of volume in various heights. The volume of the building is divided into 5 units with different height levels. The main principle is the connection of urban spaces, whether in the form of terraces, which are accessible to the public and connected by exterior staircases or in the form of volumes. Volumes tactically change their height based on the purpose and filling of a given volume, the phase of passage from one elevation to another, or the desired expression. They recede and create semi-public terraces and courtyard, ascend or protrude and form dominants. At the point of direct vision from the square, the mass of the highest floor recedes, and thus does not disturb the desired expression of the church.
Architecture and Art
Horáková, Alžbeta ; Kovařík, David (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the project is a new art gallery of the town Litomyšl. This proposal reflects on the characteristics of the site and comes with a solution for a gallery as a place where the visitor connects with the artist as well as with a town itself.

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