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Vliv teploty a extrémní vlhkosti na pevnost lepeného spoje u spárovky z listnatého dřeva, určené pro výrobu kuchyňských prvků omyvatelných v myčce na nádobí
Vacek, Jiří
This diploma thesis solves the problem of a suitable combination of used adhesive and the shape of a glued joint, to produce a battenboard usable in the production of kitchen products washable in dishwasher. The tested samples were made of beech and oak and their edges were machined into glued joints of the wedge calk, the blunt joint and the double wedge pen. For testing were used two polyvinyl acetate adhesives and one polyurethane adhesive with different types of moisture resistance. The resistance of the samples to bending stresses on the glued joint was tested before exposure to the washing process and after the completion of thirty washing cycles. The theoretical part includes a literary overview and methodology dealing with the given issue, the practical part describes the achieved results.
Self- harm and addiction, their resemblance and differences
Šilhavá, Tereza ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
Backround: In certain aspects, self-harm and addiction share similarities. They both mostly occur among juveniles, moreover, there is an increased prevalence of alcohol and substances abuse among the self-harming clients. Aim: The objective of this thesis is to find the similarities and differences between self-harm and addiction. The research questions clarifying the objectives are: In what aspects do self- harm and addiction match? In what aspects do they differ? How does the self-harming and addicted clientele conjoins? Methods: This thesis is theoretical, the data is acquitted from professional articles and studies and was analyzed using comparison and induction. Results: The results show that self-harm has similar course to the course of addiction and this pattern tends to repeat. In both cases, there is an occurrence of strong emotions preceding the activity followed by a strong relieve right after the performance of the act which is later followed by a desire to repeat the behaviour. Ahigher rate of alcohol and other substances abuse has shown among self-harming client, while depression, borderline personality disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder often ranks among the concurrent disorders for both of those behaviours. Pharmacotherapy does not usually apply in treating self-harm...
Motivation for abstinence in the aftercare process
Medková, Aneta ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Lososová, Amalie (referee)
Background: During addiction treatment, clients build their motivation to abstain and should leave with their own decision to abstain. After taking up aftercare, their motivation is exposed to reality, many different factors and risky situations. Kuda (2003) states that craving after entering the aftercare is inevitably manifested in the same intensity as at the beginning of treatment. So what does client's motivation during aftercare look like? Objectives and research questions: The aim of this study is to describe how the motivation for abstinence is manifested on aftercare program clients. Research questions are: 1) What motivates clients to abstain in the aftercare process? 2) How does motivation for abstinence change and what affects it? 3) How do clients integrate into society in the sphere of interpersonal relations? Methodology: The research was carried out in a qualitative form, using semi-structured interviews. The research group consists of 8 clients of the aftercare program. The research was of a longitudinal nature, the interviews took place in 3 waves - the first in November, the second in December, the third in February 2019/2020. Data analysis was performed by open and axial coding, it is an inductive analysis. Results: Among positive and negative motives, relationship motives...
Impacts of alcohol addiction in the relation to spirituality of addicted persons - questionnaire survey
Sobková, Marta ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Barták, Miroslav (referee)
INTRODUCTION - The bachelor thesis deals with the relationship between negative effects of alcohol addiction on a person's life and his/her individual spirituality. OBJECTIVE - The main aim of the thesis is to find the relationship between impacts of alcohol addiciton in different areas of life and the individual's spirituality. Another objective was to clarify the differences in spirituality and other characteristics of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) members and clients of professional addictology services. PARTICIPANTS - 98 respondents participating in the questionnaire survey were members of the AA groups in various regions of the Czech Republic and clients or patients of six addictology health or social care services. METHOD - The research was conducted through an anonymous questionnaire survey, in both paper and online form. The questionnaire was based on the Motivational questionnaire of MUDr. Karel Nespor and Pražský spirituality questionnaire (the Prague Questionnaire of Spirituality, PQS 36). The data were processed in Excel and the IBM SPSS Statistics. The results were subjected to correlation analysis, and other methods of statistical testing (Pearson Chi-quadrtate independence test, t-test, z-test). RESULTS - The main findings include a statistically significant relationship between the...
