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The impact of change in funding of social services on the integration of Roma, the perspective of NGO - Case study Romodrom, o. p. s.
Vaňková, Monika ; Muhič Dizdarevič, Selma (advisor) ; Klípa, Ondřej (referee)
This dissertation covers the impact of changes in the transition of the financing system of social services from the Ministry of Social Affairs to local regions. This phase of the transition is assested from the point of view of the current state of cooperation between non governmental organizations (NGO)s and governmnetal institutions. The sample region selected for this work is Stredocesky region and the evaluation of this change was done in the context of providing social services aimed on integration of Roma into the society. The theoretical part of this dissertation is concerned with the relationship of the state with the NGOs. Further financing of social services, the history up until the current situation of the state of the process of integration of Romes into Czech Republic is outlined in this work. This work evaluates a case study of Romodrom o. p. s., an organization providing social services for individuals, who are on the edge of exclusion from the society or are impacted by an unfortunate life situation. The primary data was collected using semi-structured interviews with employees of this organization. The secondary data was gathered using the content analysis of relevant sources. The research results are divided into chapters based on themes. Those themes were identified found on...
Strategy of utilization of real estates
Vaňková, Monika ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Zeman, Karel (referee)
Thesis discusses a current topic of decision making on most effective strategy of utilization of real estates. The aim of this diploma thesis is to compare the economic advantage of model-based strategies for the utilization of real estates, to identify variants of acquisition, lease, alternatively their combinations, to evaluate these variants through income, expenditures and equity, to analyze and subsequently to find the most financially effective variant of housing. In the theoretical part, there is analyzed the conceptual apparatus, but also the relevant theoretical and legislative framework. Further, the methodology of the analysis is stated, where is chosen equity as the decisive criterion. Using this criterion, the best option of real estate utilization is detected from four variants of real estate utilization from the financial point of view, while the cash flow development is monitored in the practical part of the diploma thesis. At the end of the thesis the advantages, disadvantages and risks of strategies are formulated and recommendations are made.
The Personal Identity of Adolescents - Drug Usersafter Entering Therapy
Vaňková, Monika ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Miovský, Michal (referee) ; Boukalová, Hedvika (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to map the psychosocial characteristics of adolescents using drugs while subject to therapeutic intervention in connection with noticing changes in their identity. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters. The first chapter cites the characteristic signs of adolescence relating to biological, cognitive, emotional and psychosocial developmental changes. The content of the second chapter is the formation of identity as a key theme of adolescence. In the third chapter, dedicated to the specifics of drug using in adolescence, themes relating to the origins of addiction, the roles of psychosocial factors and rehabilitation possibilities are discussed. The empirical part presents the research, processed research data from Safety Line conversations on the theme of addiction, research data from questionnaires and conversations with 41 adolescent drug users who entered an educational-therapy stay in the Alternativa department, SVP Klíčov and research data from a case interpretation study. Key words: Adolescence -identity - drug use - therapy
Evaluation of an apartment house in Prague 6
Vaňková, Monika ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Zeman, Karel (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate an apartment house in Prague 6 using an administrative and a market method and to identify, analyze and subsequently find techniques how to deal with risk factors of the evaluation methods. Thesis specifies basic theoretical terms which are important for evaluation of real estate and explains concrete methods and procedures of evaluation. An apartment house in Prague 6 is evaluated up to 1.4.2015 in practical part of the thesis. There are introduced calculations of the evaluation using an administrative cost and revenue method and their combination, next there is introduced evaluation using market comparing method. Results are compared at the conclusion of this thesis and identified risk factors of the evaluating methods are described.

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