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History of hip joint replacements
Kohout, Jiří ; Urban, Filip (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
In this bachelor´s thesis is solved problem of friction, lubrication, wear and history of hip replacement. History is described from the second half of 18th century and there was an effort to include every important milestones that affected development of the alloplastic of hip joint. Beside this development is also observed volume wear of hip joint. History of lubrication and friction is watched from first experiment, which measured these factors it means mid-20th century.
Design of Artificial Hip Joint Test Rig
Dočkal, Kryštof ; Košťál, David (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
In this thesis, is described one of possible approachs to the design of the hip joint simulation rig, primarily designed for analysis of the lubricant film thickness at the contact of two conformally curved surfaces (femoral head and acetabulum). In relative motion of those two components of artificial hip joints is necessary to observe the behavior of lubrication film between them. The observation is also related to choice of appropriate observational method. In the design of the artificial hip joint is today primarily used wear simulations on smulations rig with very accurate simulation of kinematics of biological hip joints. For description of the behavior of the lubricants between conformall surfaces is used a simplified kinematics along with optical interferometry. The simulation rig will be able to study behavior of lubricant layer using optical inteferometry,
Using of experimental apparatus Mini Traction Machine for study of frictional properties of lubricated and unlubricated contacts
Wilhelm, Pavel ; Ficza, Ildikó (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on description of Mini-Traction Machine test rig. After the theoretical introduction to Tribology is first generally described the principle of measuring on the Mini-Traction Machine and then are described the individual accessories. Consequently the results of main experiments where Mini-Traction Machine test rig was used from all over the world are summarized. Individual experiments show the possibilities of applying Mini-Traction Machine when measuring the material tribological characteristics.
Design of experimental apparatus for measuring of rolling resistance of cycle tyres
Matela, Milan ; Medlík, Jan (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with construction solution for measurement station of rolling resistance of cycle tyres. It shortly explains what is the term rolling resistance and describes its definition. The thesis analysis existing methods measurements of rolling resistance. It chooses the most acceptable one and it describes design construction solution of measurement station.
Mechanical-hydraulic model of vehical energy regeneration
Pisklák, Jan ; Vrbka, Martin (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is a research about mathematic-physical model of vehicle’s kinetic energy regeneration. Mr. Pourmovahed A. et al. were dealing with this problem. He used the method of the determinated thermal time constants. Pourmovahed continued in study reports written by Green W. L. and Otis D.. His scientific work covers the analytical treatment which is compared with an experimental tests.
Realization of educational problem based on experimental apparatus with cam mechanism
Tomeček, Vojtěch ; Vrbka, Martin (referee) ; Vaverka, Michal (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is focused on solving educational problem based on experimental apparatus with cam mechanism. The task of the educational problem is to teach students to analyse kinematic quantities of cam followers. The thesis contains general discourse on the topic of cam mechanisms and basic terms definition. This is followed by putting the device into service, eliminating its particular imperfections, analysis of kinematic quantities of various combinations of available cams and followers and definition of methodics of the educational problem. The educational problem itself follows the presentation and commentary of gained results. At last some recommendations for the future modifications of the experimental apparatus are given followed by foreshadow of its eventual future usage.
Special bearing types and its application
Polášek, Lukáš ; Vrbka, Martin (referee) ; Koutný, Daniel (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor’s thesis is to provide a search analysis of special bearing types. This work is focused especially to magnetic and air bearings, which are the most available and used special bearings. Both of these types are contactless, from which follows a big part their benefits. In this thesis there are introduced and explained the principles and design solutions of the most frequently used types of magnetic and air bearings. At the conclusion there are written up advantages and possible uses of these bearings.
Haluza, Lukáš ; Vrbka, Martin (referee) ; Křupka, Ivan (advisor)
The point of Bachelor´s work is to illustrate Nanotechnology and Nanorbots to all. The first part concerns Nanotechnology as a science, description of nanoworld and its explanation a technical terms. The second part concerns nanorobots, their construction, succeses which was reached, areas of use, plans and problems that inhibit their full usage in ordinary life
Computational systems based on FEM for designers
Frémund, Libor ; Vaverka, Michal (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This work deal with computational systems on base method final elements intended for engineer. There are descibed most often used systems, their function and included moduls that help engineer at work. Work describes four most widely used computing program - ANSYS Workbench, COSMOS DesingSTAR, Abaqus and FEMPRO. Every system is further dispersed to the subchapter, in which are circumscribed his characteristics and possibility working system. At the close are reviewed and planed individual systems and further also intended fitness using single system under given conditions.
Wind power station tower - calculation
Stein, Pavel ; Vrbka, Martin (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
The target of this labour is to give summary of contemporary level of construction of wind power station tower. The first part describes importance and progress of alternative sources of energy, especially wind energetic in Czech republic. Next point concerns some construct options of wind power station tower and its basic elements. Close of the work is oriented to modern forms in problems of the wind power station tower and indicates options of modern development.

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