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Effect of Conformity on Friction in Roller Bearing
Pisklák, Jan ; Zikmund, Vladimír (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This master’s thesis describes the influence of conformity on friction in rolling bearings. The coefficient of friction is measured on an experimental machine - Mini Traction Machine 2 – using ball-on-disc method. The results are plotted in graphs which showing the dependence of the coefficient of friction at spin-to-roll ratio for specific conformity, normal load and speed in the contact area. The influence of load, speed or different lubricant viscosity is verified for a given value of conformity. Experimentally obtained data are compared with the mathematical model developed in MatLab, within this thesis.
Design of Equipment for Surface Topography Modification
Kománek, Jiří ; Hutař, Pavel (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis is focused on design and construction of laboratory shot peening machine. This machine is determined for modification of the topography of the friction surfaces specimens. Two types of specimens are used. The first specimen is sphere with diameter 20-40 mm. The second specimen is cylinder with 9.6 mm diameter. In this thesis the setting parameters of shot peening for creation of surface with the micro-texture was described. Influence of the micro-texture to the coefficient of friction was investigated under mixed lubrication and slip condition.
Mapping of lubricating film thickness of human big joints replacements
Bosák, Dalibor ; Hartl, Martin (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This master’s thesis describes mechanism of lubricating film forming and its thickness in contact of a metal hip joint ball and a glass disc with chromium layer with presence of bovine serum as substitute of synovial fluid occured in a natural joint. Lubricating film thickness is evaluated by a thin film colorimetric interferometry, results are ploted at graphs representing dependence of lubricating film thickness on experiment duration or on mutual speed of articulating surfaces. There is described the influence of concentration of bovine serum and different kinematic conditions on lubricating film forming. From observed interferograms is apparent the adsorption of proteins to glass disc and femoral head surfaces, denaturation and formation of protein aggregations affecting the residual lubricating film thickness.
Research and development of bearings for traction motors
Prášilová, Alena ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with construction design of cylindrical roller bearing for traction motor and design of life test tool for designed bearing. At the thesis beginning there is an overview of new trends in design of cylindrical roller bearing, according to new trends is designed a new construction design of cylindrical roller bearing. Other part of thesis is strain stress analysis, which assesses an optimal inclination of collar faces and optimal raceway modification of hybrid bearing rings. At the end life test will be analyzed.
Influence of topography of rubbing surfaces on rolling contact fatigue
Zahradník, Radek ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with influence of topography of friction surfaces on rolling contact fatigue. This influence is examined by newly reconstructed R-MAT station, whose reconstruction and fully report about it, is part of this master thesis. Influence is examined on area with higher surface's roughness which it wasn't examined before. Further research is made on area of surfaces with topographical modification with higher surface's roughness.
Realization of educational problems based on experimental apparatus for testing of combustion engines
Novák, Michal ; Mazůrek, Ivan (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is preparation experiments, which are used for testing four stroke combustion engine and for creation themes for subject Construct machines-gadgetry. The diploma thesis contains compendium actual experimental gauging four stroke combustion engines. Characteristics of testing engine for creat themes are inaugurated in final part of diploma thesis.
Design of frame of recumbent bicycle
Gayer, Tomáš ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is evolution of the new model of tricycle. This thesis describes process of engineering from design of several parts and whole frame in CAD system Autodesk Inventor, to creating complete drawing documentation. Next part of this thesis is focused on basic static-structural analysis using finite element method in software ANSYS Workbench and determining boundary conditions for this analysis. The final part is about visualization of the new tricycle.
Fluid flow analysis in vicinity of exhaust valve using CFD
Šesták, Josef ; Náhlík, Luboš (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis discuss a flow in a vicinity of exhaust valve using computational of fluid dynamics. In a light of current state of the problem solution this approach is forward but very sophisticated. Intention of author is description of multidimensional boundary of characteristic variables which determinates the flow behaviour for given geometry and boundary conditions. Technical knowlegde of fluid flow in vicinity of exhaust valve allow to design geometry which provide more effective cylinder flush out berofe the exhaust stroke will become. This process reduce quantity of loss work of piston and improve its effective pointers.
Design and realization of tutorial based on SEW Eurodrive gearmotors
Kantor, Martin ; Prášil, Ludvík (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
The thesis deals with a construction of solar tracker designed from the MayTec Profile System using SEW Eurodrive’s electric actuation and accessories. The work describes the design of a laboratory assignment which uses these elements. In the preface information is provided about the construction of solar trackers on which the thesis is based. The next parts of the text are dedicated to each step of the construction design and its variants. A description of how to activate the drive and the design of the connection scheme are also included as well as the technological and construction evaluation. The conclusion contains an economical evaluation of the whole construction.
Design of mountain-bike crossbar and its FEM analysis
Jelínek, Martin ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is the part of evolution of the new bicycle frame for mountain biking, category enduro. The first part of this thesis is focused on creating dimensional modified model of the bike frame in CAD system SolidWorks. Subsequently this frame will be detailed by FEM analysis in software ANSYS Workbench and determine boundary conditions for this analysis. The final part is about visualization of the new bike frame.

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