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Technical Handling of aircraft at Brno – Tuřany Airport
Šumpela, David ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee) ; Veselý, Petr (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis “ Technical handling of aircraft at Brno-Tuřany airport discuss about handling procedures at Airport Brno, with a view of how to secure trouble-free and timely check-in of luggage and goods in airport traffic background. It introduces activities and types of check-in considering airport space facilities, its available equipment and flight frequency. It summarises knowledge of airport importance, its function and impacts on surroundings. In the last chapture there is a comparison with airport traffic at Praha-Ruzyně.
Economical aspects of qrowing of selected energy crops
The society is trying to find new and renewable technologies for securing the increasing consumption of energy. This kind of rediscovery source could be biomass. The question is which of the many types of biomass would be the best for economic effectiveness. The bachelor thesis solves the economic evaluation of selected plants and their potentially suitable for energy utilisation. For comparison was chosen four types of energetic plants: Cannabis sativa L., Phalaris arundinacea L., Miscanthus giganteus, Zea mays L. Literary part solves the general description of renewable energy sources, especially biomass. Next part of thesis is focused on agro - technical goings in planting of these aforesaid species of plants and methods of energy use of selected plants. In analytical part were each plants compared to other in economic aspect within the current price of inputs and outputs. From used the economic analysis was subsequently determined perspective of particular plants to their energy utilization for direct combustion. Cannabis sativa has a profit 1,991 CZK/ha without grants. With grantss it has a profit 8551 CZK / ha. The average purchase price of dry weight is 2350 CZK / t The total cost per year is 18 289 CZK / ha. Phalaris arundinacea has costs quantified at 7982 CZK. Financial income from one hectare is 268 CZK. The profit with grants is 6829 CZK / ha. Miscanthus giganteus shows a loss 3,944 CZK / ha, but with grants has profit 2,617 CZK / ha. The cost per hectare is 17944 CZK. Costs of cultivating Zea mays are 24013 CZK / ha. The graph shows that the loss from one hectare is 2293 CZK and with grants is profit 4269 CZK.
Management flight simulator for decision support in health service facility
Veselý, Petr ; Mildeová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Beer, Daniela (referee)
My thesis aims several objectives. The first goal is to search the theoretical basis of management simulators and health management in order to create an overview of these two topics. Healthcare is an exceptional field, so as I set out to find specifics in health service management. Another aim of my thesis is to create a management simulator using Powersim software. Created management simulator is used as a modeling tool for simulation of processes and behavior of the upper or ward nurse on each shift the focus on utilization of subordinate nurses and supervisors themselves. The simulator is designed as a decision support system. The simulator has been tested and consulted on gastroenterology department of Nemocnice Milosrdných sester sv. Karla Boromejského in Prague. One of the goals is to make accessible the system thinking and its application to management. Using system dynamics approaches to case study to find appropriate recommendations for lower-level management in health care facilities in general. The last objective is the creation of test scenarios to verify the functionality of the simulator and testing hypotheses from which emerges a recommendation for hospital departments.
The Tax Optimalization of a Chosen Entrepreneurial Subject
Annotation The tax optimalization means that a tax unit tries to minimize his tax liability. This is reached with use of tax savings. All subjects are allowed to use only the legal procedures, the illegal process means the tax avoidance. A work deals only with the income tax. In the theoritic part is the Czech law of income tax presented. In the practical part there is a particular company (Limited Liability Company) presented and persons which are connected with this company. Four tax subject groups are solved: 1. The employee of the company, 2. The employee and simultaneously the owner of the company, 3. The company as a whole, 4. The shareholders of the company. For each group will be a current tax liability and several versions counted, they will be compared and then the best one for each subject will be chosen.
Dangerous prey recognition in avian predators
The present PhD thesis comprises four published research papers and two manuscripts in preparation dealing with importace of particular parts of the warning signal in protection of insect prey against avian predators.
Options and use of multimedia communications in the corporate practice
Veselý, Petr ; Krsek, Libor (advisor) ; Horný, Stanislav (referee)
This work puts a number of objectives, describe the potential uses, examples of software and hardware solutions and highlight the trends and innovations in the field of multimedia communications. The reader will be given to the problems of multimedia communication and multimedia, including a description of the components of multimedia. In the next chapter we will find the description of the means of multimedia communication, where a brief description of the possibilities of products and their facilities and most of the chapters focuses on virtual reality. Another part is devoted to the use of multimedia communication in a company, especially how it should be used effectively. The final part deals with modern technologies and trends in the area of control, imaging and miniaturization. The work is written in a way that the reader does not require previous knowledge of advanced technologies which are described, except of a general overview of information technologies.
Elektronické služby z pohledu aplikace daně z přidané hodnoty
Veselý, Petr ; Svátková, Slavomíra (advisor)
Práce je zaměřena na elektronické služby z pohledu daně z přidané hodnoty. Hlavní cíl práce je analýza slabých míst zdanění elektronických služeb a nalezení vhodných řešení k odstranění těchto slabých míst. Práce také obsahuje srovnání české právní úpravy zdanění elektronických služeb s úpravou Evropské unie. Jednotlivé elektronické služby jsou charakterizovány. Je identifikováno několik slabých míst zdanění elektronických služeb.
Marketing conception of floorball brand
Veselý, Petr ; Koudelka, Jan (advisor) ; Jírů, Pavel (referee)
The main objektive of this thesis is to analyze the market position of floorball brand Canadien and to suggest improvements for marketing conception of Charlies and Co. company (exclusive distributor of brand Canadien in the Czech Republic). The theoretical part analyses czech floorball market, divides it into different segments and presents the results of marketing research specialized on evaluation of the main floorball brands in the Czech Republic. The most important information about the market and the brand Canadien are summarized in Swot analysis. The end of the thesis is devoted to suggestion of appropriate future brand strategy and concrete steps for each part of the marketing mix.

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