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New homestead with a stable for horses
ZEIS, Martin
The topic of this Bachelor's thesis is to design a new homestead with a stable for horses. The first part of work focuses on the historical development of rural buildings. This section discusses the connection of rural buildings with the surrounding environment, the used materials and the overall historical development of the Czech lands in the early days of rural architecture until the mid 20th century. The second part presents the new homestead with the stable.
Vrdy - Návrh rozšíření stávající bytové jednotky do půdního prostoru rodinného domu
Havránek, Miroslav
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to elaborate upon the technical data for the project of the attic implementation at an existing family house. The thesis deals with creation of the project documentation for the attic at the Soňa and Pavel Smetanek's single-storey house. The project offers more options. These suggested options can be complemented alternatively in case of a future staircase construction that can cause changes in the layout plan and the ceiling structure. The bachelor thesis consists of layout options of the first--floor arrangements and implementation designs of the second floor that functions as a living quarter. The last part of the bachelor thesis deals with the calculation of thermal transmittance coefficients of the building enclosure. The designs abide by the conditions of the living quarter and observe the normative space requirements for human beings.
Dřevěný rodinný dům s upravitelným přízemím pro osoby s omezenou schopností pohybu
Horáček, Jiří
The task of the thesis is to develop the necessary technical documentation for the implementation of the wooden house. In the first part is made a general overview on the construction of wooden buildings and design of consturction layers. Furthermore, we present data describing of using the rainwater in buildings, construction of green roofs and there is also outlined the problems of static structural analysis. The main part of the work is focused on making the documentation of a particular house, especially the election of the structural design. Design of wall layers, ceiling layers and detailed solutions. The conclusion is devoted to a summary and evaluation of the theases. Thesis is accompanied by the production house documentation solved. In the attached is a static protocol dokument of house and roof.
Project of a family country-house for the Middle Czech region. The range of the project documentation-with the aim of the declaration of the construction.
KUBÁT, David
The thesis focused on the project of house in three sizes, typical countryside, in the village Struhařov near Benešov. The content of the thesis is a literal research, in which I discuss the problém of projects for new houses, of building family houses at the end of 20th century, of the reconstruction of the buildingproces of the construction of the family house. The aim of the thesis is the elaboration of the selected tyoe of the family house till the declaration of the simple construction according to the law 499/2006Sb. The selected type must meet the architectural demands first of all, so thatit does not bother the overal look of the countryside, at the same time it must alsomeet the demands of modern architecture. At the end of the thesis there is an evaluation of the choise of the type of thefamily house, of the used materials and technologies.
The draft of country family house with barriers free entries within the range of project documentation for the notification of the construction
PECH, Lukáš
This thesis is aiming on designing of project documentation within the extent of the building Act. This documentation describes the building of family house with external and internal wheelchair access and operational arrangements related to these needs. One of the goals is also familiarization with the building Act as well as with Decree on general technical requirements for the construction. Wheelchair accessibility is wide and complicated subject, where are the requirements for the construction strictly given, therefore the Decree 398/2009 Sb. about the general technical requirements establishing the use of barrier-free buildings has become the starting basis. The building must comply with technical and architectural demands to allow the disabled persons normal usage of the construction.

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