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Constitutio Criminalis Josephina and its influence on the decision-making practice of the Court of Appeal: Sexual offences in the years 1687-1727
Vacek, Josef ; Starý, Marek (advisor) ; Skřejpková, Petra (referee)
Thesis title in English Constitutio Criminalis Josephina and its influence on the decision-making practice of the Court of Appeal: Sexual offences in the years 1687-1727 Abstract This paper captures the development of the juridical practice of the Prague Court of Appeal between years 1687-1727 and examines the influence of the Constitutio Criminalis Josephina of 1707/8 on this practice. The research is focused on punishing of the sexual offenses, ie adultery, bigamy, fornication, incest, rape and sodomy. The primary sources for the research are law codes, especially Koldín's Code Práva městská Království českého (1579) and "Josephina"; besides them others are used: the Constitutio Criminalis Carolina (1532), the Constitutio Criminalis Ferdinandea (1656) and Brikcí's Práva městská (1536). The practice of the appellate court itself has been examined on the basis of the books of sentences that contain the judgments of that court. Firstly, the relevant legislation of the period was described for each of the offenses and then the judicial practice was examined. The applied methodology can be qualified as quantitative-qualitative comparative analysis which makes possible recognizing the changes that occurred with the implementation of "Josephina". The main findings of the thesis suggest that "Josephina" was an...
Optimization of track section Krahulov - Okříšky km 58,8-61,1
Vaněk, Jan ; Vacek, Josef (referee) ; Plášek, Otto (advisor)
The Bachelor’s thesis is devoted to optimization of track geometry parametres at chosen track section and deals with increasing track speed up to maximum. The objective of Bachelor’s thesis is a design of superstructure and a design of drainage renewal including working technology. The Bachelor’s thesis deals also with view conditions at level crossings.
Upgrading of Dluhonice Railway Station
Dulák, Michal ; Vacek, Josef (referee) ; Svoboda, Richard (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with upgrading of the Dluhonice railway station. The aim is design the station to suit the operation and the requirements of the manager. The integral parts of the thesis are adjustments to the railway superstructure, substructure and drainage system of the station.
Design of track reconstruction between Uničov and Šumperk railway stations, km 29,3 - 32,2
Hybner, Michal ; Vacek, Josef (referee) ; Hruzíková, Miroslava (advisor)
The objective of my bachelors thesis is the reconstruction of single-line railway track Uničov - Šumperk in 29,3 - 32,2 track section. Design of track geometry parameters and permanent way assembly is the main part of this work. Solve problems with railway crossings is necessary during the reconstruction. Drainage system and technological procedure of works are designed too.
The Analysis of Media Messages: the 1989 Palach Week
Vacek, Josef ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Tůma, Oldřich (referee)
The main proposition is that the newspapers which were published by political parties were informing about the events more frequently than other media. This assumption was proved just in part - the newspaper with the biggest number of articles concerning the events was "Rudé právo" published by the communist party, however, the rest of the communist press was lagging behind. One of the findings of this work is that all of the newspapers used media instruments in different proportion. Apart from that, two days of a turning point are identified in all the newspapers in the given period of analysis, both of them were marked with an increase or decrease of the number of articles. The chosen reasearch method is the quantitative analysis supplemented in part by comparison of the results.
Information systems of law in Czech Republic
Vacek, Josef ; Fáberová Slušná, Kateřina (referee) ; Papík, Richard (advisor)
Práce je věnována příčinám a důsledkům softwarového pirátství. Podává přehled definic a typologie softwarového pirátství, přehled historie vývoje sledované problematiky i důvodů a podmínek vzniku softwarového pirátství. Rozebírá vztah softwarového pirátství k informačnímu průmyslu. Prezentuje vybrané mezinárodní a státními organizace, které se touto problematikou zabývají. Analyzuje otázky související s legalitou softwarových prostředků. Popisuje jednotlivé druhy metod a postupů softwarového pirátství. Ve svém závěru hodnotí druhy nákladů na ochranu dat a vliv těchto nákladů na výsledné ceny softwaru.
Criminality and Everyday Life of Vassals in Křivoklátsko Area in the Late Seventeenth and at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century
Vacek, Josef ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Tinková, Daniela (referee)
The paper analyses the everyday life of Křivoklát vassals in the late seventeenth and at the beginning of the eighteenth century. As the primary source the author uses mainly the records of examination of sexual offenders. Individual cases are analyzed in details with the help of other primary sources in order to discover the patterns of everyday life behavior in the period. The importance of role of honor in the everyday life of early modern people and individuality of decision-making of their authorities are the main conclusions of this paper.
Upgrading of Uničov Railway Station
Šafář, Zdeněk ; Vacek, Josef (referee) ; Svoboda, Richard (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the reconstruction design of Uničov railway station. The aim was to create a solution which would satisfy both traffic and passenger requirements. The design puts an emphasis on a compliance with applicable laws and standards, simplicity and usefulness. New constructions were designed for maximum safety. Railway station accessibility for disabled persons played an important role in the design. In comparison with the original state, the permissible line speed was increased and new platforms and drainage system were designed.
Study of Žďárec u Skutče railway station reconstruction
Neuwirthová, Elisabeth ; Vacek, Josef (referee) ; Hruzíková, Miroslava (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the reconstruction of the railway station Žďárec u Skutče. The station is situated on the track Havlíčkův Brod – Pardubice-Rosice nad Labem. The aim of the reconstruction is to design the platform so that it meets the requirements of mobility-impaired persons. The work deals with track layout adjustments, the reconstruction of both the subgrade and the permanent way and the design of drainage. Also a bill of quantities and costs estimates were reckones.

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