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Suggestions on Improvement of the Corporate Culture iof the Company HILTI CZECH REPUBLIC corporation
Cirková, Jana ; Radil, Jan (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
This Diploma Thesis analyses an important part of the corporate culture in HILTI Czech Republic, particularly working and private life area balance. It contains improvement suggestions in time management sphere, so the employees work more effective and not only stand the test without detriment to family life and leisure time activities in the hard reality of nowadays, but also being successful.
Activities of sport managers
The goal of the work was analyse and evaluate activities and competences of sport managers in semi-professional competitions. Completing the team by players from professional clubs was found out as a main aspect of the cooperation during the survey. Nevertheless, this kind of cooperation had no predetermined goals, which could be controlled. A positive finding out has come in cooperation at the youth-level. The clubs cooperate much more here, for example by attending the coaches from the professional clubs at the practices of youths. Even the clubs evaluate this cooperation more positive. Regarding finances, the managers of semi-professional clubs are mostly satisfied with the support of towns, where are situated. Some clubs can take pleasure from the quite significant support. The shortcomings were occurred at the partners of clubs, primarily in the period of agreed cooperation. One-year contracts are not ideal considering the future of the clubs. Therefore, it is in the manager's own interest to negotiate bigger number of long-term partnerships, eventually try to replace the short-term partnerships by the long-term ones. The last surveyed field was focused on ensuring the equipment for sportsmen. There was found out if the managers buy the equipment as effectively as possible and if they delegate other persons by competences in this area. If not, these competences must be handled by the managers. To above mentioned points were suggested the activities for sport managers, which could be helpful for their daily work.
The message of fairy tales for children in kindergarten
This thesis deals with classical fairy tale in the life of pre-school children. The aim of the thesis is to find out any chances if implementing fairy-tale projects so that they could attract contemporary pre-school children, deliver their message and simultaneously correspond with the FEPPE (Framework Education Programme for Preschool Children) targets. The theoretical part deals with developmental stages of apre-school child together with characteristic developmental peculiarities classification. The second part classifies both symbolism and characteristic features of afairy tale. The third part deals with an importance of a fairy tale in a pre-school child´s life and its usage in the framework of pre-school education. The practical part contains a creation of projects which are based on fairy-tales motifs and their implementation with a group of children.
Atletic Activites in kindergarten
Milasevičová, Michaela ; Engelthalerová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Hana (referee)
This thesis is focused on the inclusion of athletic activities in kindergarten. It is conceived as a methodical collection of athletic activities that are established for kindergarten teachers. Its aim is to find suitable athletic activities, to create an overview and to practically try them with preschool children. The work is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is dedicated to a preschool child in terms of physiological and motor. It also describes the importance of play and movement in this age. Another chapter deals with the Framework educational program for preschool education and its relationship to athletics. Then the chapter about athletics follows, which provides a brief history of athletics and its importance to the child. There are also described physical abilities, which are closely related to athletic activities since their assumption. The last part is about the correct techniques of athletic disciplines that can be implemented in kindergarten and it is running, jumping and throwing. In the practical part there are selected athletic activities and games, which are divided into groups according to disciplines of running, dumping, throwing and combination of all activities. In the final section is recorded according to their evalution of selection and...
Free and controlled game and activities in pre-school education in terms of teachers
Kázmerová, Jana ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Špačková, Klára (referee)
This thesis deals with free and controlled play activities in preschool education in terms of teachers. It focuses primarily on the game preschool children playing children spend most of their time is their most important activities for the advancement of their entire personality. The theoretical part is focused on defining the concept of game play and substance of the relationship and the importance of play of preschool children. It is focused on free and controlled the game and activities, and their ratio to the game in terms of teachers. The practical part is focused on the importance of teachers in the free and controlled the game and activities for children in kindergarten through observation. During the observation is focused on the description of children's activities, actions and attitudes of teachers towards free and controlled the game and activities, and children. The result is to highlight the important role of free and controlled the game in the life of preschool age, and especially access to teachers and their role in the open and controlled by children playing. Key words: game, free game, controlled game, activities, teachers, preschool children, nursery school
Activities of preschool children, leading to the subsequent election of synchronized swimming as a sport sector
Šrubařová, Magdaléna ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Engelthalerová, Zdeňka (referee)
Anotation The aim is to find out what activities in pre-school education leading to the election of synchronized swimming in a subsequent age. Another objective is to determine what activities children perform the most common and if there are any that create the most suitable condition for this sport.
Activities of preschool age, leading to the subsequent election of synchronized swimming as a sport.
Šrubařová, Magdaléna ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Hrabinec, Jiří (referee)
Anotation The aim is to find out what activities in pre-school education leading to the election of synchronized swimming in a subsequent age. Another objective is to determine what activities children perform the most common and if there are any that create the most suitable condition for this sport.
Verification of the Kuhlthau's Information Search Process Model in the Environment of the Czech Republic
Přibylová, Ludmila ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Němečková, Lenka (referee)
The thesis focuses on Kuhlthau's Information Search Process Model. Firstly, the author explains Kuhlthau's model of information retrieval and seeking meaning of information from user's perspective. Results of the model are the uncertainty principle and mediation - findings which change our view of library services. In the second part of the thesis, the author introduces other research texts and manuals about writing a scientific text. She pays special attention to Jadwiga Šanderová's comprehensive manual which is called How to read and write a scientific text in social sciences, and to stylistics research text by Světla Čmejrková et al. called How to write down a scientific text. Thirdly, the author evaluates the survey which verifies Kuhlthau's model in the environment of the Czech Republic. The survey has taken place among postgraduate students, teachers and scientists from chosen universities in the Czech Republic
Prevention of burnout
Petrášková, Bohumila ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with burnout syndrome as a phenomenon of our time which threatens individuals and organizations. In the theoretical part burnout is defined and its possible causes with individual and external factors are mentioned. Further the process of burnout is described and the psychosocial and physical symptoms, which indicate the syndrome, are given. Also potential consequences of burnout are discussed. Next chapter deals with factors that may act in the prevention of burnout in working life. There are both internal factors as resistance, motivation and self-management and external factors of occuupational environment mentioned. Last theoretical chapter puts knowledge of burnout in the context of leadership and human resources management. It points to the possibilities of prevention of burnout in organization, attention is paid to knowledge management, talent management and diversity management. Further the personnel activities and their impact on prevention of burnout are referred. In the end importance of personal development, education, work-life balance and spirituality in prevention of burnout are mentioned. The empirical part consists of a questionnaire survey comparing risk of burnout among three age categories and an interview with a psychologist, who deals with the prevention of burnout....
Delegation and its implementation in practice
Tunysová, Alena ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
This thesis deals with process of delegation and its implementation in practice. The thesis consists of a theoretical part and an own work. Theoretical part applies on general concepts of management in the introductory part. Main theoretical part is focused on issues of delegation, its object, elements and goals. Next there are introduced advantages and disadvantages, barriers, which block managers process of delegation. The analysis of work is written in details, that means what is possible or cant be delegate, planning of delegation, which includes goals of planning, terms, decisions, extent of authority or inspection. There are not forgotten chapters focused on a choice of appropriate workmate and a process how to delegate correctly. The practical part is primarily based on a survey in which statements are followed from literature research. Answers of interviewed managers are presented and then illustrated with graphs, where are also added information from unstructured interviews. It is also used a method of structured interview with managers for more details. In conclusion, this own study evaluated the results of the survey and based on these measures is proposed, which should ensure more efficient use of managerial skills in the surveyed company.

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