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Design turbines to combined cycle
Veselý, Petr ; Kracík, Petr (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
The topic of thesis is condensing turbine in gas-steam cycle, which can be divided into four basic parts. A history of gas-steam cycle is described in the beginning. Second part is all about calculation of heat recovery steam generator. Penultimate section deals with calculations of steam turbine parameters and reaction blading type. Last part contains electric power and steam turbine efficiency.
Cognition test for testing object permanence in birds and primates
Marhounová, Lucie ; Landová, Eva (advisor) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
Object permanence is a cognitive ability to mentally represent the existence and the movement of hidden objects. This phenomenon is being developed since birth in six different stages following the development of the sensorimotor intelligence. Not only the humans but also the other animals possess a certain notion of hidden objects and acquire various degrees of this ability depending on their life strategies. This thesis summarizes the research conducted up to the present in the field of the object permanence within the infant developmental psychology, but particularly in the animal world with the emphasis on the taxa where this ability has been most researched, that is in primates and birds. This thesis also recapitulates the types of the cognitive tasks used in the object permanence research and compares the methods of experiments applied to the humans, the primates and the birds. Part of this thesis also involves a phylogenetic reconstruction estimate of the ancestral character status in terms of the object permanence and testing the progress dependance of such character in relation to the selected ecological factors in primates.
Antipredatory reaction of leopard gecko Eublepharis macularius to snake predators
Musilová, Veronika ; Landová, Eva (advisor) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
4 ABSTRACT If there is an innate, specific idea of the natural animal predator, antipredatory reactions should occur even the subjects are kept in captivity for several generations. An ideal subject for this type of research is the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius), an animal which is kept in captivity for several generations (there are also several wild subjects in our laboratory). Its primary enemy in rural Pakistan is the snake. The goal of this thesis was to explore the leopard gecko's antipredatory behaviour, to the snake predators combining sympatric and alopatric behaviour, to other ecological factors. The predators are: Spalerosophis diadema (sympatric, reptile-vorous), Elaphe q. quatuorlineata (allopatric, prefers warm-blooded chordates, but also reptile- vorous), Hemorrhois hippocrepis (allopatric, lizards are its main prey), Lampropeltis getula californiae (alopatric, reptile-vorous), Eryx johnii (sympatric, eats young rodents and reptile), Gongylophis colubrinus (allopatric, eats young rodents and reptile) and Malpolon monspessulanus (allopatric, is moderately dangerous for leopard geckos). As an control was chosen Pseudopus apodus (native to Iran, eats invertebrates, small rodents and reptile). Sampling tests were performed with these leopard geckos. It was observed if the subject prefers...
Proceedings with respect to the Commercial Register
Veselý, Petr ; Macková, Alena (advisor) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
60 English Resume Companies Register proceedings The subject of this dissertation refers to Companies Register proceedings. Companies Register is a public schedule that is responsible for providing public with all required information on the various statutory register, current data of companies and all other requirements enacted by the law. A part of the Companies Register is document collection, where are being deposited image records of all demanding registered documents about the company. This dissertation is concerned mainly with the procedural aspect of the Companies Register and its intention is to clarify every relevant disputable or controversial matter arising before the registration court. Researcher's intention is to bring forward some deficiencies in the register proceedings and to propose their solutions as well. The dissertation is systematically structured into six chapters. First and second of them deals particularly with substantive law of the Companies Register and with current data of companies contained in it, seeing that comprehension of principles of the register is essential for upright analysis of register proceedings. Further, there is marginally outline historical progress of the Companies Register and the proceeding before it, in order to provide framework for theoretical...
Marketing Conception of the Czech Florball Union
Veselý, Petr ; Malecha, Petr (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Název: Marketingová koncepce České florbalové unie Marketing conception ofthe Czech floorball union Cíle práce: Analyzovat současnou marketingovou koncepci ČFBU a na základě výsledků analýz navrhnout novou marketingovou koncepci pro následující období. Metoda: Analýza bude provedena prostřednictvím modelu BCG a analýz SWOT a STEP. Výsledky: Vytvoření komplexního pohledu na současnou marketingovou koncepci České florbalové unie, zanalyzování všech faktorů, které na ní mají vliv. Vytvoření návrhu nové marketingové koncepce ČFBU pro následující období. Klíčová slova: analýza SWOT, analýza pomocí modelu BCG, analýza STEP, marketingová koncepce, Česká florbalová unie 1
Converter for high-speed induction motor
Veselý, Petr ; Pazdera, Ivo (referee) ; Procházka, Petr (advisor)
The semestral thesis deals with designing a frequency changer. It describes general information about induction motors and power electronics, focusing on pulse converters. Based on given parametres, appropriate components were chosen and described. Also, there is power loss calculated in this document, which is used for dimensioning cooling. Also an LC filter is designed in this dokument. At last, there is a printed circuit board designed for the power part.

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