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Statistická analýza v odvětví stavebnictví České republiky po vstupu do EU
Šafaříková, Tereza
This bachelor thesis deals with statistical analysis in the construction sector of the Czech Republic for the period 2002-2015. The analysis used the following building indicators - building permits, building contracts, housing promotion, employment and wages. The aim of this study is to evaluate the state of the Czech construction industry after EU accession and using methods of time series analysis to prove that the change in time series trend is caused besides by the Czech Republic's accession to the EU.
Kvantifikace dopadů vstupu České republiky do EU na její zemědělský sektor
Kuchaříková, Lidmila
KUCHAŘÍKOVÁ, L., Quantification of impacts of the Czech Republic's accession to the European Union on its agricultural sector. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. This diploma thesis deals with the influence of the Czech Republic's accession to the European Union on Czech agriculture. Attention is particularly focused on arable and livestock farming as well as on the environmental and socio-economic aspects of this problem. The time series of chosen agricultural products, as well as the progress of gross agricultural production per hectare of agricultural land, greenhouse gas emission from agriculture and wage progress in this sector were analyzed. Sowing areas of rapeseed, corn for grain, potatoes and wheat were chosen from the arable farming and production of slaughter animals, pigs, cattle and milk production were chosen from livestock farming. In the regression analysis, factors influencing the income from agricultural activity are identified.
Vliv vybraných faktorů na trh veřejných zakázek ČR
Hubáčková, Vendula
This diploma thesis deals with the public procurement market in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to identify whether selected financial factors and legislative changes have an influence on course of awarded and commenced public contracts. The comparison of individual wordings of Act no. 137/2006 Coll., as subsequently amended, and regression analysis of time series became the main used methods. There was ascertained an influence of thresholds for below-threshold public contracts and an influence of legislative changes on behaviour of contracting authorities. Main financial resources of Czech Republic public contracts were also identified as important factors of influence on volume of commenced public contracts. Results of this thesis lead to the conclusion, that economic situation of state and made political decisions could be important too.
Nezamestnanosť v ČR v rokoch 1993-2014
Handzušová, Jana
This bachelor thesis discusses the unemployment of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2014. This thesis deals with the unemployment from the age structure perspective with the focus on university graduates. The issue is analysed using the unemployment rate of people between the age of 25 and 29 throughout the entire period. Moreover, a perspective of the unemployment of university graduates that are registered at the Labour office is provided and fields of study with the highest unemployment rate of university graduates are identified. The work includes literature review describing the unemployment, its segmentation, methods of measurement and employment policy including used instruments. It also describes time series and decomposition method. In practical part, time series are modelled, using the least squares method in programme Gretl.
Investície do obnoviteľných zdrojov energie
Fábián, Marcel
Fábián M. Investments into renewable energy sources. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. Thesis is focuses on investments into renewable energy sources of three biggest investors such as China, USA and European Union. We design time analysis of ad-vices and base on it we predict probable future development. In next step, we compare our results and find out most perspective and developed country. We also compare each renewable energy sources separately based on following as-pects: costs return, ecology, expenses and the possibility of obtaining subsidies. In the end, we chose best renewable energy source.
Vlivy působící na vývoj dokončené bytové výstavby v České republice
Cibulka, Ondřej
Cibulka, O. Influences affecting the development of completed housing construction in the Czech Republic. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. This bachelor thesis aims at identifying and quantifying the macroeconomic factors, which fundamentally influence the development of completed housing construction in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of the thesis there is presented the known knowledge about the solved issue. The next chapter deals with the nature of the data, the method of their acquisition and the methods used for econometric modeling. To find factors that significantly affect the volume of completed housing construction, two final regression models, each with a different approach, are compiled and compared in the chapter Results using the regression analysis. After that, a prediction of the development of completed housing construction for 2016 is made. It is also solved the impact of the crisis on the number of completed dwellings in the Czech Republic and compared the development of completed housing construction in the Czech Republic and the South Moravian Region. The conclusion of this bachelor thesis contains the interpretation of the achieved results.
Sociodemografická analýza SO ORP Bučovice
Novotná, Martina
The aim of this thesis was sociodemographic analysis of administrative district ORP Bučovice in the period 2005-2015. The first part of this thesis was dealt with description of the demographic analysis and demographic indicators. The second part devoted to the characteristics of the administrative district, civic amenities, further there were analysis of the pointers like natality, abortion, mortality, marriage, divorce rate and the migration. For these indicators, the development trend was projected for 2018 with the help of trending function. The analysis has shown that there is demographic aging in the administrative district and there is also a higher level of education of these population. At the conclusion of this thesis, a cluster analysis was carried out of all municipalities in the administrative district, which divided the municipalities into the clusters.
Analýza vývoje dynamiky obyvatelstva ve správním obvodu obce s rozšířenou působností Kyjov v letech 2005-2015
Mezihoráková, Nikola
The subject of this bachelor thesis is an analysis of the development of selected demographic indicators of population dynamics in a village with extended competence of Kyjov in 2005-2015. Within a limited time period there were monitored and evaluated these following indicators: mortality, fertility and birth rate, abortion, marriage, divorce, migration and natural, migration and overall growth. By using the time series equalization method an appropriate trendy function was created to predict the development of the above mentioned indicators by 2019. The results of the performed analyses showed a rather decreasing trend in the development of birth rate, marriage, migration and natural, migration and overall increment growth, which causes population decline in the monitored area. The indicators of mortality, abortion and divorce rate showed a fluctuating process.
Dynamika obyvatelstva ve správním obvodu obce s rozšířenou působností Uherský Brod
Horecká, Kristýna
The aim of the bachelor thesis is the analysis and capture of the development of demographic indicators of dynamics in the administrative district of the municipality with extended competence Uherský Brod in the period 2006-2015. Firstly, the following demographic indicators are described: mortality, birth rate, fertility, abortion, marriage, divorce, migration, natural, migration and total population growth. Secondly, the prognosis of the development of monitored indicators until 2019 is carried out assisted by time series alignment using trend function. On the one hand on the basis of the analysis carried out it is found out that there is a decrease in mortality, birth rate, divorce rate and natural growth of population. On the other hand, there is an increase of abortions, marriages and migration and total growth of population in the monitored period in administrative district of the municipality with extended competence Uherský Brod.
Trendy v spotrebe potravín v Českej republike a na Slovensku
Žabková, Tatiana
Žabková, T. Trends in Food Consumption in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2020. This diploma thesis deals with the development trends in food consumption in the Czech and Slovak Republic from 1989 to the present period. The basic trends in consumption per capita of chosen food types in these countries are ascertained through the regression analysis. Part of this work is evaluation and comparison of money expenses for food of Czech and Slovak households of employees, self-employed persons and pensioners. A growing trend has been shown in consumption of fruit, vegetables, poultry meat and cheese. On the other hand, consumption of following meals has during previous years decreased: bread, pork, beef, cow´s milk, butter, eggs and potatoes. The empirical analysis has clearly demonstrated that consumption trends of previous period significantly influence how much are Slovak and Czech households spending on food.

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