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Segmentation of the Single-Family Housing Market
Bondareva, Anna ; Koudelka, Jan (advisor) ; Stříteský, Václav (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to test the possibility of forward and backward segmentation on the single-family housing market, to reveal, describe and develop a profile of segments and to suggest marketing recommendations. Data from primary research is encoded in MS Excel and processed in the statistical analysis program SPSS Statistics 19 for Windows. The output of the thesis reveals three forward segments and three backward segments of the market. Based on certain specifics shown by each of the monitored segments, I suggested numerous marketing recommendations.
Theory of real estate valuation and valuation of a concrete realty
Dvořáková, Jitka ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Godány, Josef (referee)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of real estates valuation. The work deals with basic concepts of the valuation of real estates and methods, which are used for the valuation of real estates. The concrete real property, which is a family house with equipment, is valued by administrative valuation method in the practical part. The evaluation is carried out by the administrative method according to valuation regulation.
Research August 1948 ÚVVM: Inhabitation. B 75, B 75
Ústav pro výzkum veřejného mínění
Community survey was initiated by the General secretariat of Economic Chamber. Questions deal with inhabitation, if people would rather have lived in a house or apartment building and whether the house where they live, is in private ownership. Several questions deal with work in the garden.
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A project documentation of a onegeneration family detached house in Rudolfov written in an immensity needed to issue the building licence
This thesis explains basic, usually used constructional terms, describes the rules for drafting the projection drawings and it informs about legislative directives, which acompany every process of construction. It also mentions possibilities of building materials offered on the czech market. The work talks about wooden buildings, about constructions of bricks, enumerates advantages of insulation and presents the types of roofcoverings. It also describes the positives and negatives of classic heating and informs about new alternatives, which use bottomless natural sources. The most expanded windows in our country {--} thus the windows of wood and plastic are mentioned as well in the thesis. It presents some specialist´s opinions of most discussed themes in the building industry, it introduces new trends like thermal pump, solar collector and recuperation. Results of this work contain description of two solutionvariants, valuation of a detached house and determining of necessary construction costs. The thesis includes also a technical report and calculation of energy demands.
Draft layout of large three-floor single-family house in the village Příkosice, Rokycany district
The aim of this thesis was to draw up a draft layout of large three-floor single-family house in the village Příkosice. In this work, I proposed two alternative solutions of which I worked up one to the desired stage. Architectural and functional solution to the variant of the house correspond to modern requirements for living. This building is located at a specific site in the built-up area of Příkosice. In the work, basic legislative conditions for the design documentation and construction of the building are presented. There is a brief description of the construction materials and the reasons for its use. Drawing part was processed using Microstation.
A project documentation of a family detached house on a scale needed to issue the building licence.
TŮMA, Martin
This thesis explains basic problems related to construction of the building. A primary goal of this work was set to work out a project of small detached house in given locality. This project has to reflect requirements of modern young family living. The appearance of house also has to respect circumstances of rural surrounding. The Local plan sets out a land use strategy for the district. During this work were all the regulations of planning policy followed. Designing building layouts to maximize the space use and improve accessibility inside buildings are important consideration for building designers. There were two possible building layouts designed. After due consideration was one of these variants chosen for further elaboration. The considerable work has been done by taking a general overview of the building process preparation. The main conclusion of this work is not only the spatial layout of one single house. Building law in the Czech Republic was completely modified year 2007. In connection with this modification, this work also provides a useful outline of new building act.
The methodology of valuation of real estate and valuation of family house with equipment in Cerveny Kostelec
Kopecký, Pavel ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Zeman, Karel (referee)
The work deals with basic concepts of the valuation of real estates, institutions in the field of valuation of assets and methods, which are used for the valuation of real estates. There is valuated the specific property - the family house with its equipment in Cerveny Kostelec in the practical part of this work. The evaluation is carried out by the administrative method according to valuation regulation.
Ocenění nemovitostí
Pěkný, Ondřej ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Hezina, Miloslav (referee)
Práce ve své první části vysvětluje základní pojmy a metody oceňování nemovitostí, jejich srovnání, výhody a nevýhody. Její součástí je i příklad na zvážení návratnosti investice do nemovitosti v centru Prahy a provozování ubytovacího zařízení. Jsou zde porovnány tři způsoby možného financování hypotéčního úvěru, včetně zvážení rizik u každého z nich. Ve druhé části, která je praktická, je oceněn rodinný dům včetně pozemku a příslušenství v Praze - Kunraticích.
Tax incidence of submission and elimination villa from business property
Bartáková, Jitka ; Svátková, Slavomíra (advisor)
This final work value tax incidence of enterprice in family house. This work aims to individual income tax and VAT on model example.

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