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Seeming regression of economic indices
Komzáková, Magdalena ; Zvára, Karel (referee) ; Lachout, Petr (advisor)
In the time series analysis it often appears that two or more time series influence each other. When the generating stochastic processes of these series do not have stationary structure but they are stochastically non-stationary, i.e. the characteristic polynomial has a unit root, it happens that the regression modelling the dependence of some absolutely independent series gives statistically significant parameter estimations and statistics used to judge the model fitting do not indicate anything about its impropriety. This phenomenon is called seeming regression (spurious regression) and is solved with the theory of cointegration. We can say that when the series are cointegrated, their model shows their real dependence, not only the seeming one. Due to this fact, cointegration tests are also used for testing for the presence of seeming regression. These tests are based on unit root tests in generating process (or on stationarity tests), because time series can be cointegrated only if their linear combination is a stationary series.
The influence of economic factors on the efficiency of health care
Zvára Jr., Karel
This paper examines the influence of economic factors on the efficiency of health care. The effective health care system may be based on three pillars: standard care, expensive short-term care and expensive long-term care.
Stochastic Modeling of Biodiversity: f-diversity, self f-diversity and Marginal f-diversity
Zvárová, Jana ; Zvára, Karel
The paper is devoted to stochastic modeling of biodiversities, that are presented as selected f-diversities frequently used in biology and medicine. The most often used in biology and medicine are f-diversities called Number Alles, Gini-Simpson diversity and Shannon diversity. We have introduced two new general concepts, named marginal f-diversity and self f-diversity. The statistical properties of sample estimates of the selected f-diversities are mentioned. Results of simulations of f-diversities, self f-diversities and marginal f-diversities for Number Alles, Gini-Simpson and Shannon type diversities on the example of three alleles with fixed probabilities of occurrence and several sample sizes used are presented.
E-learning and the Impact of Information Delivery to Students and Patients in Multilingual Setting
Zvárová, Jana ; Dostálová, T. ; Zvára Jr., Karel ; Seydlová, M. ; Papíková, Vendula ; Zvolský, Miroslav
Particularly important in educational programmes and knowledge dissemination is the role of the Internet. We show several approaches how to use Internet and Web 2.0 based e-learning tools in doctoral and lifelong education. Within the fields of health and medicine there are three main areas, where the e-learning approach has been applied: medical training, research translation and health literacy. We show some e-learning tools, especially interactive books, interactive programs and system ExaMe, using examples from the field of dentistry. We also concern with problem of transferring knowledge in different languages using Internet based European Journal for Biomedical Informatics.
Nová strategie výuky stomatologie pro všeobecný směr
Seydlová, M. ; Dostálová, J. ; Zvára Jr., Karel ; Zvárová, Jana ; Feberová, J.
Teaching of dentistry at the Second Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague is running in the 4th yera of study in two week cycle of 60 teaching hours in Czech and English languages. We support education byx the electronic version of the book "Dentistry" and the ExaME system for evaluation of students´knowledge.
Electronic Health Record and Medical Guidelines in Cardiology
Zvárová, Jana ; Peleška, Jan ; Zvára Jr., Karel ; Mareš, Rudolf
In the paper we discuss the development of electronic medical guidelines in cardiology that can be interconnected with electronic health records. To support medical decision making in practice the web based software for treatment of hypertension using electronic guidelines was developed.
Education and Training in Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology, at the EuroMISE Center
Zvárová, Jana ; Hanzlíček, Petr ; Peleška, Jan ; Štefek, Martin ; Švejda, David ; Tomečková, Marie ; Zvára Jr., Karel ; Choura, Michal ; Gula, Pavel
In the paper we show the different activities of the EuroMISE Center in the field of medical informatics, statistics and epidemiology education and training. The development of these activities has started within TEMPUS-PHARE project and is continuing with the support of IT EDUCTRA (Fourth Framework Programme) project. New approaches using Internet and new developed programmes are described.

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