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Hodnocení provozu kotle na biomasu
Holík, Pavel
This diploma thesis was written as a part of the master study program at the Faculty of AgriSciences of the Mendel University in Brno. Its main topic is a literary solution and experimental measuring of biomass boiler operations. This thesis provides a basic overview of energy crops for energy use in the Czech Republic. Different technologies of thermo-mechanical transformations of biomass for energy are described in detail. The last part of the thesis focuses on pollutants from biomass burning that were measured in an experimental test.
Úloha obnovitelných zdrojů energie v rozvoji venkova - případová studie Poličska
Bidmon, Pavel
The thesis deals with the issue of renewable resources in general terms. It describes advantages and disadvantages of individual renewable sources and their potential in rural areas. The thesis focuses on the area of the MAS Poličsko. Natural conditions of the area are described first (in term geomorphological, climatic conditions, agriculture and forestry, etc.). Based on the acquired knowledge, it was assessed that the use of solar and biomass energy seems to be the most suitable for the area. Furthermore, existing renewable resources (incl. photos) and brownfields, which represent one of the possibilities for effective solar power placement, were examined and described. The main part of the thesis consists of designing photovoltaic and solar system and a biomass boiler for two family houses located in Polička. Calculations were performed using the interactive application PVGIS, “Kotlíkové kalkulačky” and Microsoft Excel. The results show that the use of a variant of photovoltaic system (variant A1) is the most advantageous.
Efektivnost různých technologií získávání energie z fytomasy
Panteleev, Evgeny
The Bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of obtaining energy from phytomass. In the first part of the work, the meaning of biomass, the advantages and disadvantages of biomass production is described. In the second part, the work deals with individual crops and describes their energy and economic efficiency, including various impacts. The third part of the work disassembles the properties of obtaining various ways of energy from phytomass.
Možnosti využití obnovitelných zdrojů energie v agrárním sektoru
Varha, Natalia
The bachelor thesis elaborates an overview of the use and application of renewable energy sources in the agrarian sector, focusing on the Czech Republic. It also deals with designed model example of a photovoltaic power plant for the farm and it´s economic evaluation.
Potenciální využití odpadní biomasy k diverzifikaci paliva teplárenského zdroje
Šmíd, Jan
This master´s thesis deals with various fundamental principles of utilization of waste biomass in heating industry. It describes and focuses on the usage of wood waste from logging to produce energy. Analysing real operational data of a selected heating-plant, company Teplárny Brno, a. s., it performs an evaluation of principal parameters waste wood fired heating plant. Based on analysis, there are proposed two variants of the heating plant (without the production of electric energy) and a combined heat and power source (with electricity production) for the Brno heat distribution in the text. The proposed fuel for both sources is the waste biomass, the same the installed heat capacity at the level of 40 MW by both sources. There is also projected a technological equipment in relation to the connection to the existing heat distribution system. The final evaluation is based on a mutual comparison of proposed sources and their comparison with a conventional natural gas fired central heat plant.
Úloha obnovitelných zdrojů energie v rozvoji venkova. Případová studie Jablunkovska
Kubalík, Ondřej
Renewable energy sources are currently at their maximum capacity, but this does not mean that they are slowing down in growing. The first part of the thesis is focused on the issue of renewable resources in the countryside at a general level. The second part is focused specially on the territory of Jablunkov and the possibility of using individual sources of renewable energy in this area. Three of the most suitable sources have been chosen for practical realization options, including economic calculations, these include both fixed costs and operational costs. Calculations were made using the so-called „Kotlíková kalkulačka“, the Photovoltaic Geographical Information System and Microsoft Office. Part of the thesis is also an assessment of the ecological and social aspects of renewable resources, including their impact on the use of the territory itself and the impact on the landscape. The results clearly show up the benefits of new technologies in both economic and environmental terms, and provide space for further use of renewable energy sources, whether in rural areas or in cities. Economically, the purchase of a heat pump is the best choice, the possibility of building new jobs is mainly provided by using of biomass. The thesis should serve as support for an even greater use of renewable energy, or in the decision making progress in choosing the most suitable alternative of renewable energy source for a family house.
Kvantifikace potenciálů produkce a nákladů na realizaci biomasy pro nepotravinářské aplikace
Filipová, Jana
The Bachelor thesis is focused on economical evalution of biomass sources used for other than food industrial usage. It also explains why the non-food-instrial aplications are being used nowadays. The thesis is focused mainly on thermochemical transformations including descriptions of crops which are perceive heat or electricity and then these processes are economically valued. The liquid and gas biofuels are also described in one seperate chapter. At the conclusion the SWOT analysis of a specific agricultural company harvesting and delivering crops for energetic purposes is created.
Budování a provoz bioplynových stanic a jeho dopady na lokální rozvoj z pohledu obyvatel obce – případová studie Velké Albrechtice
Červenková, Ivana
Diploma thesis Building and Operation of Biogas Stations and Theirs Impacts on Local Development from the Perspective of the Municipality´s Residents – A case study of Velké Albrechtice deals with the impact of the operation of biogas stations in the municipality of Velké Albrechtice on local development from a perspective of local residents. As a part of this work, a questionnaire survey and analysis of biogas stations in the municipality were carried out. The theoretical part is based on an identification of energy sources and their division. More attention is paid to renewable energy sources, respectively to secondary energy sources. It also focuses on establishing of the concept of biogas plants, theirs functioning, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it describes problems and conflicts with the establishment of biogas plants. The practical part of the thesis presents the case locality - the municipality of Velké Albrechtice and specific biogas stations. Additionally, it evaluates opinions and attitudes of the local population towards these stations both before going to production and at present. It also includes an analysis of the results of the questionnaire survey and discussion about it. The output of the thesis is a comparison of the situation in the initial period of conflicts and current problems with the functioning of biogas stations. Moreover, it inquires whether there have been any changes both from the perspective of residents and in the operation of the stations. Reasons of these changes are evaluated at the discussion of the thesis. Next, the most significant positive and negative effects of the construction and operation of the biogas plant on the life of the community and its development are identified. Last but not least, the thesis conclusion formulates recommendations that can improve the future development of biogas plants in the Czech Republic and can prevent conflicts between biogas plant operators and the local population in other locations.
Výzkum možností energetického využití biologicky dosoušené biomasy =: Research of the possibilities of energy utilization of biologically dried biomass /
John, Jakub
The aim of the thesis is to verify and experimentally prove that there is technically possible and economically, energetically and environmentally rational to produce solid fuel from biodegradable waste with parameters of solid alternative fuel according to planned legislation and to design equipment for such production. This research is carried out through literary research of similar solutions and past research and scientific publications, own experimental work and design of the technology. The experimental determination of the thermal performance of aerobic fermentation processes for subsequent utilization in biomass bio drying, the analysis of dependence of energy properties of the material on the input material composition, the theoretical demonstration of feasibility of the biomass bio drying technology without additional heat source and the design of the technology that would experimentally and theoretically described phenomena introduce into industrial practice.

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