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Detached house with an establishment
Papst, Ondřej ; Fixelová, Veronika (referee) ; Kacálek, Petr (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor‘s thesis is to work out the design documentation for realization of the construction of the detached house with an establishment in Havlíčkův Brod. The building is detached, it is functionally divided into two parts – detached house, with a partial basement and two above-ground floor, for up to four-members family and into a single-storey establishment used as a butcher’s with up to three-members staff. The structural system of the building is masonry, the basement masonry is consisted of concrete blocks of permament formwork, the others above-ground floor are consisted of clay blocks. The floor structure is designed of cast-in-place reinforced one-way and two way slabs, the roofing of the building is made of warm flat roof with PVC covering. The external walls are supplied with contact thermal insulation system ETICS. The building is set in a lightly sloping terrain.
Detached house with solicitor´s office
Müller, David ; Fixelová, Veronika (referee) ; Kacálek, Petr (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is a new-building of a detached house with a solicitor’s office in Obora near Boskovice. The objects are separated from each other and each of them makes a separate unit. The building is located in the suburb of Obora in slightly sloping terrain. The “T” shaped house is designed for a four membered family with a comfort dispositive organization. The house is ground floor, partly with a cellar, roofed by a saddle roof with a traditional wooden trussing. The organization and size of the windows in both objects are designed in order to have a view to the countryside. The solicitor’s office is a ground floor object roofed by flat roof. It consists three offices, one meeting room and sanitary facilities. The structural system of both objects is longitudinal, wall. The vertical load-bearing constructions are made from cut ceramic blocks. The horizontal constructions in the detached house are monolithic, ferroconcrete and in the solicitor’s office they are half-prefabricated, ceramics-concrete. The project was made in AutoCad software application, 3D model in 3D modelling computer program SketchUp.
Timber detached house
Mertl, Vítek ; Struhala, Karel (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with a design of a massive wooden building - a log house, as a house for a five-member family with a small handmade workshop. The building is located in the Ore Mountains in the village called Klíny, district Most. The proposed building is two-storey with a sloping roof. In most cases natural-based materials are used to make the building as ecological as possible. Windows and doors openings have laminated wooden frames. The building is based on a layer of foam glass to improve thermal insulation properties. The family house is designed to provide the warm of home with a touch of nature.
Detached house, Moravske Kninice
Lidmila, Jan ; Vorlíčková, Petra (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The subject of bachelor's thesis is an elaboration of documentation for construction of a detached house in Moravské Knínice. This is a detached house in slope with two floors above ground and one underground floor with three residential units. The ground floor consists of a design system of ceramic bricks, including ceiling construction. The basement floor is designed from forged blocks a lost shuttering, ceiling construction is monolithic reinforced concrete. Building roofing is solved by gang-nailed-connected timber truss.
Detached house in sloped terrain
Chludilová, Alice ; Jelínek, Petr (referee) ; Struhala, Karel (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor's thesis is design documentation of a detached family house on a steep slope located in a city district Brno - Nový Lískovec. The house is designed as a three-storey building with one underground floor and two above-the-ground floors, roofed with a flat green roof that merges with the surrounding terrain. The structural system of the building is designed as masonry, the walls are built of clay Porotherm blocks and permanent formwork. Thermal insulation of the external walls is provided by ETICS. Ceiling construction consists of POT beams and ceramic insets MIAKO. The house is funcitionally divided into three parts on three different floors. Technical facilities are located on the underground floor, that consists of a garage, a boiler room, a laundry room and storage space. The first ground floor serves as common space, there can be found a large living room with kitchen and a guest room across the main hall. A private part of the house is on the second floor, there are only bedrooms. Each room is visually connected to the exterior through large french windows and HS portals.
Detached house with an establishment
Chalupa, Marek ; Julinová, Patricie (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to elaborate the project documentation of new-built detached house with an establishment in Jakubov by Moravské Budějovice. the detached house is partially basement with two above-ground floors. There are two main entrances into building when one is for living part and second is for establishment. The vertical loadbearing structures are made of ceramic masonry units. The staircase are made of reinforced monolithic concrete slab and wooden. The horizontal leoadbearing structures are made of ceramic brick and ceramic concrete ceiling beams. The roof consists of a two flat roofs with green and a shed roof. Windows and doors are made of aluminium. The built will be heated by a gas boiler.
Detached house with design office
Bartošek, Radim ; Šoulová, Eva (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor´s thesis is a project of a new detached house with a design office at a level of the documentation for the structure realization. The detached house is situated in a small town Příkazy. The building is partly basement with one above-ground floor and a flat roof. The structural system of the basement part is made up of permanent shuttering and the ground part is made up of system SENDWIX.
Implementation of Subtructure of family house in Třebíč - Nové Město
Bobek, Vojtěch ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Liška, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on a technological phase of laying foundations of a detached house using drilled micropiles. The foundation features in the given location are complicated because of thick layer of construction debris. The condition of sufficient load-bearing capacity of subsoil is fulfilled first by the deeper maternal rock. The main aims of the thesis are to prepare technological procedure for earthworks and for application of micropiles, to solve construction logistics, to plan financial and time aspects, to propose machinery, to inspect quality of building process and finally to guarantee safety while working.
Values of the Quatient of Usable Area to the Built-up Area in a Selected Type of Real Estate in Hradec Králové
Paulus, Adam ; Komosná, Milada (referee) ; Jandásková, Tereza (advisor)
Aim of this diploma thesis is calculating the carpet area/built-up area coefficient and make a proposal how to put this coefficient in place in building evaluation field. Also, assessment of error rate of this method is needed. More methods were suggested based on differently calculated coefficients. Comparison of different sources of public information about buildings was made and these were compared to actual state of the buildings. Research was made whether there is correlation between age of the building and tipical building´s characteristics in examined area. Studied area is called Kluky (part of Hradec Králové).
Price Sources for the Comparative Valuation Method for Houses in the Southern Part of the Brno-venkov District
Kopr, Radim ; Cupal, Martin (referee) ; Jandásková, Tereza (advisor)
In the diploma thesis "Bid and realized prices as a source for comparative valuation method", identical detached houses will be valued first on the basis of tendering procedure and then on the basis of realized prices. Based on our own real estate database in the Brno-venkov district, ten databases of comparative properties will be created in the southern part of the Brno-venkov district. These ten databases will be assigned to the valued detached houses and then compared with the direct comparative valuation method. In the first place, according to the offer prices, the source of which is the aforementioned real estate database and then according to realized prices, the source of which is the price data from purchase contracts registered in the Land Register for the South Moravian Region. Database results - usual prices, will be subsequently analyzed and evaluated. Then the results will be interpreted and the differences between the usual prices and the input data from the database will be discussed.

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