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What is evil? Philosophical answers
The thesis deals with the fundamental philosophical question: "What is evil?" It is devided into three main chapters. In the first one I try to verify and define the term "evil". Then I examine two selected concepts dualism and privation theory in the second chapter. While the dualististic theory (which says there are two equal forces) seems to be inconsistent, the privation theory can in some way provide the explanation (or at least partial explanation) of the phenomenon of evil. With these consderations we can approach to the third part where "the argument of evil" (which is usually used as evidence against the exstence of God) is concerned and then questioned.
Distribution and habitat preference of the Ortolan Bunting in the Czech Republic
Zeman, Vít ; Lučan, Radek (advisor) ; Šťastný, Karel (referee)
The Ortolan Bunting (Emberiza hortulana) is a farmland bird species, whose population size has declined very sharply in recent decades, especia ll y in Western and Central European countries. The aim of our study in 2015 was to record where the last populations of this critically endangered species in the Czech Republic are located and also what habitat the species associated with. We examined nine areas (925 km2 in total). Two main areas of occurrence (surface mines in northern Bohemia and farmland landscape of Silesia) and two small isolated populations in central Bohemia were registered for this species. In contrast, observations in some traditional areas of its occurence (České středohoří in northern Bohemia, Hovorany-Čejkovice region in southe r n Moravia and Javoricko region in Silesia) were negative. Altogether, we counted 75-79 singing males. Our estimation of the size of the Czech population in 2015 is 75-100 singing males, which indicates further population decline compared to the last mapping in 2001-2003. Furthermore, habitat associat io ns were investigated at two spatial scales and we made habitat compar is o n between farmland and post-mining landscape. Our research highlights a high degree of flexibility in habitat selection of Ortolan Bunting and also positive association with high...
Effect of synurbanization on bird populations
Zeman, Vít ; Lučan, Radek (advisor) ; Šálek, Martin (referee)
Currently we can observe the expansion of human environment to the countryside all around the world. As the needs of man for space grow, so do the cities and urban environments expand. Ever more types of organisms are adapting to this environment, which allows us to record the changes that appear, either on the population or on the individual level. This Bachelor thesis is trying to summarize the existing knowledge of the effect of urbanization, and related synurbanization, on popualtions of birds, in the form of a literary research. This being an extensive topic, the thesis is focused on specific details, concerning primarily differences in population density, nesting success, condition of the birds, and predation pressure in urban and natural communities. Powered by TCPDF (

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