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Analysis, development and trends on car insurance and financing market.
Schütz, Miroslav ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with some interesting trends and legal provisions and their impact, which in the Czech Republic has recently occurred. The first part concerns the insurance market. Attention is paid to the development and changes in pricing policy of liability insurance and sustainability of the whole system. It additionally influence and activities of the Czech Insurers' Bureau and laws relating to it. The second part is devoted to vehicles debt financing. Here is the main point the so-called "discount on credit". Another trend in the financing vehicles is its loss and the decline of companies that specialize in these products. To debt financing is also applied several statutory changes that do not always work as intended. Error legislators or way as a endless struggle, with those who circumvent it? All work is handled from the perspective of the car dealer that provides insurance and loan products as his additional service.
Creation of trading strategies based on technical analysis
Kosek, Jiří ; Musílek, Petr (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
In my thesis I would like to explain the issues of technical analysis and her consequences for financial derivatives trading. I tried to interpret the basic techical patterns and most common technical indicators. I also explain the elementary information about futures contracts and their principles in relation to the current world trends regarding computerization of trading or establishing exchange alliances. In the next stage I will describe popular strategies, wich will be analyzed and backtested. My thesis also includes rules how to evaluate a trading concept properly. The main part of my work is in the third section, where I try to enhance a particular strategy with money management or optimization. My goal is to improve the trading concepts efficiency in the market. Last step is to show critical methods which are necessary for veriffying a strategy robustness and evaluating its potential.
Contactless payments and their development
Stádníková, Markéta ; Dvořák, Petr (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
This work deals with mobile remote payments by mobile operators, mobile banking and payments using contactless NFC technology. The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive view of this issue, analyze various ways how to use mobile payments and NFC technology. Assess the current state of NFC payments in Czech Republic and compare this situation with selected EU countries. The work can be divided into three parts. The first part presents different types of mobile payments by mobile operators. The second part presents the mobile banking and the situation in individual banks. The third part discusses about contactless payments using NFC technology. Because this system have been already proved in some countries there will be in addition to development in the Czech Republic also outlined developments in selected EU countries. Subsequently, there will be described the test results of contactless payments in the EU and the test using contactless payments in our country. The reader of this work should gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue of mobile payments and NFC technology. Get perspective on the current situation of NFC payments in the Czech Republic and the development of these payments in some European countries. In addition to that the reader should learn information, which is necessary to assess whether or not he would use these payment methods.
Analysis of suply of mortgage credits in the Czech Republic
Čtrnáctová, Monika ; Coufal, Libor (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on aspects of mortgage credit in the Czech Republic, where the main attention concentrates on comparison of several mortgage credits from client's point of view. The first part of the thesis describes main principles of mortgage credits, forms of state supports and process of giving mortgage credit to clients. The second part comments development of this product in the latest 20 years with the stress on current situation on the market. The last chapter includes the comparative analysis of several financial products, from which is chosen the best possible option of financing for a potential client.
The process of mortgage lending in the Czech Republic
Brůček, Tomáš ; Půlpánová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The thesis is focused on the process of mortgage lending in the Czech Republic, especially from client's perspective. In the first part of the text it is described the characteristics of mortgage having emphasis on post-revolution period. In the second part there is an analysis of stages of the credit relationship between the client and the bank. This chapter also contains a comparison of mortgage products from two banking institutions - Hypoteční banka, a.s. and UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.
Private health insurance in the Czech Republic
Merunka, Jiří ; Gruber, Petr (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor Thesis is to characterize the history, a current status and likely future changes in the segment of Private health insurance in the Czech Republic. The introductory part of the Thesis is devoted to a description of Private health insurance and a development of its types. A description of the insurance products in this field, a comparison of the most successful products and the reasons of a tiny share of Private Health Insurance on the financing of the Health care in the Czech Republic are all subjects of the latter application part of this Bachelor Thesis.
Optimization of building savings
Schorník, Robert ; Půlpánová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The work deals with building savings in terms of saving instrument. Lists the different ways of engaging building savings contracts, especially focusing on parallel contracts. It describes reductin of binding time and drawing on state aid in family.
Marketing of financial services
Žarnaiová, Martina ; Křížek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The objective of this master thesis is to analyze the contemporary situation on the Czech banking market in terms of investments into marketing communications. The efficiency of investments into marketing communications is analyzed in terms of awareness of banks surveyed, namely recognition, recall and Top Of Mind. This master thesis consists of three parts. The first part provides theoretical background and the base of the analysis. This part includes the objectives of communication on the banking market and the ways how to measure these objectives. The second part, the analytical part, is focused on the main objective and particular banks which are subjects of the analysis. In this part, hypotheses are defined. I will try to prove these hypotheses afterwards. In case of opposite results I will try to find out why my hypotheses were incorrect. The third part is focused on the conclusions of the analysis and to provide information for investment decisions in following periods.
Stochastic methods in portfolio management
Vacek, Vladislav ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Burešová, Jana (referee)
From the beginning of 20th century many studies proved randomness in price evolution of investment instruments. Therefore models respecting this randomness must be used in portfolio management. This thesis' aim is to provide basic theory regarding some of the stochastic methods and show their practical use in real situations.
Contemporary Business Environment in Russian Federation
Vacek, Vladislav ; Adámková, Vlasta (advisor) ; Sudliankou, Aliaksandr (referee)
Today, 19 years after the disintegration of USSR, Russian market has enourmous potential and can be rated as one of the fastest developing markets in the world. Thus, it is very attractive place for business but it also has its specifics. This bachelor thesis analyses the business environment in Russian Federation and can be useful to any businessman considering entering the Russian market.

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