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Establishing of the Small Company
Zeman, Vojtěch ; Bumberová, Veronika (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is to prepare a business plan for the establishment of a new forest nursery. The thesis is divided into four main parts. The first part is the goals of the work and the chosen methodology. The second part contains a theoretical description, which is based on literature. In the next part I use selected methods and analyzes to map the current situation. The last fourth part is a proposal of a business plan with conclusions and recommendations for a newly established forest nursery.
Kinetics of photochromic reactions in thin polymeric layers
Zeman, Vojtěch ; Weiter, Martin (referee) ; Vala, Martin (advisor)
The thesis is aimed to the study of spiropyrane behavior in polymeric matrix of poly(N-vinylkarbazole) (PVK) and poly[2-methoxy-5-(3´,7´-dimethyloctyloxy)-1,4-fenylenvinylene)] (MDMO-PPV). The photochromic transformation of spiropyrane to its isomeric merocyanine form (SPMC) was studied by absorption and emission spectroscopy. It was found, that photochromic reaction is markedly dependent on the environment. In the PVK polymer, which don’t absorb in the visible region, a high yield of photochromic reaction was achieved. Both, absorption and emission spectrums were observed for this system. From the measurement of time dependencies of the fotochromic reaction, the activation energy of the reverse reaction was determined. A different behavior, particularly in emissive spectrums, was found for the MDMO-PPV polymer doped with spiropyrane. Instead of formation of new band of merocyanine, decrease of the polymer fluorescence was observed. Subsequently, we studied the interaction between the polymeric matrix and the photochromic spiropyrane using fluorescence quenching method. On the basis of energy transfer theory, a critical radius of the fluorescence quenching sphere in solution and in solid was determined.
Motivation for Volunteer Work
Zeman, Vojtěch ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
The aim of the thesis is an analysis and subsequent evaluation and motivational types and typologies of value of volunteers in a nonprofit organization. In the theoretical part I explain the basic concepts of volunteerism and motivation issues including the performance of selected motivational theories and typologies of value. In the practical part there is analysis based on theoretical knowledge and motivation levels of the individual volunteer in non-profit organization. For the above-needed research, I chose the Pioneer, z.s., Pioneer Group Koloušci. There i expecially research the motivation and values of subordinates and executives, and the obtained data I also compare, interpret and evaluate.
Studie výroby hraček
Zeman, Vojtěch
This master thesis deals with the issue of production of wooden toy in the company Detoa Albrechtice. The aim was to prepare an analysis of the current state of the company, including a description of the existing production proces. Based on this analysis, it was designed several variants of possible solutions. Because of the scope of work has been chosen one optimal solution. This option in more detail processed. The thesis also includes an option to extend the range of existing production The results obtained are shortly economic evaluation.

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