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Supervision of the integrated European banking market : Time to rethink the institutional framework?
Trpčevski, Ivan ; Vacek, Pavel (referee) ; Mertlík, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse the Europe-wide banking supervision. The thesis points out the existing problems and shortcomings of the current framework, analyses mutually competitive proposals for change and possibility of their implementation. It incorporates the appraisal of currently proposed legislative changes prepared by the European Commission and their impact in this context. Despite a very narrow focus of the thesis, it is characterized by a holistic approach. The topic of banking supervision at the level of the European Union is considered in a much broader institutional context, in the context of the integration of the banking sector during the past 30 years, and the latest financial crisis, as well. The thesis is evolutionary. It points out that there is no institutional form of efficient banking supervision. The process of institutional change, leading to the achievement of efficient supervision of the banking sector, is perceived rather as a long-run, in-depth process. It follows institutional changes in a much broader context than that of the banking supervision itself.
Public procurements : institutional analysis of the competitive proceeding in government procurements
Soudek, Jan ; Vacek, Pavel (referee) ; Kouba, Karel (advisor)
This thesis focuses on institute of the public procurement from the economic point of view. Especially it is trying to analyze institutional factors affecting process of public competition. First part defines economic term "public procurement" and shows, how important is this institution for the economy. Than describes the Public procurement law and others formal rules. Second part is focused on economical aspects of public procurements, namely on transaction costs, economic model of submitter, competition mechanism and determinants of its effectiveness. End of theoretical part is trying to implement the theoretical framework of the rent-seeking on public procurements. Last Chapter is empirical analyze of the randomly chosen set of 278 public procurements in civil engineering works, which were realized in Czech Republic since 2005 till 2007. Mainly it tries to approve the hypothesis about effect of explicit competition on the final price (as a percentage of the approval price) and shows the positive effect of use the most transparent proceeding on this price-ratio.
Financial support of small and medium enterprises through the European structural funds in the time of financial crisis
Karlíková, Aneta ; Vacek, Pavel (referee) ; Teplý, Petr (advisor)
The goal of this paper is to evaluate the efficiency of subsidy programme OPPI 2007-2013 aimed at softening the impacts of the economic crisis 2007-2009 on small and medium enterprises and also to characterize the influence of this crisis on drawing on the funds from the subsidy programme OPPI. The intention of this paper is to explain why the small and medium enterprises are in financial difficulties and facing the problem with receiving credit during the financial crisis. It describes alternative funding using the subsidy from the European Union structural funds provided within the OPPI and the programmes of Českomoravská záruční a rozvojová banka (Czech-Moravian guarantee and development bank). In conclusion, a verbal analysis is used to evaluate the efficiency of the alternative anti-crisis measures in practice. The outcomes of the analysis are compared to the case study of the small enterprise.
Apartment building "Vacek"
Vacek, Pavel ; Žižka, Lukáš (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
I have designed the construction of a apartment building with multifunctional usage. A significant element is the internal automatic parking system, which is a relief for the residents of the house on a street crowded with parked cars. On the ground floor is a lucrative cafe with sitting area and two bowling lines. The house contains 18 housing units for 4-6 people. People are attracted by prestigious location with views of the city Brno on the dominant historical monuments and are attracted by a pleasant interior of the apartments, too. They are logically divided into 4 zones - day, night, working and relaxing. For relaxation, they may use the spacious balconies, terraces and a common area in the garden with children's play area. One part of this work is a focus on securing of construction pit and foundation of a building, which is almost a technical delicacy.
Detached house, Brno - Obrany
Vacek, Pavel ; Kalábová, Tereza (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The project is focused on the draft and installation of family house into the hillside. The family house should satisfied all requirements of demanding users. The house is designed to five-member or six-member family. It is divided in to four zones: day, night, working and relaxing. It is designed as two-floor house. There is garage with two personal car parking spots in the first floor. The walls are formed by the system of lost formwork MAXplus AKU. The flat roof provides a space for terrace and it is used as green roof, too.
Technicko-ekonomické hodnocení traktorových dopravních souprav
Vacek, Pavel
This thesis deals with the technical and economic evaluation of tractor transport kits. The first part is indicated the current situation in construction of tractors and there is, more detailed description of structural elements of tractors NewHolland T7050 PowerCommand and AutoCommand. In the second part there is the methodology of laboratory measurements and their subsequent evaluation. The third part deals with the field measurements, where is described the detailed profile of the test track and measurement methodology. At the end the measured data were given into the tabular and graphical form and finally evaluated. The evaluation of the data shows that the transmission is suitable for transports. The thesis came to the conclusion about which kit had the best results according the conditions.
Čína jako zdrojová země českého cestovního ruchu
Vacek, Pavel ; Jarolímková, Liběna (advisor)
Charakteristika Číny a Číňanů, makroekonomické, demografické a sociální údaje, charakteristika výjezdového cestovního ruchu Číny, možnosti Číňanů cestovat, "Statut schválené destinace", čínská politika cestovního ruchu, instituce, čínští turisté v České republice, odlišnosti v jejich spotřebním chování a zvyklostech, typický čínský turista, připravenost ČR na čínské turisty, propagace ČR v Číně, propagační materiály v čínštině, spolupráce s čínskými touroperátory.
Ethical education at the Curie´s Primary School in Prague
Jansová, Hana ; Machková, Eva (advisor) ; Vacek, Pavel (referee)
The master thesis concerns itself with theoretical and practical aspects of ethical education. Further, it describes the project of ethical education as implemented at the primary school Curieových in Prague in relation to individual theoretical concepts, which are used in this project, in particular the concept of ethical education according to R. R. Olivar and L. Lencz and drama in education. Part of the thesis is also the reflection of the specific features of the project and its consequences. The thesis raises the question what is the long-term effect of realization of the project on the climate of the school and the behaviour of the children. Part of the thesis is extensive annexes, which contain in particular records of programs of ethical education lessons, photo-documentaion and interviews with teachers.
Potential of Brazilian Tourism Market in Relation to the Czech Republic
Vacek, Pavel ; Valentová, Jana (advisor) ; Rolínek, Igor (referee)
This thesis deals with the Brazilian tourism market in relation to the Czech Republic with a focus on gay clientele. In the first part, the prerequisites for the development of tourism in the destination are analysed; the author assesses the selective, location and realization factors. The next chapter focuses on the characteristics of Brazilian outgoing tourism - both generally and in relation to the Czech Republic. A part of this chapter deals with the incoming tourism and the organization of tourism in Brazil. The author then compares package tours of Czech travel agencis to Brazil. The last chapter is devoted to the characteristics of gay tourism. The author assess the situation of the gay community in the Czech Republic and Brazil, and characterizes the prerequisites for the development of this form of tourism in both countries. The thesis ends with a structured interview with the author of PinkGo, the new project of ESO travel agency.

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