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Invenio v3 Bootcamp
Jaroševská, Marie
The purpose of this business trip was visiting the Invenio v3 bootcamp event organized by CERN in March 2019 for digital repository developers. Bootcamp was conceived as a theoretical and practical introduction to the Invenio v3 framework with space for consultations.
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What is that grey literature?
Černohlávková, Petra
Pojem šedá literatura není zdaleka novinkou. Poprvé byla jako odborný termín uznána v 70. letech, výraznější pozornosti se jí dostává až v 90. letech minulého století. Příspěvek se pokouší o základní systematizaci tohoto pojmu.
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The eleventh grey conference
Vyčítalová, Hana
Článek krátce popisuje historii Konferece o šedé literatuře a repozitářích a zve na její 11. ročník.
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Evaluation Report of Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories 2018
Vyčítalová, Hana ; Černohlávková, Petra
Evaluation od the 11th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories.
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ARCLib – LTP Solution for Libraries
Pavlásková, Eliška ; Vašek, Zdeněk
The presentation introduces project ARCLib. The project aims to create complex open source Long Term Preservation solution for libraries. ARCLib ensures long term preservation of digital data according OAIS guidelines and provides a free alternative to commercial software solutions. ARCLib is designed as a solution for all types of memory institutions – museums, galleries and archives. As part of the project two methodical guidelines were created – Methodology for logical preservation of digital data and Methodology for bit preservation.
Legal Framework for Digitalisation and Storage of Digital Works by Public Archives
Koščík, Michal
The paper aims to provide a practical overview of the legal framework for the digitization of copyright works, which are a part of the collections and archives of public and general-interest institutions. The paper also focuses on the legal framework on using digital copies of works, which exist exclusively in digital form (i.e. they cannot be digitized) and for which there is a public interest in their preservation. The paper analyses copyright exemptions under current legislation and the possible evolution of the legal framework for digital archives within the framework of the forthcoming EU Single Digital Market Regulation.
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Repozitář a portál GreyGuide: pokroky a posouzení rozvoje za 5 let!
Farace, Dominic ; Biagioni, Stefania ; Carlesi, Carlo
In 2013, GreyNet International and the Institute of Information Science and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy began work on the construction of the GreyGuide repository, which would house works of good practice in the field of grey literature. This joint venture soon expanded and came to also serve as GreyNet’s Web Access Portal. Now five years on ISTI-CNR – the service provider and GreyNet International – a content provider openly discuss their return on investments in human and information resources. The presentation concludes with an impact assessment and further course of action.
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11th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories
Národní technická knihovna
Conference programme and abstracts.
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A Lightning Talk on Manuscripts and IIIF
Seige, Leander
Lightning Talks (June 8), video recording is available at:
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