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Multilevel methods
Vacek, Petr ; Strakoš, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Pultarová, Ivana (referee)
The analysis of the convergence behavior of the multilevel methods is in the literature typically carried out under the assumption that the problem on the coarsest level is solved exactly. The aim of this thesis is to present a description of the multilevel methods which allows inexact solve on the coarsest level and to revisit selected results presented in literature using these weaker assumptions. In particular, we focus on the derivation of the uniform bound on the rate of convergence. Moreover, we discuss the possible dependence of the convergence behavior on the mesh size of the initial triangulation. 41
Green Roofs Using Hydrophilic Mineral Wool
Vacek, Petr ; Moudrý, Ivan (referee) ; Šrámek,, František (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The thesis deals with the use of hydrophilic mineral wool in green roof structures. In the first part of the thesis, based on current legislation, there are summarized relevant technical properties of the hydrophilic wool. Specific demands on the green roof parts were classified and the work was consequently updated by the research of available products from the national market. A large part of the thesis consists of the extended documentation of technical properties of new products and also the changes that are associated with ageing after the material incorporation into the structure. Not only the laboratory properties of the material itself, but also properties of the material embedded in green roof structure were measured, for example an acoustic capabilities. Water accumulation properties of the mineral wool were documented on the real roof models too. Various impacts were observed by using mineral wool in comparison with substrate assemblies. Additional experiments were applied on using different types of mineral wool for an assessment of specific green roof vegetation adaptation. The environmental product declarations for each mineral wool product were calculated with the specific software using LCA methodology. In this way, the environmental impacts of mineral wool could be compared with other materials, such as artificial substrates, foils, etc. As a conclusion of the research results were summarized and reported demands for the hydrophilic mineral wool use in the green roof structures.
Multilevel methods and adaptivity
Vacek, Petr ; Strakoš, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Tichý, Petr (referee)
After introduction of the model problem we derive its weak formulation, show the existence and the uniqueness of the solution, and present the Galerkin finite element method. Then we briefly describe some of the stationary iterative methods and their smoothing property. We present the most common multigrid schemes, i.e. two-grid correction scheme, V-cycle scheme, and the full multigrid algorithm. Then we perform numerical experiment showing the differences between the use of the direct and iterative coarsest grid solver in V-cycle scheme and experiment considering a perturbation of the correction vector simulating a fault of a computational device. Powered by TCPDF (
Modification of HVOF and cold spray deposited coatings via electron beam technology
Vacek, Petr ; Šiška, Filip (referee) ; Čížek, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to modify microstructure and coating-substrate interface of CoNiCrAlY coatings deposited by HVOF and cold spray on Inconel 718 substrates. Electron beam remelting and annealing in a protective atmosphere were used to modify the coatings. Microstructure, chemical and phase composition were analyzed. The effect of beam current, transversal velocity and beam defocus on remelted depth was evaluated. As-sprayed microstructure and chemical composition of coatings were analyzed and compared with remelted samples. The effect of annealing of the as-sprayed and remelted samples was evaluated. Remelted layers exhibited dendritic structure. Chemical composition changed only after remelting of interface and part of a substrate. When only the coating was remelted, chemical composition remained the same. Phases coarsened after the annealing. Chemical composition changed after annealing due to the diffusion.
Sol-gel synthesis and properties of piezoceramic nanoparticles on the base of (BaxCa1-x)(TiyZr1-y)O3
Vacek, Petr ; Matoušek, Aleš (referee) ; Cihlář, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of the work was sol-gel synthesis of piezoceramic nanoparticles on the base of BaxCa1-xTiyZr1-yO3 (BCTZ), preparation of sintered samples and analysis of their structure and properties. Theoretical part includes information about piezoelectricity, piezoelectric materials and preparation of ceramics. Experimental part describes sol-gel synthesis of BCTZ nanoparticles and achieved phase composition and particle size. The next topic of experimental part was preparation of sintered BCTZ samples and analysis of their properties.
Measurement of customers´ profitability in corporate banking
Vacek, Petr ; Šoljaková, Libuše (advisor) ; Wagner, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pražák, Patrik (referee)
The dissertation thesis aims to establish a complex theoretical basis for a measurement of customer's profitability which can be easily used in the practice. The main reason for that is the absence of such publication in the current academic sphere. A combination of management accounting and knowledge of banking enables to achieve the aim. The thesis itself is closely linked to the banking practice. There are derived customer's profitability indicators as modifications of the popular RAROC in which a customer margin is used instead of net profit. There is designed a simplified way of operational cost allocation. Questionnaires and interviews with senior representatives of seven Czech banks helped to identify the most significant labor-intensity factors of corporate customers. The description of principal features of risk costs and derivation of formulas for profitability variances are also the part of the thesis. The theoretical part is followed by the practical one where a contemporary banking practice of corporate customer's profitability measurement on the Czech market is explored. It identified three weak points -- cost allocation, profitability variances and one-year horizon of a calculation. At the end, the theoretical basis is applied on an existing customer portfolio and the result is compared with a currently used customer's profitability measurement.
Set up and development of the business
Šebl, Roman ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor) ; Vacek, Petr (referee)
The Diploma thesis deals with beginnings of entrepreneur, who is going to set up his first company. The objective of thesis is checking hypothesis that visionary company is viable, with economic potencial and possibilities for growth. Theoretical part descripes major factors, which are important for health and strength of the enterprise. In these factors belong demands on entrepreneur's personality, knowledge and skills. Further protection of company -- how protect company and its own know-how before rivals. Chosing suitable legal form and choise of compaion. Thesis also saying about usefulness to have a mission. Practical part shows how the business is conceived for real market. Thesis also thinking about growth of the business and how to do it to not be such a little company with one branch. Financial statements show economical potencial, which the business is able to generate to all investors and companions in this concept of the business. The conclusion is dedicated to commentary related to objectives of this Diploma thesis.
Ochranná známka EU v podnikání
Šustr, Ondřej ; Jakl, Ladislav (advisor) ; Vacek, Petr (referee)
Práce pojednává o komunitárním systému známkoprávní ochrany. Součástí práce je naznačení historie ochranných známke obecně a také CTM. Dále právní prameny CTM, nařízení o CTM a dále analýza judikátů ESD ohledně ochranných známek. Také zde popisuji postup při registraci CTM.
Aplikace manažerského účetnictví v životní pojišťovně
Vacek, Petr ; Roun, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Novák, Petr (referee)
Práce se zaměřuje především na cenovou kalkulaci, resp. kalkulaci pojistného, v životní pojišťovně. Jsou v ní uvedeny a porovnány dva hlavní typy kalkulace pojistného využívané v pojistné matematice. V další části je rozebrána progresivní metoda kalkulace Activity based costing. Kalkulace touto metodou je na modelovém příkladě porovnána s tradiční kalkulací. Na závěr je spočítáno pojistné produktů při použití tradiční kalkulace a s využitím metody Activity based costing.

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