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Chemical signaling among microorganisms
Karásek, Filip ; Palková, Zdena (advisor) ; Převorovský, Martin (referee)
The work summarizes the knowledge about chemical communication among microorganisms, focusing mainly on the quorum sensing phenomenon, but briefly discussing also other molecules with signaling function. The work presents fundamental information on quorum sensing and some other signaling molecules in selected grampositive and gramnegative bacteria and in yeast. It also describes an universal system of communication among different bacteria and briefly mentions communication between bacteria and yeast. Key words: Quorum sesnig, signal molecule, signal pathway, bacteria, yeast, communication
Communication of selected companies in online and offline environment (illustrated on enterprises České dráhy, RegioJet and Leo Express)
Stará, Anika ; Schneiderová, Soňa (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis which is titled Communication of selected companies in online and offline environment (illustrated on enterprises České dráhy, RegioJet and Leo Express) aims to map the communication activities of the mentioned carriers on online and offline media platforms in the Czech environment. In the theoretical part is defined the basic terminology of analyzed issues, above all from the area of communication, media, marketing and partially also from the perspective of linguistics. The practical part besides the methodology includes a presentation of the analyzed companies, České dráhy, RegioJet and Leo Express, and also a descriptive analysis of their presentation or more precisely communication activities on various media types and platforms - for each of the mentioned companies separately. Furthermore, in the practical part there is a comparison of analyzed companies, based on the results of descriptive analysis and there is also a description of an additional quantitative analysis - a questionnaire survey, which was answered by a total of 808 respondents of all ages from all over the country - so in this case from the customer's point of view. At the end of the practical part, the results are summarized and evaluated, and besides, there are also from them following recommendations -...
The magic and power of red lipsticks. How do they affect our perception and communication with our surroundings
Nevšímalová, Nikola ; Soukup, Martin (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
This master thesis The magic and power of red lipsticks represents theoretical-empirical analysis that argues how red lipsticks influence our perception and how we communicate through them with our surrounding. The thesis stems from the basic assumption that red lipstick is truly important and bold communication mean that is able to talk to our surrounding in a completely different ways than other colors or color shades. The aim of the thesis was to find out whether the aforementioned assumption matches the reality. Key questions for this master thesis were as follows: How do women communicate with their surrounding through red color (red lipstick)? What do they expect from these communication means? How do they feel when they communicate through these means (when they wear red lipstick)? How to they perceive reactions for this mean of communication? What are these reactions like (men- and women- wise)? The master thesis is based on researches from the field of beauty, human attractiveness or perception of red color that have already been done and it presents several different theories about human beautification as well as cosmetics evolution and evolution of perception of beauty itself. Except these, the thesis focuses on media content and the ways in which media, mainly social media and other...
Reaching new costumers on a B2B market in UK
Štěrbová, Michaela ; Boček, Aleš (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the communication mix in a Czech company operating in the field of web analytics and also on its proposed design for the B2B market in England. The theoretical part is focused on the definition of marketing, international marketing, marketing and communication mix. The analytical part is focused on the characteristics of the company, analysis of the micro and macro environment, analysis of the marketing and communication mix of the company. The last part is devoted to the design of the company's communication mix for the B2B market in England. These proposals should lead to reaching new customers and possible gaining of new customers from the already mentioned market.
Communication Mix of the Company for Entering the Foreign Market
Kollár, Robin ; Janča, Tomáš (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This Diploma thesis is focused on the communication mix of a manufacturer and a seller of glass products and decorations named Royal Crystal, s.r.o. during its expansion into the global market through an online shop. This company was founded in 2011 and belongs among the largest glass manufacturers in the Czech Republic. This thesis describes elements of communication, that will help to increase the efficiency of communication of this company in the global market.
LabVIEW graphs generation via DIAdem
Kučera, Karel ; Čala, Martin (referee) ; Kunz, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a program, which will create charts and safe using DIAdem. The program is divided into two parts, one in LabVIEW and the second as a script in VBS. The resulting solution can create and parameterize the graph purely from the LabVIEW environment without the need to run the script directly.
Li-Fi, use of light and LED to communicate between luminaires and user
Ludányi, Róbert ; Novák, Daniel (referee) ; Škoda, Jan (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the use of light and LEDs for communication between the light and the user. In the introduction, the principles of VLC, which Li-Fi is part of, are described. The work also contains issues on the topics of Li-Fi, such as methods of modulation of carrier signals for data transmission, comparisons between other wireless communications, individual elements of optical frontends, current versions of Li-Fi and other possible uses of this technology. The work also contains the designing of a system working on the principle of Li-Fi.
Influence of physical parameters and age of power lines on PLC/BPL performance and reliability
Benešl, Lukáš ; Sláčik, Ján (referee) ; Mlýnek, Petr (advisor)
BPL technology is quite widespread nowadays and the public is also somewhat aware of it. This technology can be used as a means of communication without the need to install additional media and thus use the existing infrastructure. In an effort to use the full potential of the technology, BPL communication began to be used to monitor the current state of cables in distribution networks online. Where the technology is already fully implemented, the distributor can use the data to evaluate the current situation. In this way, BPL technology can be used as a diagnostic tool to test the quality of a cable connection on which not only time but also humidity and other external influences could have a significant effect.
System for Supporting Communication of Agile Project Management
Krajíček, Michal ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The thesis deals with problems of agile methodologies in the settings of virtual teams. It begins with the description of virtual teams and their models and deals with both theoretical and practical aspects of mutual communication of their team members. The thesis follows with general characteristics of agile approach and their demonstration on representative methodologies. One of them (methodology Scrum) is described in detail in the next chapter and linked with possibilities of its deployment within virtual teams. Practical part of the thesis deals with the design and implementation of a software application that is focused on effective communication support of virtual teams that utilize Scrum. Deployment of this application is discussed within a case study of a real project which team faced problems of agile software development in the settings of virtual team on a daily basis.

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