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Approaches to document digitalization solutions.
Novotný, Vladimír ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Benáčanová, Helena (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to provide a survey of document digitalization and to analyse the market of companies outsourcing the document digitalization. The first part of the thesis decribes the technology of scannig and the methods of document recognition and data minig. It also decribes the systems of barcodes used to identify documents. Furthermore, this thesis includes the principles of document saving and electronic (digital) signature issues from the viewpoint of Czech legislation. Its contribution lies in analysing the companies dealing with outsourcing of the document digitalization and in the view of a company using these services. A brief outlook to the future regarding this topic is included as well.
Approaches to the implementation of document imaging systems
Kapicová, Eva ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Vondrouš, Martin (referee)
This thesis is focused on document imaging and describes different approaches to the implementation of document imaging systems. In the first part there is the theoretical background of the document imaging that is supplemented by current statistics. In the first part there are also some remarks on the situation on the Czech market. The second part is based on examinations of different approaches to document imaging systems that were made by Czech companies. The main objective of this thesis is a practical example of selecting an appropriate solution of the document imaging. There are considered three types of approaches to the document imaging: complete outsourcing, in-house outsourcing or a solution of their own. To achieve this goal there is an adequate theoretical basis for the document imaging and an overview of hardware and software support for digitization in the first part of the thesis. TEI method by Forrester Research is used for comparison of the economic impact of the different approaches. The contribution of this thesis is primarily in the description of the state of document imaging in the Czech Republic and also examination of different solutions and approaches to the document imaging. There is also a completion of the theoretical part by a data from current surveys.
Digitalization in the book industry and its market impact
Lipert, Martin ; Kešner, Martin (advisor) ; Frič, Jaromír (referee)
The aim of the Master's thesis is to analyze the current literary environment in relation to the coming digitalization. The work is focused on several sub-themes that are essential and have an impact on shaping the market as the technology used, the legal concept of electronic documents, protection against illegal distribution of documents and also the economic aspects of electronic publishing. The work is based on the experience of the author, who deals with this issue in great detail on multiple levels.
Sharing Knowledge - Open Access Repositories in the V4 Countries
Simandlová, Tereza
Presentation presents regional project Sharing Knowledge - Open Access Repositories in the V4 Countries.
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Women´s awareness about mammographic examinations in the South Moravian region
One of the aims of the bachelor?s thesis was to survey the awareness of women about the mammographic examination. Since 2002 the organized preventive scheme of active search for breast carcinoma has been under way. Breast carcinoma is a serious condition that affects women from a very young age. However, it is very well treatable if caught early. Many women have already undergone the mammographic examination. This is why a survey was carried out on the awareness of women about this procedure. The data necessary for the bachelor?s thesis were gathered by means of a quantitative survey. Questionnaires were used to collect data. The questionnaires were voluntary and anonymous, aimed at female patients in selected hospitals in the South Moravia region (Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno, University Hospital Brno, Hospital Břeclav, and Hospital Kyjov). Women over 18 years of age could participate in the survey, regardless if they were going for their first or repeated examination. The total number of questionnaires handed out was 120, 110 were returned. The survey took place in July and August 2010. Three main objectives and three hypotheses were defined. The first objective was to survey the awareness of women going for a mammographic examination. The objective was achieved. The second objective was to inform and prepare the patients for further procedures if a malign tumour was found. This objective was achieved as well. The third objective was to specify the differences in the awareness of women between the individual hospitals in the South Moravia region, and it was achieved as well. The first hypothesis, that the awareness of women in hospitals is sufficient, was confirmed. The second hypothesis, that the patients are fully informed and ready for next procedures if a malign tumour is found, was also confirmed. And the last hypothesis, that the awareness of women differs between individual hospitals, was confirmed as well. The issue of the female patients? awareness prior to mammographic examination remains very important. As the current legislation states that the patient must be instructed about the examination it is necessary to make sure the patients have enough time and space to evaluate the provided information and to ask questions if necessary.
PILAŘ, Martin
This thesis is focused primarily on digital image processing and modern imaging modalities algorithms. An algorithm means a method for solving a problem or an instruction. In image processing an algorithm presents the process from data acquisition to the resulting image displayed on the monitor. Therefore, in the first part of the thesis a brief overview of principles of imaging modalities used in radiodiagnostics is given. Collected data have to be analyzed and modelled in a certain way. These modified data are then digitized and ready for further processing. The main objective of my paper was to explain, especially to radiology assistants, the basic operations and algorithms used in image processing that are commonly used. I also tried to prove that not only by changing scanning parameters, but also by changing any image parameters the test results may be affected. On the other hand the operating personnel may invalidate the examination and thus contribute to an imperfect diagnosis. Other sections of my thesis are focused on primary image processing and basic image operations. This information is followed by post-processing or secondary processing of visual information. An integral part of the image processing algorithm consists of hardware and software important for archiving and information transmission. A certain part of my paper is devoted to future trends in image processing. The whole theoretical part is based on practical experience and the results obtained by either creating a software algorithm or by measurement of a water phantom on CT, where the original hypothesis was defended by applying a filter. The results are supported by a graphic and image documentation.
Elaboration and interpretation of map materials in GIS for the Ostrice stream catchment.
The aim of the thesis was the creation and interpretation of thematic layers for the Ostřice stream catchment. First step was collecting all the available maps and comparing them with the actual state. The documents were digitized, and the thematic layers were created. The map outputs were created from these layers and their combinations and were analyzed. The output of this work is a set of GIS layers for the Ostřice stream catchment. This work was processed with the ArcGIS Desktop 9.1 software.
Elaboration and interpretation of map materials in GIS for the Zdikovsky stream catchment.
The aim of this thesis is to create various thematic layers for the Zdíkovský stream catchment. The first step was to collect maps and compare them with the actual state, followed by the digitizing of these documents and the creation of thematic layers. Map outputs were created from the individual layers and their combinations and were analyzed. The result is a set of GIS layers for the catchment. ArcGIS Desktop 9.1 program developed by ESRI was used in this work. Elaborated set of layers will be further used for research and educational purposes by the Department of Land Adjustment.
Using of digital imaging in fish biology
MAREK, Miloš
The aim of this batchelor thesis is introduction to the methods of digital imaging and its utilization within the fisheries science and fisheries generally. Next aim is practical training in basic methods of digital imaging techniques. Integral part of the work is introduction to the laboratory and practical methods of fish artifcial reprudction techniques. Aim of the practical part is evaluation of egg fertilization rate using standard methods and to elaborate proposals of fertilization rate evaluation using software for image analysis.
Usage of cadastre of lands maps for land adjustment production.
The intention of my thesis is to analyze the volume and the method of application ancient maps by land consolidation, especially land maps. Special attention was paid to document preparation and transformation of grids. The result is, that the ancient maps are used most by renewal of field paths, hydro engineering works, shape of parcels optimization and solution of property ratio.

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