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Factors influencing variability i behaviour towards novel and aposematic prey in tits (Paridae)
Adamová, Dana ; Exnerová, Alice (advisor) ; Sedláček, František (referee) ; Šálek, Miroslav (referee)
Inter-specific and intra-specific variation in reactions towards novel and aposematic prey was found in several species of tits (Paridae). This Ph.D. thesis is focusing on various factors influencing reactions towards novel and aposematic prey in three European species of tits. We tested differences in exploration behaviour, neophobia, dietary conservatism, personality, age and experience as well as ability of avoidance learning and generalisation. We found no difference in exploration behaviour and in reaction towards novel prey in two different populations of great tits (Parus major). But the birds from the Finnish population were more neophobic than Czech birds, but they attacked aposematic firebug (Pyrrhocoris apterus) more often and faster than Czech birds. The difference can be explained by a different experience with local aposematic prey communities. Than we studied initial wariness in naive juveniles of great tits (P. major), coal tits (Periparus ater) and blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus), and we tested how the initial wariness towards novel and aposematic prey can be deactivated by experience with palatable prey. Great tits and coal tits from experienced groups significantly decreased their neophobia towards both types of prey while blue tits did not change their strongly neophobic...
Repeatability and personality in tests of exploratory behaviour
Žampachová, Barbora ; Frynta, Daniel (advisor) ; Sedláček, František (referee)
Personality, or behavioural differences among individuals, which are stable both in time and across contexts, is a highly popular topic. Currently there has been an increase of interest in the relationship between personality and repeatability, which is a methodical approach developed to measure the stability of interindividual differences in time. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the personality of rats according to behavioural patterns exhibited under widely used testing procedures in new environment (open field test, hole board test) and to compare, how behavioural traits in these tests mutually correlate and change over time. Each test trial was repeated eight times with different intervals (24 hours, 6 days, 4 weeks). The results suggest that most of the recorded behavioural variability can be explained with three principal axes. The first one is associated with loco-exploratory activity of the subject. The elements of behaviour associated with this axis are the most repeatable. The second axis is mostly associated with time the animal spent in the central part of the arena and the third axis represents the interest in holes in hole board test. These two axes are less repeatable. A significant effect of the identity of the animal was found in all behavioural traits, associated with these...
Research of teachers opinions on teachers professional development
Straková, Michaela ; Eger, Ludvík (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The work is focused on the relation of teachers to further their education in conjunction with the current proposal career system. Based on information from the scientific literature, in the work is shown the list of developments further education of teachers in the Czech Republic after 1990, and from secondary sources is defined by its current state. Work also continues to address the career system for teachers, with an emphasis on the text of the selected proposals, including the current one. Through the results of an empirical investigation that was conducted on selected two primary and two secondary schools, are then presented to the views of teachers in these schools watched topics. The dates that were analyzed from empirical investigations are also in conclusion, compared with the theoretical assumptions that are listed in this work. Key words: lifelong learning, development of teachers, education, career system, Ministry of Education, opinion, exploration
Bible as a Literary Work of Art in Literature Classes at Czech High Schools
Přibylová, Kateřina ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Hausenblas, Ondřej (referee)
The first part of this thesis informs about the Bible in general, its origin, division, language and translations. Translations into the Czech language are looked at in greater detail as well as various adaptions that are at disposal of Czech high school teachers. One of the chapters discusses biblical phrases and shows the way they have infiltrated Czech culture. The Intertextuality and the Bible chapter looks at all the literary works that have their origins in the Bible. It also offers a text which may be used during literature classes. The second part of the thesis discusses school documents and text books as related to the Bible. After Czech general educational programs analysis, the thesis offers options on various ways of implementing some of the general educational programs targets during classes, both in Language and Communication or Man and Society educational area. There follows an analysis of three individual school educational programs, each of which addresses the Bible differently, works with it in a different grade and in different areas. Chapters concerning textbooks discuss what information and texts are made available to the students and evaluate these. The practical part of this thesis covers an analysis of a minor survey which was carried out among the fourth grade high school...
Podobnostní vyhledávání obrázků na webu
Grošup, Tomáš ; Lokoč, Jakub (advisor) ; Hoksza, David (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to design and create a web portal, enabling efficient indexing and content-based searching of images obtained from various free image databases (e.g., results from a keyword-based search engine). The portal provides fast feature extraction technique and for the visual similarity, the signature quadratic form distance is utilized. The search supports various user settings and comparison of their results. Search results can also be presented using a layout based on particle physics, which supports exploration and multi-query.
Substance use among people with hearing disability: exploration and cerrelation probe
Postránecká, Zuzana ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Janíková, Barbara (referee)
Although there are about 500 000 of people with hearing impairment in Czech republic, a risk group of substance abuse due to determinants of this impairment, there are distinctive lack of studies focused on this theme in our state. There are few foreign studies offering some results, overall interest is still slender in this issue. This work was aimed to define the basic terms and briefly describe difficulties of hearing impairment, psychological aspects and patterns of drug use in hearing impaired population due to available resources and exploration and correlation questionnaire study. The study had a questionnaire form and was spread by snow ball method in first stage, through 8 basic subjects on social network called and other forms of mass communication. In the second stage we used a purposeful selection at two schools for the hearing impaired in Prague. Participants were indviduals with more than 20 dB hearing loss (includes) in both cases. The participation was no age or locally restricted. The result of theoretical and practical part is a fact, that drug using in hearing impaired population is on the same or maybe even higher level like in intact population. Due to this fact and communication barriers of hearing impaired individuals, it is required to involve a specialized...
Exploration, neophobia and dietary conservatism in tits (Paridae)
Beranová, Eliška ; Exnerová, Alice (advisor) ; Fučíková, Eva (referee)
Neophobia and exploratory behaviour are two processes applied in great measure in birds' reactions towards novel stimuli. The specific demonstration of these two processes may differ between different species of birds as well as within them. We compared neophobia and exploratory behaviour in two species of tits (Paridae). Adult Great tits (Parus major) and Blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus) did not differ neither in exploring novel environment and novel object nor in neophobia towards novel object near food. We have found great differences between juveniles of these two species. Juvenile Blue tits were more neophobic towards both novel objects. Age, sex and personality affected some differences within tested species. We tested whether there exist any differences in reactions towards novel food between and within species. We used red painted mealworm (larvae of Tenebrio molitor), house cricket (Acheta domestica) and aposematic bug (Pyrrhocoris apterus) as novel food. Adult wild-caught tits with plentiful experience with various feeds did not differ in reaction towards these types of novel food. In contrast hand-reared juvenile tits differed quite a lot. Juvenile Blue tits were more neophobic than juvenile Great tits towards all three types of novel food. We found dieraty conservatism, phenomenon...
Harness tester
Smola, Tomáš ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Pavlík, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with issue and construction of wire harness tester. In the first place, is this thesis focused on market exploration and comparison of comercial testers with concrete requirements for small batch production. I will try to find a suitable product in worldwide market, which would be convenient for company producing construction machinery. For testing switchboard harness we need to test interconnections between connectors, resistors, relays, diodes, transils and switches in the dashboard. If I can not find some product, I will try to design some new tester. My priorities will be testing all components in harness, maximum flexibility of tester for the future trends in contruction of rollers and user friendly control.

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