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Leukaemias with BCR/ABL fusion gene.
Hovorková, Lenka ; Zuna, Jan (advisor) ; Zemanová, Karla (referee)
Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome, as a result of reciprocal translocation, is in majority of cases connected to two types of leukaemia - chronic myelogenous (CML) and acute lymphoblastic (ALL). The translocation occurs within large intronic sequences of BCR and ABL genes. The breakpoints are specific for individual patient and may be used as a target for monitoring of leukemic burden (MRD, minimal residual disease) during the treatment. In general, MRD is an important prognostic factor, which influences the treatment intensity. Two standardized methods are currently used for its monitoring. The first one is based on the detection of clonal specific Immunoglobulin and/or T-cell receptor genes rearrangements (and thus cannot be used for CML cases) at the DNA level, the second one utilizes detection of the BCR/ABL fusion gene at the mRNA level. Our aim was to optimize and standardize the process to find individual patient breakpoints on Ph chromosome and to use it for MRD quantification. We found the breakpoint in 80 % cases. The MRD data from 15 patients obtained by our method were compared to the levels obtained by standard methods (Ig/TCR and BCR/ABL transcript quantification). In all but 1 patient we found significant discrepancies, raising the questions about leukemic origin and the most accurate method for...

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