The role of sport in the development of problem gambling: A professional athlete case study
Dočekalová, Pavlína ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Roznerová, Tereza (referee)
This thesis consists of theoretical and empirical parts. The theoretical part explains the basic terms related to gambling, describes the history of games, the definition of the term game and selected forms of gambling. The next chapter is dedicated to pathological gambling, its diagnostics, etiology and pathogenesis of pathological gambling, risk factors that can lead to gambling and consequences of gambling. The following chapter deals with the current situation in the Czech Republic, including legislation and prevalence. The last chapter of the theoretical part describes the impact of sport on society, problems related to sport, focus on football as a social phenomenon and on the athlete's personality. For the research part of the paper qualitative research has been chosen. Based on the narrative of the respondent, a case study has been elaborated, which shows the potential causes and risk factors of problem gambling on one specific example. Keywords - Gambling, sport, case study
Addictive behavior on the internet among children placed in a children's home
Cermanová, Kamila ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Barták, Miroslav (referee)
Background: So far, no research has been conducted among children from children's homes in the Czech Republic, which would map their relationship to addictive substances and the potential risk of addiction to the internet, even though these children are a vulnerable group that is targeted by many state institutions and helping professions. Objective: The aim was to find out the prevalence of internet addiction in children in children's homes, to map out the temporal character of addictive behavior and the internet applications they visit the most. The data collected were compared with the data obtained from ESPAD 2015 and the National Substance Use Research 2016. The data were used to analyze how much children ordered to institutional care differ in substance use, the internet and other communication technologies, from children that live in a family environment. Methodology: The obtained questionnaire data were subjected to descriptive statistical methods. The results of the individual questionnaire questions were numerically expressed, then graphically presented and commented on in relation to the theoretical background. Individual data are intended as a basis for confirming or refuting the established research hypotheses and answering the research questions. The research focuses on children in...
One-tier organisational structure of Czech joint-stock companies and British public limited companies
Vacek, Jan ; Černá, Stanislava (advisor) ; Tomášek, Petr (referee)
Thesis title: One-tier organisational structure of Czech joint-stock companies and British public limited companies The thesis deals with the comparison of legal frameworks of one-tier organisational structure of joint-stock companies under - current Czech law, the Czech Business Corporations Bill of and English law. The aim of the thesis is to gather knowledge through comparison for critical evaluation of the Czech Business Corporations Bill. The advantages or, on the contrary, disadvantages of new regulation should be shown in the context of the gathered knowledge and the solution should be suggested. And also the aim of the research the institutes of English law are and their possible appropriateness for implementation into the Czech law. The thesis is divided into five chapters. First chapter defines terms of corporate governance and one-tier organisational structure presenting them in their historical context. The second, the third and the fourth chapter describe and analyze main features and institutes which are specific for given jurisdictions. At the end the fifth chapter deals with the comparison of regulations, argumentation of disputable questions and deduction of more common conclusions. The stress of the thesis is given on the fifth chapter. Solely method of description is used in the...
Orthorexia as a new addiction: a case study
Roztočilová, Dominika ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
Background: In recent years, with the development of mass media, new concepts have emerged and often also referred to as "modern" addiction. Specifically, the concept of orth- orexia nervosa, which came in 1997 by American physician Steven Bratman, is now arous- ing interest among many experts. Many of them discuss whether to include this term in eat- ing disorders or other disorders, or to give it a separate place in classification systems. However, orthorexia has many similarities with addictive behaviour, and that is why I chosed this topic of bachelor thesis. Aims: My thesis actually focuses on the description of orthorexia from the perspective off addictive behaviour. It aims to map similar etiopathogenetic mechanisms involved in both disorders. Therefore the research objective is to describe the similarities between orth- orexia and addictive behaviour with a focus on risk factors from bio-psycho-social per- spectives. The work also deals with finding similarities in the process, diagnosis and treat- ment of the disease. In particular, biological, psychological and social factors related to the above-mentioned risk behaviour are monitored. Methods: Given the choice of case study, the thesis is based on qualitative research meth- ods. The research group consists of one respondent who is...
Excessive use of online pornography and its impact on quality of life: qualitative research
Sloviaková, Kateřina ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
This thesis is focused on the impact of excessive use of online pornography onto the quality of life. Pornography has rich history, which reflects shaping of the social a cultural context throughout the time. Foreign scientists focus heavily on the pornography impacts. They study its impact onto the different parts of human life, behaviour, physical and psychic health or relationships. This thesis is based on quality research. The aim was to describe, what effect has excessive pornography use on the quality of subject lives, describe the evolution of subject pornography consumption and if the criteria for behavioural addictions were fulfilled. Interviews with the use of manual were undertaken with eight respondents from the webpages Život na pornu. Data was analysed by Grounded theory. Results showed, that respondents had first encounter with pornography early, around the age of 9 to 11. Spending time using pornography evolved for most respondents to several hours a day. Most common trigger points were stress, boredom and lust for some excitement from the daily routine. All respondents fulfilled the criteria of behavioural addiction - prominence, toleration, mood changes, interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict and relaps. Presence of withdrawal symptoms have not been proofed. Quality research...

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