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Goliath Versus Goliath: EU Democracy Promotion in the Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia's Alternative Agenda
Depo, Bogdana ; Rovná, Lenka (advisor) ; Wessels, Wolfgang (referee) ; Rovná, Lenka (referee)
of The PhD Thesis by Bogdana DEPO 'Goliath Versus Goliath: EU Democracy Promotion in the Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia's Alternative Agenda' The proclamation of the ultimate victory of the liberal democracy, which was popular in the 1990s, has clearly become inconsistent today, especially if one looks at the Eastern Partnership countries. Whereas EU was the biggest democracy promoter in the world, establishing stable democracy in its Eastern European neighbourhood remains a challenge. The main assumption of these thesis is that Russia's competitive agenda has outbalanced EU's efforts in democracy promotion, or at least challenged it. This competition was manifested by considerable evolution of the policy instruments developed by both competitive actors. Goliath versus Goliath describes EU's growing assertiveness with democracy promotion and Russia's alternative agenda which offsets EU's influence in the shared neighbourhood. Theoretically speaking it might appear as a clash of the liberal democracy concept versus realism. The main conclusion of these thesis is that the EU was not be able to advance its democracy promotion as every new step in democratization was met with a spiral of Russia's assertive actions.
Political Systems and its teaching in civics at elementary school.
Rund, David ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Stracený, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the political systems and its tuition at elementary school. In the theoretical part of the text, the historical development of the idea of democracy in ancient Greece and Rome, the development of parliamentarism in the UK and the expansion of political rights in Europe are announced to the reader. The importance of this development is considerable, as it forms the basis of democratic political institutions that are the core of this thesis. The rest of the theoretical part is dedicated to the undemocratic regimes. It deals with the development of these regimes and its theoretical definition against the democratical one. All of these undemocratic regimes are presented on examples of existing or collapsed states. The practical part of my thesis is dedicated to the tuition of political systems in Framework Educational Program which is presented in the subject Education on Citizenship and the cross-cutting theme Education of Democratic Citizen. The all theoretical knowledge is used in the draft of four tuition blocks. During these classes, students are gradually acquainted with democratic institutions on example of non-profit organisation, municipal and state level. Some of didactic activities shall be used during those four tuition blocks, too. Through these activities,...
Public Opinion on the Functioning of Democracy and Respect to Human Rights in the Czech Republic - February 2018
Čadová, Naděžda
Part of Public Opinion Research Centre survey in February were several questions concerning respondents' opinions on the functioning of democracy in the Czech Republic, the general attitudes towards democracy and respect for human rights in our country.
Image of Political Parties - December 2017
Červenka, Jan
In December 2017 survey Public Opinion Research Centre focused on public's views concerning main Czech political parties and movements.
Election observation, Case study of OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission at municipal elections in 2017 in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Nekvindová, Markéta ; Mlejnek, Josef (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
The master thesis presents the role of election observation with emphasis on OSCE/ODIHR election observation missions with a special focus on the OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission at municipal elections in October 2017 in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where the author participated as a long-term observer. It deals with the purpose and functioning of election observation missions, international electoral standards establishing political and civil rights, on the basis of which democratic elections should be held. Furthermore, the challenges the missions are currently facing and the role of the Czech Republic in the system of election observation. The case study presents OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission, summarizes the type of information needed to observe electoral aspects in the long term and evaluates election days with the outcomes of the election observation mission.
The conditions and opportunities of the development of civil society organizations in the field of preservation and promotion of the distinct national culture in Buryatia
Borisova, Varvara ; Pajas, Petr (advisor) ; Benyovszky, Selma (referee)
This thesis focuses on the description of real conditions and opportunities of development of civil society organizations in the field of cultural heritage preservation in Buryatia, which is a federal subject in Russia. The theoretical part includes basic approaches to the concept of civil society, the definition of culture, a brief excursus into the history of civic activism in Russia, and an overview of laws and regulations governing the activities of Russian non-profit organizations. In the second part the author, through semi-structured interviews and a document analysis, seeks to provide a detailed insight into the context in which the organized civil society exists in Buryatia nowadays and to understand what role it plays in the process of rediscovering and promoting the Buryat national culture that was suppressed during the Soviet period. The conclusions of the thesis point to general improvement in the conditions for civil society in Buryatia over the last 27 years, and also contain recommendations on a range of actions that should help overcome the current barriers. Key words: civil society, non-profit organization, culture, nation, national revival, Buryatia, Post- Soviet period, democracy.
The phenomenon of democracy in the social doctrine of the Church
NOVÁK, Tomáš
The diploma thesis deals with the historical development of the attitude of the Church social doctrine towards the phenomenon of democracy. It compares the values of modern democracy and social doctrine. Implicit historical attitudes to democracy derive from the theses obtained by analyzing all the essential documents of social doctrine. The theses related to democracy explicitly are placed in the context and comments of other authors. In conclusion, it summarizes the genesis of the attitude of the Church's social doctrine to democracy in a systematic overview with the links. The summary distinguishes the level of the value starting-points of the Church social doctrine and the level of attitude towards democracy as such.
Transformation of the United States-Vietnam relations in the past two decades
Linhart, Tomáš ; Čížek, Martin (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
This thesis deals with the transformation of the american-vietnamese relations after the Vietnam War. The work monitors the situation prior to the official establishment of diplomatic relations, analyses the international context essential for those changes. After the war, Vietnam was techically isolated for 20 years and for a long time suffered by both the social and economic ramifications of the conflict. However, during the presidency of Barack Obama Vietnam turned into a strategic partner. The thesis aims to clarify the current relations and also offer an extensive outline of the present situation inside the Vietnamese society - for that reason, 3 respondents originally from Vietnam were questioned. The thesis also aims to answer the following questions: how a hated enemy could possibly become a partner and under what circumstances (political, social, economic and also geopolitical) are needed. The first part of the paper offers a brief history overview, in the second, more extensive and more important one, the paper deals with current situation in Vietnam and diplomatic and economic changes that happened after the war had ended and mainly after the official ties were established.

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