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Regression Testing For zlomekFS
Zouhar, Jiří ; Yaghob, Jakub (referee) ; Tůma, Petr (advisor)
ZlomekFS is a distributed lesystem for transparent sharing of directory trees. This thesis describes how regression testing for ZlomekFS was built. The thesis summarizes software testing methods in the context of ZlomekFS and proceeds to build an actual testing system for ZlomekFS, consisting of six parts: (1) a unit testing framework for C code with an automatic test discovery and a minimalistic interface, (2) a logging facility with C and Python interfaces, with ltering and remote control, (3) workload generator for random test sequences generated from an operation dependency graph with support for failure reproduction and trace reduction, (4) test controlling and reporting framework, (5) test result repository with web user interface, (6) continuous integration server for automatic builds and tests.
Cabin recreation in the district of Hodonín (development, territorial dislocation and typology)
This diploma work analyses recreation in the cabins, gardening, working on personal plots and wine making in the district of Hodonín. First of all, it deals with cabin typology and properties in the gardens, private plots and vineyards, which are not used for staying in (arbours). These investigated properties used for recreation form summer settlements {--} used for staying in or other purpose {--} arboured or both, settlements of different types. These typologies we apply to territorial charting of cabins, arbours and their settlements in Hodonín district. (There have been charted 5 376 cabins and 4 939 arbours). The diploma work contains the summary of enviromental problems and those connected with territorial planning and other activities mentioned above.

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2 ZOUHAR, Jiří
2 Zouhar, Jakub
6 Zouhar, Jan
1 Zouhar, Josef
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