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Animation of building construction
Kuncl, David ; Čábelka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Štefanová, Eva (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on analysis of software for 3D animation of building construction, specifically of software, Anim8or, Blender and Maya, which are the most used representatives of freeware, open-source and commercial software. Based on this analysis is in choosen software created animation of Útulna, which final location will be arround Harrachov. In this thesis are described all main steps in proces of 3D animation creation. Next are reviewed advantages and disadvantages of 3D animation compared to 3D modelling and relevance of its usage.
Kinematická analýza úderu v karate
The diploma thesis deals with the kinematic analysis of the most frequently used technique in sports karate. Specifically, it analyzes the technique of the direct punch Gjaku cuki from the perspective of kumite discipline. The thesis describes its theoretical implementation on the basis of professional publications dedicated to the general public as well as experts and points to the various factors that affect performance in kumite. The strike technique is analyzed in practice with various technical advances by using 3D kinematic analysis (SIMI Motion). The work analyzes in detail the movements of the individual segments of the body, the angular changes between them and examines the variables such as hull inclination, speed, acceleration, height and center of gravity track during the direct punch. The results are partially compared with the theoretical description and the differences in the results of the members of Czech national karate team with different technical maturity are examined. The conclusion are summarized the acquired knowledge from kinematic analysis, which provide a recommendation for the training practice and appropriate advice on quality of Gjaku cuki.
Use of Motion Capture in Animation
Urazajeva, Regina ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes different techniques and application procedures of motion capture technology. It aims to cover individual steps leading from preparation through creation to editing and finalization of a project which uses the mocap technology. The main objective and contribution of the thesis is pointing out some possible difficulties which may occur while using a very complex process of capturing the human motion, and outlining possible means of preventing such problems.
3D animation in animated movies
Tomková, Monika ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
Thesis is centered on the ways of creating 3D animated movies. It includes parts dedicated to history of animated movies, animation techniques and production of animated movies. It deals with problematic of organization and budget creation. Other parts include story ideas and visualization of animated movies. Parts focused on production include basics of modeling, animation and rendering. It also includes evaluation of survey carried during spring 2015 on topic of animated movies. It deals with relation between Czech viewer and animated movies and it follows his watching patterns. Thesis goal was to explore trends in animated movies in correlation with interests of current viewer. It also tries to provide overview of impact that 3D animated movies left in movie industry.

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