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Acceleration of Burrows-Wheeler Transform Using GPU
Zahradníček, Tomáš ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Šimek, Václav (advisor)
This thesis deals with Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT) and possibilities of acceleration of this transform on graphics processing unit (GPU). Methods of compression based on BWT are introduced, as well as software libraries CUDA and OpenCL for writing programs for GPU. Parallel variants of BWT are implemented, as well as following steps necessary for compression, using CUDA library. Amount of compression of used approaches are tested and parallel versions are compared to their sequential counterparts.
Roots and Faces of the National Parliament. Czech National Council, 1968-2018
Gjuričová, Adéla ; Zahradníček, Tomáš
The volume opens a systematic research of the Czech National Council and more generally, of national parliaments in federal Czechoslovakia. It includes studies on establishing the National Council in 1968, its parliamentary life in late Socialist period as well as its revival after 1989. The second part contains memories by actors of all three of these stages recorded during the conference.
From the Regional Soviet to the National Parliament. Three Phases of the Transformation of the Czech National Council in 1989-1992
Zahradníček, Tomáš
The study looks at how the Czech Republic's authorities, and in particular the Czech National Council, gradually gained in importance and took over the role of the main political institutions in the last three years of the existence of the Czechoslovak Federation.
Library for Dynamic Data Structure Visualization
Zahradníček, Tomáš ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Peringer, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and implementation of library for visualizing dynamic data structures as directed graphs. It also focuses on errors, that can occur when implementing such structures. Resulting library can be used as debugging tool and may help understand algorithms for these structures.
Czechoslovak TV in the time of Perestrojka: Public Diskussions in the late 1980s
Machát, Zbyněk ; Pullmann, Michal (advisor) ; Zahradníček, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis is called "Czechoslovak Television in the Period of Perestroika: Discussion Programs in the Late 1980s" and it attempts to add its bit to the research of the complex mosaic of late socialism in former Czechoslovakia. Television is not a topic standing in the limelight of historiographers' interest. However, the reasons for this thesis are clear - in the 1970s, television has become a dominant information channel in the Euro-Atlantic space. The thesis wants to draw attention to the significant phenomenon affecting society in the second half of the twentieth century - role of the mass media and their contribution to creating public space. With help of contemporary concepts of Jean Baudrillard, Jürgen Habermas, and Bruno Latour, the thesis tries to answer the question: what is television? The thesis maps the efforts and development of promoting television in Czechoslovakia and focuses on selected programs from the late 1980s. These programs contributed to reconstitution of public space as a place of articulation of specific interests of various social groups, mostly through public debate or conflict. In order to understand the change that these programs brought, the thesis attempts to reconstruct contemporary discourse on a wider pallet of resources than just television programs. These are...
Polish Workers in Czechoslovakia: Unwelcome Friendship: Specific features of temporary labor migration in the socialist system
Klípa, Ondřej ; Kučera, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Zahradníček, Tomáš (referee)
Dissertation Title Polish Workers in Czechoslovakia: Unwelcome Friendship Specific features of temporary labor migration in the socialist system Author Ondřej Klípa Summary The aim of the dissertation is to study the case of Polish workers in Czechoslovakia who were employed on conditions set by intergovernmental treaties. Most of them were women. This case had two specific features. First, it was highly regulated by both of the co-operating states. Second, the state bodies tried to control intensively both the workers in order to isolate them from local population and the public discourse of this topic. In this study I argue that both of the features arise from fundamental elements of socialist system, which are "economy of shortage" and totalitarianism. These elements were identified in the work of Hungarian economist János Kornai. Instead of totalitarianism as a coherent concept I use only certain totalitarian practices that were exercised with variable intensity, depending on circumstances. In the dissertation I examine causality between these two fundamental elements (independent variables) and both regulation and control (dependent variables). For this purpose I consider the studied case as a specific model of temporary labor migration in socialist system. The case is also situated in a broader...
The Ukrainians on the Czech Territory and Czechoslovak-Ukrainian Relations in the years 1944-1949
Zilynskyj, Bohdan ; Švec, Luboš (advisor) ; Vykoukal, Jiří (referee) ; Zahradníček, Tomáš (referee)
My thesis deals with the main aspects of the development of the Ukraininian minority on the Czech territory so as with the history of Czechoslovak-Ukrainian and Czech- Ukrainian relationships from 1944 to 1949. Nearly all aspects of such relationships were negotiated on Czechoslovak-Soviet level. Author presents concrete examples of the role of Ukraine in Czechoslovak-Soviet relationships. Another chapter describes the developement of Ukrainian national group in the Czech lands in 1944-1949 and the main transformations of this regionally, as well as socially, complex community. The last chapter envisages Ukrainian organizations in Bohemia including the structures of Greek Catholic Church. The author characterizes the main changes and the causes of worsening conditions for the existence of Ukrainian organizations. So the author explains the principles of systhematic suppression of main activities of the Ukrainian national group in Bohemia and Moravia after 1945.
Analysis of the performance of the company Philip Morris ČR
Zahradníček, Tomáš ; Kislingerová, Eva (advisor) ; Smrčka, Luboš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of the company Philip Morris ČR. The evaluation is done for years 2004 to 2010. The theoretical part describes methods and principles which are used in practical part. The practical part is composed from financial analysis and analysis of efficiency. The financial analysis contains horizontal and vertical analysis of the balance sheet and the statement of income, the ration indicators, Du Pont analysis, EVA and MVA analysis, creditworthy and bankruptcy models and inter -- company comparisons. The analysis of efficiency contains analysis of performance and productivity and then analysis of complex economic activity. The summary concludes the results of the analyses along with the recommendations.
The impossible return. Czech exile after November 1989
Zahradníček, Tomáš
Czech political exile in the 1990s are critically responded to the state of the country. The study examines why the extremely critical complaints began to reverberate soon after 1989 and recalls earlier discussions between exile and home, between exile politics and Charter 77, which have already appeared moments earlier misunderstandings, which after 1989 became important parts of the czech public debate.

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