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The Influence of the Ancient art on Renaissance Sculptors in the 2nd half of 15th - 1st half of 16th Century
Nováková, Tatiana ; Jarošová, Markéta (advisor) ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (referee)
The Bachelor thesis called The influence of the ancient art on Renaissance sculptors in the 2nd half of 15th - 1st half of 16th century focuses on the comparison of ancient works with renaissance works in that period. It aims to compare possible themes and ideas of ancient figures that sculptors at that time could use as patterns for their work. Central attention will be given to these sculptors: Donatello, Tullio Lombardo, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pierino da Vinci and Benvenuto Cellini. In my work, we also look at mythological scenes from a viewpoint of confrontation with the statue. The next aim is the introduction into historical and political context, that had a significant impact on the evolution of the art scene.
Image of Venus in Renaissance Art under the Influence of Ancient Art
Hloušková, Markéta ; Jarošová, Markéta (advisor) ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the various representations of the mythological Goddess Venus in the Italian Renaissance art. In the introduction of the work, the ancient art and its influence on the Renaissance art will be analyzed. Further, the importance of Greek and Roman mythology and the origin of the myth of the Goddess Venus would be explained. The key point of the work is the masterpiece by Sandro Botticelli - "The Birth of Venus", which will be analyzed from historical and formal perspective. The aim of this thesis is to map out Renaissance artworks in which this subject is reflected. Keywords Ancient art, Italy, Mythology, Neoplatonism, Renaissance, Renaissance art, Sandro Botticelli, Venus, The Birth of Venus, The ideal of Woman
Fortress Europe? Evaluation of Ideas for the Future of the EU
Putensen, Jan ; Riegl, Martin (advisor) ; Mičko, Branislav (referee)
Bibliographic note Putensen, J., 2019. Fortress Europe? Evaluation of Ideas for the Future of the EU. Master's thesis. Charles University, Prague. Abstract This thesis explores the use of the symbolic term Fortress Europe by political parties and move- ments in Austria, Germany, and Italy who are in favor of establishing a Fortress Europe and their ideas for what a Fortress Europe should look like. While the use of the term by left-wing critics of European immigration policies has been well covered in the literature, no author has yet analyzed the use of the term by political parties and movements that have started to demand a Fortress Europe since 2015. Based on an analysis of the appearance of the term Fortress Eu- rope in European media coverage conducted via the Factiva database, three countries with a relatively high use of the term in their media were selected for in-depth case studies. In partic- ular, the ideas of the following three extreme right groups were analyzed and compared: the Identitarian Movement Austria (IBÖ), the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), and Fortezza Europa (literal translation from Italian: Fortress Europe). It was found that their vi- sions of a Fortress Europe are very similar and aim to prevent any type of foreign immigration on a large scale in order to preserve...
Comparison of Personal Income Tax in the Czech Republic and Italy
Turňová, Karolína ; Svirák, Pavel (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis and comparison of income taxation in the Czech Republic and Italy. The theoretical part describes and compares personal income taxation in the two countries. Based on model situations, the practical part includes tax calculations focused on tax on income from employment. The effective tax rate and the average rate of taxation are used in the calculations to facilitate international comparison and analysis of the results.
The Gap between Policy and Practice: Dublin Regulation III in Post-Overburdened Italy
Trabelsi, Ines ; Bernard Thompson Mikes, Antonin (advisor) ; Rood, Jan (referee)
Focused on procedural safeguards for asylum seekers contained within Dublin Regulation III (Articles 4 and 5), this thesis has the aim of understanding why Italian administrations are still not compliant with these rights, which are nevertheless guaranteed in directly applicable and immediately enforceable EU legislation. This study turns its attention to the enforcement obstacles, and explores the factors that might impede compliance with the law, some of which appeared less self-evident than others. Before proceeding to a technical on-the-ground analysis of the problem informed by expert interviews, the previously assumed argument of 'overburdened peripheral state' is first taken off the debate, since, as the thesis explains, due to recent policies, Italy has not been burdened during the last two years and yet has still been demonstrating lack of compliance. The results point to two clear distinct factors: a poor administration lacking staff, training and autonomy, as well as a lack of control and sanction from EU and National entities, and lack of litigation from below. Further results hinting at the potential existence of political interference in administrations' non-application of these articles have also been highlighted but not confirmed as those are in need of more thorough research....
Impacts of the migrant crisis on Italy
Adamec, František ; Mejstřík, Martin (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
One of the actual resonating topics in Europe is so called migration crisis. European Union struggles to get unexpected flows of migrants under control, trying to figure out an optimum way to take over and stabilize the region and get the situation under control. The work is approached as Case study with goal to map the migrant flows into Italy from 2014 to 2017 and to identify differences, whether the Italian approach is or is not in compliance with the central EU steps. Main sense is to verify the hypothesis that EU is not capable of dealing sufficiently with migrant inflows in short-term. The theoretical part of the bachelor work provides general explanation of the European migration crisis and presents migration flows progress in the four years history. The analytical part explores key elements of Italian approach and accompanying effect of human rights violation. Possible future scenarios are drafted at the very end of this bachelor work.
Separatist tendencies in Europe - case of Catalonia and Padania
Voráček, Michal ; Romancov, Michael (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis is devoted to Catalan and Padanian (North Italian) separatism. It aims to analyze and compare separatist tendencies in two European regions - in Catalonia and in the region of so-called Padania on the background of the historical development within their home states. The thesis is a combination of a description and a comparative case study and is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part deals with the definition of the basic terms that are crucial for understanding the issue of separatism and that pervade the whole thesis. After that, the cleavage theory of Stein Rokkan and Seymour Martin Lipset is briefly introduced, especially the centre-periphery cleavage on which the analytic part is based. The analytic part deals with the origin and rise of Catalan and, respectively, Padanian separatism, with an emphasis on the historical development of the analyzed regions, their current position within Spain and Italy, the main factors affecting separatist and nationalist tendencies and the contemporary political representation in both regions. In the final chapter, the obtained data are compared with the aim to find the basic similarities and differences between the separatism in Catalonia and so-called Padania.
The Inspiration of the Message of the Movement Arte Povera in Object Realisation or a New Art from Second-Hand (theoretical - practical thesis)
This thesis named The Inspiration of the Message of the Movement Arte Povera in Object Realisation or a New Art from Second-Hand is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical contains the beginning and evolvement of Arte Povera as an art group in the sixties which were affected by a political and social unstability in Italy. Individual artists of this movement, analysis of their works and collective exhibitions connected with Arte povera will be part of the research. Thesis also takes a closer look at czechoslovakian context of the sixties and seventies, its representative figures and their connection with Italian art scene. The practical part is inspired by a knowledge acquired from the works of the representatives of Arte povera and its part are downsized models of the final work and photos.
Svatojiřská legenda a její odraz v porcelánovém papírmaše
The diploma thesis deals with the legend of St. George, deals with its processing in the Renaissance Florence and presents monuments with this motif from Italy and Czech territory. The aim of the diploma thesis is the interconnection of the theoretical and practical part. Inspiration became the ceramic reliefs made by Renaissance artists, in particular the della Robbia family. The work will be supplemented by an unconventional technique of processing porcelain paper with the motive of St. George. The theoretical part discusses the life of St. George, deals with the mission of the saint and tells the legendary story of victory over the dragon. Also included are documents that provide a deeper analysis of the legend of St. John the Baptist, as well as the iconography that discusses the St George's legend from the point of view of Christian beliefs. In the practical part, the theoretical part will be used for the processing of composite material from paper and porcelain with motive of St. George the dragonslayer.

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